Friday 16th March 2007

What: 7-10 miles AM
Why: no pm run as doing WCTT on Saturday
Last hard: Thursday
Last rest 7 days

Listening to the album this is on right now. Surprised to see it is a modified dance version of an older classic tune from the 80s


  • nowt. Hamstring probs :-)))
  • I meant calf probs
  • Morning all, off to bed soon.

    Lyrics - No idea

    LSR after I wake up!
  • Pammie*Pammie* ✭✭✭

    Lyrics yesterday was Madness and Driving in my car

    ok it wasn't my car. But whos taking notes.

    What: another lesson and hopefully a run of some sorts
    Why: Its the only way the DVLA will allow me to drive (nearly put run) unsupervised.

    Lyrics no idea yet.
    Too tired
  • Hi All.

    Flying to Port Elizabeth today for the Comrades road show. The Iron man is taking place there this week end so will be staying the week end to watch. The Iron Man consists of a 3.8 Km Swim, 180 km Cycle and a 42.2 km run. You have 17 hours to complete it. I will drown if I have to attempt to swim that far.

    Good luck to all the runners, swimmers and cyclists for any week end races. Those on the injury bench it is a good time to watch some World Cup Cricket.

    Trinirunner – Cystic Fibrosis permitting I will be at the start of Comrades again. I did not complete the down run in 2005 so have to make it this year. We must definitely meet up when you here. Going for my back to back medal.

    Hollywood – Thanks for the advice. I am sure it can get very noisy.

    Lyrics -?????

    What – 8 km TT
    Why – One last speed session before the marathon on Wednesday.
    Last hard – A while ago
  • Morning peeps.

    25 mins done and quite pleased that I've got rid of my doom and gloom.

    Perspective is back. I'm at this level of fitness.

    I realise that it's patience I need and structured progressive training to take me to where I want to go

    Legs seem to have adapted to running again, but the rest of the body still isn't sure !!

    Need to read back.

    Have a good one peeps, if you can.
  • Morning

    What: 30 mins run outside
    Why: part of my recovery programme

    I was very nervous but it went well the icy cold air hitting my airways was a shock to the system:-)Just took it steady and somehow managed a negative split only bu 50 secs.

    Have a good day out there
    Live each day as if it was your last  give it all you have to reap the rewards.
  • Morning All

    MOL I look forward to seeing you and Trini at Comrades, I love my back to back medal its bigger than the standard Comrades one!

    What: 21.5 miles in 3 hours 02 mins d & d.
    Why: Comrades is coming
    Last Hard: Today
    Last rest: 47 days.

    Today was tough the Shaml is blowing off the empty quarter at about 40 knots so ran the whole way in a sandstorm. So glad I run in sun glasses, hair was like straw at end! Temperatures way up at around 35C but probably only 10% Relative Humidity, its when teh wind blows off teh sea that the humidity goes through the roof. To the lady doing her 1st ever run in Dubai having just moved from the UK it must have been something truely different, but hey she got round which was quite something today in those conditions. Have a good day
  • morning,

    testing conditions indeed DD, must have seemed a very long way in them

    really pleased to read your report W/P. try nor to think about rome, enjoy being out there and doing it again and stick to the plan you've been given

    good luck with the road show MOL and wednesday's marathon. in total agreement with you on the I/M swim! think scoobs is heading for that kind of swim though..

    AF sounding nicely prepared now for FLM. i'm using your days rest as a way of counting (backwards) down to the big day

    rotura sounds a fabulous setting for a marathon NZC, hope you get a cooler day and give it some

    good luck at silverstone kenobi

    what - 30 mins easy
    why - sort of taper
    last hard - 4 days
    last rest - 3 days
  • TmRoo: not just the being on your feet but I suppose your mind being occupied all day with the show must have a toll associated with it as well.

    DD, you sure know how to show a lady a good time :-) Impressive long run.

    WP, glad it went well.

