Cardiff Marathon

A PR disaster.

The whole of the city centre was inaccessible to traffic for (as far as I know) about 5 hours. People could not get to or from the train station. Trains were missed and collections were not made. There was no prior warning that I saw or heard; there were no roadsigns up to say what roads were closed; people in the station were not told that the station was inaccessible, and that no taxis could reach them.

I heard some of the comments from those caught up in this mess. Running has just creted itself some enemies - and quite needlessly. Those who love running should be very angry about this.



  • The Cardiff marathon was my first ever, and as a race I thoroughly enjoyed. I must however agree and vent my frustration at the publicity and aspects of the organisation. As a first timer, there were too many good runners, this means that the organisers hadnt captured the hearts of those like me who thought 'what the hec'. That was a shame because Cardiff really is a great city.
    If roads are being closed why not get a brass band on the A4232, stop thye route weaving quite so complicatedly through town. ADVERTISE big time, Cardiffs a great place and with acceptance for London, great North so difficuly really is good opportunity to capture the market for new runners. Ive really caught the bug and intend running regularly, even subscribing to this!
    On the positive, running across the barrage and into the civic centre was a real buzz.
    Cardiff sort it out, it really has the opportunity to be a big event!!
  • Totally agree! I dont think being hassled by clean up lorries and ambulances at 5 hours was much fun either. I KNOW Cardiff can doit-the Race for Life (7000 runners) was fantastic!!
    5 hours isnt Yhat bad for a first time is it
  • I hope five hours isnt too bad cos I was just outside it!! Having crawled throught the first 10 miles in 2hrs4, was always behind the eight ball and got to 22 miles at 4hr20 but 4 sub ten minute miles seemed bit much! My first words were doing this again!!! We'll see lots of half marathons over winter and take it from there!
    Congrats on 5hrs, Ive had loads of pats on the back just for doing it, remember it is 26 miles and if anything like me I hadnt run 3 miles just 4 months ago!
  • Oh No (cant swear on this website). My typing has gone to pot. I meant SIX hours!! Not so good now! My poor legs---
  • By just getting up in the morning and going for a run puts you in the top 1% of the country. Well Done for completing it. I have to agree a brass band or even if the stewards clapped would hae been nice. I completed in 2.58.25 look forward to seeing you all in London
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