Hogsmill Ladies 5

My friend's coming all the way from Paris to do this fab race!

Did I mention there's loads of cakes when you've finished? :)


  • And if the cakes aren't enough to tempt you (all proceeds from cake stall to Breakthrough for Breast Cancer), it's mostly flat and beginner friendly.
  • Reckon one for me as local.
  • As its flat and there are cakes I think this would be a good first race back for me after injury - not looking to post a super time - just getting round will do (cakes are great motivational tools!)
  • Bah.. its on the same day as the Windsor horse show...will have to think this through more carefully. Can anyone recommend a similar race for me to get started again?
  • Hi there, I applied online to do this race - looked like a good one to get started again after having my second child but haven't had race number or anything through yet - anyone else had theirs??
  • Will check with race sec when nos etc are being sent out.
  • Aaargh! Just discovered our website is down!
  • My number was in today's post :)
  • WombleWomble ✭✭✭
    I'll be there with a few friends...
  • Green EyesGreen Eyes ✭✭✭
    I'll be there with my kids - they love the kids races !!!!1

    Must post off mu application form - I'm a true Allsort - always on the last minute :o)
  • Okay, major argument with our website host about whether or not we owe them some money (we don't and have receipt to prove it!). Until we get site up and running again, if anyone is trying to download an entry form, please e-mail
    and we'll send an entry form direct.
  • Website is back up again.
    Postal entries have closed but there are places for entry on the day - before 09.30.
    If you are planning to enter on the day, please don't leave it till 09.28 - it upsets the organisers!
  • See you there Green Eyes! Will this be your first race after your storming marathon performance?
  • Green EyesGreen Eyes ✭✭✭
    Yes Coxy - and considering its my club race I will now have to enter on the day - how bad is that :o)

    See you there - will be good to meet you eventually :o)
  • will be there for the cake!! :oD
  • There's a surprise! :o)
  • well there wouldn't be much point me turning up to run!
  • Green EyesGreen Eyes ✭✭✭
    You could always put a frock on and pretend Bear - I'm sure that not many peeps will notice :o)))
  • GE - we met at Richmond Park after a X-country but I obviously made such an impression! Admittedly it lasted approx 2 minutes.

    BTW Fifi has something for you......

    See you in the morning all. Will be wearing Hercules Wimbledon vest so say Hi.
  • Hope you all enjoyed yourselves this morning.

    I understand some runners went slightly off route due to the lack of signs at 3 mile point. Apologies for the confusion; all the necessary markers were in place at 0930 but it appears someone took a fancy to and removed the 3 mile marker which would have kept people on the right track. Not had a problem at that point before but next year we'll make sure there's a marshal there to avoid repetition.

    Hopefully the results will be up on our webiste - www.epsomallsorts.org.uk - later this evening.
  • Had a fab time this time this morning, even if I was one of the ones who got slightly lost. How did I manage to do that??? (My husband thinks I was just trying to find some excuse for missing a PB.)

    Kids loved their races, especially since they got to pin on numbers and got real medals at the end.

    Thank you very much Epsom Allsorts. I'll definitely be back for more next year.

    PS: cakes were yummy too.
  • Green EyesGreen Eyes ✭✭✭
    Hi - sorry Coxy - I do remember meeting you at Richomond Park. You ran really well today.

    I am now sporting a rather swollen foot and sore ankle after going over on it about a k from the end but like the trooper I am finished with a sprint :o)

    Think I went bit wrong somewhere but was just folowing the rest of the runners :o)
    Was expecting a water station but not sure if there was one now !!

    Thoroughly enjoyed the race despite sore ankle and rain and will be back nest year :o)
  • Bad luck on the slip Greeny, it was a bit skiddy in places, hope your foot will be ok soon.

    Nice to meet you Coxy as you shot past us!

    We thoroughly enjoyed our race today and my friend was very impressed with the cake array afterwards!
  • Well I had a great time today - cut through the bushes to cheer at half way and then back to the sports ground where I limited myself to a mere two slices of cake! :oD

    and victory to us in the mob match :oD
  • Yes I had a fab time yesterday! Thanks for a lovely weekend Tiger and congratulations on a fantistic pb! I was very pleased with my time in spite of being part of the group that wandered around lost for a bit at around the 3 mile mark!

    And yes, the tea and cakes were a life saver on such a wet spring day! :)
  • And forgot to say how nice it was to see some familiar faces. Murph, Josie, Fruity.. lovely to see you all again. I won't leave it so long between visits next time!
  • Cheers guys.

    No sign of results yet? Perhaps due to contention over 2nd place?!
  • Well done Tiger on PB, one for me too.

    Poor Green Eyes and her slip. Was a bit reminscint of a x-country race in the rain as opposed to a May spring day.
  • Hope not Rach - was great to see you again too

    (ex Fruity Reinder!!)
  • Minor communications breakdown re results. Webmistress now has them and will upload them asap - though that may not be till she gets home.

    Amazed how many Allsorts took the wrong route - they run this race year after year and quite often run part of the route, from the tunnel to the Harrier Centre, during regular training runs too. On the other hand, they do have a tendancy follow like sheep. Where the one in front goes, all others will follow regardless.

    Coxy - there was a cross country race which followed part of our course a couple of years ago. Parts of the route were ankle deep in liquid mud - I'm sure Tiger and GE may recall that one; in fact, seem to think Greeny injured herself in that one too.
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