    What: 5k easy
    Why: pop into gym and warm up before a bit of squash with mrs I (more like randomly wacking a ball around than squash to be honest), probably some core exercise and proper stretching session afterwards.
    Last hard: sunday?
    Last rest: monday

    Micksta: will you be around for the KFL XC relays on sunday?
  • debbodebbo ✭✭✭

    MOL - enjoy the show. I don't fancy IM South Africa - shark infested waters don't appeal to me! Maybe one day I'll get braver though.

    Poppy - glad it went well - hope your shin is ok later. When's your next run?

    DD - doesn't like that the kind of conditions I'd like to run in! I'm a cold weather runner.

    What: a swim and a short turbo session later
    Why: schedule
    Last hard: wednesday
    Last rest: monday
    Lyrics: of course not, they're Gobi's!
  • Morning

    Treadmills post worries me-he ought to know which bit of the leg is which, roughly speaking;))

    Get well soon mate

    pammie-good luck with the driving
    I have now done the motorway twice, and once been out all on my own

    poppy-good news

    No race for me this weekend-being sensible and doing tiny runs which no longer hurt, but are very very slow
  • DubaiDave: The most I've managed in humid 35c temp is about 6miles whilst on holiday at Gran Canaria...respect!

    Clink: What race is the taper in aid of?

    I over-stretched my left piri the other week and it caused tightness in the glute, upper hamstring and lower back. I pre-booked a sports massage but I've been feeling really good for the last few days. Oh well, the guy who does the massage is a 6'4" ex-copper who hands out serious legit GBH :-(

    What: Sports massage followed by Pillates and core-work.
    Why: I don't like to run after a massage.
    LastMassage: 11+ months ago.
  • Morning,

    What: Nothing
    Why: Rest Day
    Last Hard: Wednesday
    Last Rest: 5 days

    Race well and enjoy the weekend.
  • Morning

    No 100 mile week - calf has been getting progressively worse all week and I had to bin the 2nd run yesterday. Booked in for a 40 min sports massage today. Really want to run East Hull on Sunday as I had planned - 64 / 60 split.

    Been thinking about different pacing strategies for FLM. My best run in the build up was the Stamford 30k where I ran each 10k split faster that the previous one and I finished not far off where I would have done had I raced. How about setting off at 2:45 pace for the first 10k then running progressively harder? Any research or opinions on this?

    TmR - which race did you do?
  • WaboWabo ✭✭✭
    morning all
    lyrics, nope.
    br,good luck with massage, mine helped heaps.
    hipps, good that the tiny ones don't hurt,take care
    dd, all I can say is wow!
    poppy,great news, I can imagine you felt nervous but glad it went well!
    treadmill, take care too!

    What: NOTHING
    why: 19 miles tomorrow and its my birthday tomorrwo too, schedules do not recognise birthdays though eh?
    last hard: wed
    last easy: yesterday

    take care and enjoy your day!
    possunt quia posse videntur - we can because we know we can 
  • morning all

    DD - that sounds like a tough long run!

    What: nowt
    Why: rest day

    have a good day all
  • Morning

    No no no no no can't have this - throat is mildly irritating this morning. I shall medicate the bejesus out of it today.

    What: rest/Arcade Fire gig
    Why: schedule/tickets
    Last hard: Saturday
    Last rest: Monday
    Last lyrics: Wednesday

    Here's hoping for a quiet day in the office... Enjoy the sunny Friday
  • Morning all,

    BR - Never tried that but sounds like a good plan. Hope the massage helps.

    Kenobi - Good luck with that throat of yours and good luck Sunday.

    Wabo - Correct - schedule comes first. Happy birthday for tomorrow as I probably won't be able to get on here over the weekend.Enjoy your 19 miler.

    What: steady 9

    Why: Last run before Sundays race and last run in this glorious sunshine by the look of things.

    Have a good day all.
  • wabo - lovely way to spend your birthday though - much better than work!

    kenobi - i sense mild panic setting in

    i think you fill find the massage excruciating but helpful BR. stretch lots too and downwards off the step, best wishes.
    ditto to treadmill!

