Long slow or short fast ?

I have been trying to up my mileage for an up and coming marathon, last week doing my longest ever run of 13.7 miles on Wed evening. Today I ran in a 10K race, well I plodded round feeling immensley tired and could muster no effort at all. I now feel dissapointed, not because my time was a bit slow, but because I just didn't bother trying.. really let myself down. Anyway, Sunday 8th is 1/2 marathon day and I dont want a repeat performance, so .....
this week should I go for 1 mid week long run, or, 2 or 3 short faster runs ?
I would normally also go to the gym one night and do about 1 hour of weights.
A little knowledgeable advice could make a big difference :-)
Cheers DD


  • drewdrew ✭✭✭
    DD, I'd personally go for the short faster runs and miss out the weights, unless you do them tomorrow.

    I've also the 1/2 marathon on Sunday. My plans for the week are:

    Mon: Weights + 30 minutes easy run
    Tue: Tempo run - 4 miles @ 6:15 pace
    Wed: Rest
    Thu: 6 x 400 off 2 min recoveries @ sub 5 min mile pace
    Fri: Rest
    Sat: 30 minutes easy run

    I wouldn't normally have such an easy week but Glasgow is one of my main goals for the year and I'm looking for a PB so I want to start feeling as fresh as a Daisy!
  • Hi Daisy

    Reading your email carefully leads me to conclude that this is your first marathon coming up. Call me Columbo if you like.

    Building up to that big goal is very much a personal journey, but if the worst you encounter is a ropey 10k, then fear not.

    The prescription for the week for a blistering 1/2 marathon performance for you personally:

    Tues and Thurs, 40 to 60 min sessions, nothing too pacey, a few strides if you like. You total weekly mileage will still be 18 miles plus, and will include your second longest run ever.

    Nothing on Fri and Sat except for good food and plenty of non-alcoholic drinks. Mentally rehearse every aspect of the race in a positive way.

    By Sun, you will be rested, prepared and ready to go. Plan your race and race your plan. Have a great one - and when is the marathon?

  • Thanks,

    Drew ... easy week ???
    Well I shall miss out on the weights .. as I find the gym incredibly boring and any excuse will do really ...
    Gavin ... 40 to 60 min runs to me are quite long one's..
    so, after some thought
    Mon: rest ( need to recover )
    Tues : 40 to 60 min easy
    Wed : 2 x 400 2 x 800 LT pace
    Thurs : 30 mins easy
    Frid : rest & pasta
    Sat rest & pasta

    The marathon is Loch Ness on the 29th of this month ... but because I was injured for 4 weeks my training went to pieces, so I am now doing it on a walk / run enjoy the scenery schedule ...
  • drewdrew ✭✭✭
    DD, it may be worthwhile just sticking to 30 to 40 minutes on Tues. You just want to do to the minimum amount possible.
  • DD
    I'd go for (relatively!) short & fast. You've got the mileage in already - no point in racking up more at this stage as it won't help you now.
    Personally I'd go for 40 mins Tue as per Drew's recommendation, and a short session (20 mins?) at or just above target race pace on the Thursday. Then again, not having done a 1/2M for 19 years, what do I know?
  • DD

    Out of interest, which 10k did you do? I did Mid Argyll yesterday, and am doing Loch Ness too.

  • Thanks again,

    ok maybe trying to do too much as always ..

    Reviewed week

    Tues : 30 mins 10 min miles
    Wed : as above
    Thurs : 20 mins 10 min miles

    any better ?? or should I do the 30 min faster ? ... or the 20 min faster ?
    about 9 min mile is roughly my 10k pace ..

    Nessie, it was the Paisley Pattern 10K .. it was a good route, not too hilly but enough ... I was just feeling out of sorts I think ...
  • drewdrew ✭✭✭
    DD, are you from Paisley then? I used to live on Greenock Road! What was the winning time, 'cause I believe it's a very good course.

    Your revised plan sounds a bit better but I'd still do the 30 minutes on Thursday.

    Are you coming out with us on Saturday night then? We'll be able to talk tactics for the big day.
  • Actually it is Kilmarnock where I stay, Paisley being only 35 mins away. I shall be there on Sat night... I'm already nervous about Sunday ...
    If I am feeling good come Thursday night I will stay out for 30 mins.. I normally find a run of around 30 mins quite easy so I should be ok.
    I have no idea what the winning time was, but I have been meaning to check out Kilbarcham AAC web site as they have a result page ..
  • DD

    I reckon your suggested training pace this week is plenty fast enough. I would skip the Wednesday session and do 20 mins with maybe some easy strides on Saturday.

    (Ask 10 different runners and you'll get 10 different answers!)
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