To coach or to train

Hi forum friends. i have a big decision to make. I need your help to straighten my thoughts.
Our group of runners at the Club is disintigrating. The fast guys are becoming faster but they don't wait for the slower people, which has resulted in the slower people running on their own and becoming despondent. The group will have to split into two - slower and faster. At present, i run with the fast guys to train to run faster. However, on a trainig night, when the hard work has been done, i go back, extending my warm down run to pick up the slower people running at the back (they can be as much as a mile behind).
If/when the group splits do i go on training with the fast group (for my benefit), or do i start to train with (and end up coaching) the slower group?
I already take one group of beginners out, so only have one good fast training session a week... but i have a lot of friends in the slower group.
What should i do????


  • Could you adjust your training to alternate or 2/3 with the fast grp, 1/3 with your buddies? or would that make scheduling the weeks efforts a 'mare?

    guess it depends on what other options would have in the "slow" weeks do do a hard session.
  • I run with our clubs ‘middle’ pack most of the time but when turn out numbers are low the middle pack go out with the slow pack – the approach that we often take is when you run off the front you periodically turn around and rejoin the slow pack at the very back

    Run these return as a fast interval, this means you run a mile or 2 more than the slower runners in a given session plus get the added advantage of an unstructured speed session.

    Just my thought for what its worth ;o)

  • I do most of my main training on my own. Long runs i do on Sunday - mostly on my own as i can't face a 6 am start on a Sunday when the squad goes out. Tuesdays i take the beginners, then Thursday evening is the main club night for MY training. Monday and Friday are slow recovery runs done on my own, Wednesday a gym session then a run.
  • I think it says a lot about you that you're in this dilemma in the first place - you value your friendships and helping motivate others as highly as your own performance. And you're already taking a beginners group. The club is lucky to have you.

    Thinking about that, is this something that could be discussed with the other club runners? After all it's in everyone's interest to have a lively and varied group of members. Would some of the other fast runners be receptive to having a bit of an informal rota whereby you take it in turns to stay with the slow group/help coach less experienced runners? It seems unfair that you should shoulder the responsibility on your own.

    Hope you find a good solution that meets your needs as well.
  • Thanks for your input, all. I've discussed the situation informally with some of the others and they have agreed to take it in turns to stay behind with the slower people. I'll see how it goes - i won't be up this week as it's a rest week for the Graet South. I'll give it a month. With the dark nights coiming, we really don't want to be leaving people behind.
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