    NRG - it's the road league race. only 5 miles but i'd like to start feeling fresh, we're getting close to the denoument with this being the 5th out of 7 in the series
  • WaboWabo ✭✭✭
    I think so clink, mind you we are off to see les mis tonight, dinner 1st, and I may make the pub tomorrow night, guinness of course)))
    possunt quia posse videntur - we can because we know we can 
  • Morning!

    What: lovely 7.5 miles done,quite slow as I can feel last nights session but ery satisfying nonetheless.
    Why: have some time before opticians and meeting.

    Enjoy SA Ironman MOL. I am with IW on that one, when I visited SA I wouldnt even dip my toe in the water, just in case .

    Kenobi, dont worry it is all in your mind! Enjoy Arcade fire, I am going tomorrow,yay!
  • BR- I am not at your level but i did run my last marathon with each 10k faster than the last worked for me as i PB'd but i think that was in conjuction with a decent feeding strategy. I did run my first 10k a lot slower than the others, gained confidence from the knowledge that i had plenty in the legs. Good luck.
  • Morning all,

    Pammie: Good luck with the driving.

    DD: That's some long run in those conditions!

    BR: I'll finish the job in hand before I start worrying about 10k PBs. Although, I might give it a shot over the last 10k of FLM :-)
    Pacing FLM is a tricky one as the first 10k is the fastest. I think you've got to go on effort rather than pace, and I think 2:45 effort is too slow for the 1st 10k if you're aiming for 6min/mile average pace. FWIW I'm aiming for 78 at half way, with the 2nd 10k slower than the first.

    SiT: I'm pretty sure I couldn't put 10 together with no recovery though. Recovery was 400m jog in 1:49. I don't think a weeks lost training will have too much effect in the grand scheme of things.

    WP: That sounds a sensible approach.

    MOL/DD: Do you get a different medal if you've done back to back comrades? How do they know at the finish, or do you get the medal later?

    clink: are you doing FLM?

    What: AM: 13m PM: 5m. I must be getting old - legs felt trashed after yesterday's session. Still, miles in the bank.
    Why: Medium-long run and recovery.
    Last Hard: Yesterday
    Last Rest: 325 days

    Have a good weekend!

  • AF If you do back to back Comrades you get a finishers medal AND a back to back medal, They identify you at teh finish by putting a red flash on your number and hence you get directed to a different line at the finish,
  • A special back to back medal must have something to do with the alternating up and down runs, right?
    (if you have a back to back medal that obviously means you finished both up and down runs)
  • Morning all,
    Had to cutback my training down the track slightly last night, as I still felt weak from the previous days stomach problems.

    4x1k then 1x1-mile rep, supposed to have been 4x1mile but felt energy levels drop halfway through rep, so decided to take the sensible option and to back off and stop the session.

    1) 3:18
    2) 3:18
    3) 3:17
    4) 3:18
    5) 5:35

    am: 6-miles easy steady already done, still feeling a little weak but much better than yesterday, 6:50mm pace achieved and felt very easy doing so.

    pm: 8.25miles easy steady pace, depends how much energy I have left after cutting the grass! :)

    Aerobic endurance.

    No, I will not be doing the relays this weekend, my XC season has finally finished, yippie!! :)
  • Morning all,

    Interesting discussions as usual; all well out of my league in terms of pace and distance ;-)

    What: 1 mile w/u, 3 x 1.5 mile tempo with 3 min recovery and 1 mile w/d
    Why: Schedule
    Last hard: Weds
    Last rest: Sat

    Happy running,

  • Mornink...

    What: Will try for 7 miles (again) today.
    Why: Behind on schedule. Hopefully, blisters won't be too sore.
    Last rest: Yesterday
    Last hard: Sunday
    Lyrics: Nope

    Have a nice afternoon folks...
  • what
    5 miles d and d
    In 1.03
    yup, sub 13 minute miling, abnd a couple of those were closer to 12

    recovery continues
    last rest-um------350 days
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