Framlinham 10km

Hi, just wondered as usual if anyone else was planning on running this one, it is on 8th September and starts at 11am, and its by no means flat!


  • Oops, should say Framlingham, sorry!
  • Oh dear - it sounds like a lonely race!
  • Are you not running this one Kitten?
  • Haven't decided - is it more hilly than the Woodbridge 10K?
  • After having run both of them now, I would guess the they are about the same, I am expecting to beat my Newmarket time though if that helps, if you did that one too.
  • I guess we would most probably enter on the day but I won't be racing too hard as I am tapering down for the Robin Hood Half Sunday week.

    At least that makes 3 of us - hooray I'll be first lady for the first time in my life!
  • I will keep an eye out for you beforehand and come and say hello if I recognise you, I think your pic is on the website.

    Yes, smart eh, we will all get trophies :)

    Thats right I remember about the Robin Hood now, thats why you probably wont be running the track challenge as well.
  • I did wonder if I saw you out running last week - along St Matthews St around 5.40pmish, no t-shirt on?
  • No, wasnt me, I always wear a T-shirt whilst running however hot, and dont know where St Matthews Road is either :)
  • or even St Matthews Street, doh!
  • I'm trying to persuade my training partner to run on Sunday.

    Glad to hear you keep covered up not like some other members of the Forum!!
  • Hi there, I'm afraid I won't be able to make it to Framlingham on Sunday, we had both planned to run it but unfortunately we now have to be elsewhere.

    Definately want to do more Suffolk/North essex races in the near future though.

    Good luck Natty with your PB attempt and to you to kitten.


  • Hi Jenks, hope you are well. After my run last night I will not be getting an overall PB at Fram, however last nights race was on a track, so I may well get a road PB.

    Maybe see you at Langham on 22nd September?
  • Hi Natty good luck with Fram, won't be doing Langham as we are both doing the Ingatestone 5 on that day, but I think there is another 10k near Ipswich comming up and Martlesham is very likely.


  • Hi Jenks, Thats right I remember you mentioned Ingatestone previously, good luck there to you both.

    Martlesham will be an excellent fast course so looking forward to that one.

  • Where were you?
  • Hi, I saw your name in the results last night, I was queuing for the toilets until about 7 mins before the start.

    Were you in the little clubhouse type building? Thats where I was before that.
  • ... and there was me thinking you were worried about getting your hair wet!

    Yes I was in the club house trying to keep warm before the start. I didn't wait for the results but cheered on the rest of our club members when they finished.
  • The results on the day take too long, I got them from the website when I got home,

    How did you find the run, I didnt like the course last year either, but tried a completely different race plan yesterday which made it feel a lot better. I was happy to be faster than my Woodbridge time also.
  • You did a good time - well done!

    I quite enjoyed the course as it gave me a chance to see a bit of Framlingham itself.
    I also enjoyed the hills as it breaks the course up nicely.

    Disappointed by the sportsmanship at the end though - a guy decided to whip past me in the last 10 metres - what's he trying to prove? Oh well.
  • Did you run most of the race with a team-mate as I see you finished within 2 seconds of her, or was that just coincidence.

    Was Richard happy with his time?

    I was well chuffed, cos last years time here was 42:44, so knocked a fair chunk off that.
  • Did they get a photo of you? They got me, but doesnt look good!
  • It was just coincidence - I think she was dead chuffed she took me out and got a PB. Well done to Roe!

    Rich was OK with his time - we weren't going for it as we're doing Robin Hood next week. We both treated it as a training run.

    I haven't checked out digitography - not ideal conditions for taking photographs. I didn't notice my photo being taken - I usually look awful when I'm running if a photo is taken without me knowing. I was in the EADT 2 years ago and I got a real shock!
  • I think you are safe, I checked the photos, and cant see you on there.

    What is really weird though, is that your number was 152, so you must have registered just before 10am, cos my number was 151, so I would have been right in front of you! I would have rushed in and out again though, cos I already had the form filled in, and when I had registered we went out to check the course, even though I had run it before.
  • Oh my god I must have been right behind you! Doh! We did register before 10am and we also had our forms filled out - I was crouching down writing out a cheque. Oh well, next time.
  • So near yet so far.....

    Are you going to give Langham a go after Robin Hood? I may have asked you this previously on another thread but have you done it before, I hear its a really fast 10km
  • I'm not sure what I am going to do after Robin Hood. I have to start tapering down my racing for reasons I cannot say at the moment but I guess I have made it obvious now.
  • ok :)

    Well we will both be at the track next monday night anyway, even if you are not running yourself I think you said.
  • Yep hope to see you next Monday
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