What do you with all the Tshirts?

started doing a few races last year and the novelty of commemorative t-shirts and medals is wearing a bit thin now. I'd rather not have them although I understand the importance of them to people who will only ever do one half or full marathon.
But for the 10k and 5milers, what's the point?
So what do you do with all yours?

Bin them
Wear them as PJ's
Decorate in them
Use them for cleaning rags

Any other suggestions?


  • give to charity shop so some poor peop can wear them:O)
  • M..o.useM..o.use ✭✭✭
    Put them in the recycling. Can't see that a charity shop would get any money for an old race t-shirt, no one would want it. I understand recycling them means they can be shredded and used for stuffing and suchlike.

    Duck girl knows.
  • "There is a point all you folks who are entering the shorter races."

    A local 5 miler that only has a couple of hundred competitors and is a low key event I don't see the point of a t-shirt but I do for a bigger distance.
    I'd rather see lower entry fees than something to mark the occasion. Just my take on things
  • 10ks and 5 milers scare the bejesus out of me
  • certainly wasnt inferior when i ran my first few and i'd have been gutted not to get a medal
  • Sorry got to disagree but Im with Kittenkat. Some of my most importnat races have been my shorter ones with only a couple of hundred competitors and the tshirt reminds me of it. And some people dont race longer distances such as half maras etc. Doesnt matter how low key it is it is important to people for different reasons.
  • Oh and I use my tshirts for the gym and training. Not particularly bothered about tech materials unless its a long one or something like that.
  • Well we only charge a fiver and still give away a T-Shirt.

    These events may be low key but they take a lot of hard work to put on so accept your t-shirt/medal with a smile, if you don't want it recycle it.
  • they make great motorcycle polishing rags I never wear them.

    I have always fancied a T-shirt from some noddy 1mile fun run mind so I could wear it at a stupid distance ultra.
  • i don't bother collecting them
    as i will never wear them


    apart from my

    "the longest day"

    t shirt
    which i like
    because it says all the triathlon stuff on the front, which makes people stare as i don't realy look like i could do a triathlon

    and on the back it says



    now i want to get a big woody one
    if i can get there on time

  • I wear mine for weddings and funerals
  • or p*ss themselves as you fall over


  • M..o.useM..o.use ✭✭✭
    I don't see the point of t-shirts for any distance. I do train in some of them but you end up with piles of the things. I think they should be an option you can buy if you want them (thus marking the event should you so wish). I loved Bramley 20/10 this year where we got towels, now that is useful. Apparently they go hats last year, another useful momento. I've just put a load of old race t-shirts in the recycling, most of them have never been worn. A shame and a waste.

    All races are significant though.
  • ok fine, some opinions being voiced here! ;-)
    I'm not belittling smaller events but after a few I'm not that bothered about them any more.
    I know all about organising - I organise open time trials (cycling) when I'm not running so I'm not knocking organisers either and I help out at my cycling club's club time trials and road races each year too.

    Back to the original question - what do you do with yours?
    Thanks to corinth for entering into the spirit of the thread ;-)
  • Sad to say that my entire wardrobe consists of race t-shirts. Saves me having to go clothes shopping.
  • Matchstick man, my hubby wears mine, i always get his size instead of mine as theyre always too big anyway

    or i'll wear it around the house, hardly ever wear it outside but then i'm not a tshirt kind of girl, i'm girly
  • I weave the race medal ribbons into natty little loincloths :)
  • I weave the race medal ribbons into natty little loincloths :)
  • If you don't want one don't pick one up - problem solved.

    Worst thing I ever was given was a photo of a tram after the Liverpool 10K... still not worked out the significance
  • alot of the time they have a one (tent) size fits all t-shirt anyway. So unless your 6ft 4" and 17 stone they are to big.
  • M..o.useM..o.use ✭✭✭
    Matchstick man - our recycling scheme takes clothing. That's what I do with mine.

    At the risk of baiting DM and Coops... I like the Race for Life t-shirts (if any) because they do ordinary ones and fitted ones. If some of the race t-shirts were actually fitted I might wear them. However, that would be a complete admin nightmare and I'm only being silly now.

    KK - commando challenge? They check for knickers?
  • Run in the technical ones (Bristol Half). Wear the others after sessions to keep warm but now have a few too many and not sure what to do next - bit of a hoarder so have "issues" with getting rid of them to charity or recycling.
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