OK Folks,

So I have an interview for a job that I really want tomorrow.

It is an internal job but it is quite a big leap up the ladder. It is a corporate role and I believe that it really fits my skills. It also involves relocation. It has been advertised as a 'tremendous development opportunity'.

I know that not all of those who applied are being interviewed and I believe that only 3 have made the cut! SO I am optimisitic (ish) but anxious.

The last interview I had was to join the company more than 6 yrs ago, as all my internal moves / promotions since have been pretty much told to me rather than offered! I want this job and as such I am here for a rehearsal interview. I have brushed my hair and polished my shoes in preparation.

Please ask me all the horrid questions that you have been asked in interviews so that I can at least be prepared for tomorrow!!

Or you could always tell me the fabulous answers you gave to the tricky questions too....

(and for goodness sake don't ask me about IT or personal finance - thats why Coops and co are here!!)


  • So, tell me about yourself...
  • FB???

  • Short skirt and those really high heels Loon !!!
  • Why should we give this job to you?
  • ( slips into management role)

    Which dimension of the person talent pool do you feel that your profile would glitter more brightly, were you to be added to our structure?
  • So, tell me about yourself...

    Well, David, I am a virgo and my favourite reading material is Heat magazine. Last year my most memorable global news event was Chantelle winning Celebrity Big Brother - Imagine a non-celeb winning that eh?

    In my spare time I mostly admire photos of Dave in his wetsuit and spend an awful lot of time on a website sharing my secrets with people I have never met. Which demonstrates my skills with people.

    Oh God I really need to start taking this seriously....
  • Brilliant Barkles!
    translated as
    What would you bring to the company in your new role, were you to be offered the job, that would benefit us (the company) more than the other candidates?
  • Got it in one.
  • Got it in one.
  • Tell me Mrs Lunacy, where do you see yourself in five year's time?
  • or two even
  • It we were to glide the trawler of creativity past the fertile bank of your imagination, how rich would be the catch, and have you any mind-mackerels you could share with us now?
  • M..o.useM..o.use ✭✭✭
    "I'm not supposed to ask you this question so I'll ask it off the record, do you have any plans to have children that may affect your position here?"

    I've been asked that in every interview I've ever had.
  • Mind-mackerels! Brilliant!
  • Whilst the corporate opinion is that monitory value is not the ultimate measure of success, have you any essential concept of the level of remuneration you forsee in exchange for your input?
  • If you were to imagine the car park of life, how close would you position yourself to the exit marked ' family extension'?
  • What kind of company is it, Mrs L?

    What are the selection criteria?
  • Scotty4Scotty4 ✭✭✭
    I've never gotten a job where I've used the word 'anal' to describe someones attitude to work. My best advice therefore is don't say the word 'anal', try not to think about 'anal', don't even visualise or try to think of anyone you might manage or be managed by who you think might be referred to as 'anal'.

    Probably best to say it about 20 times before going into the interview to ensure that it's out of your system. Good luck
  • All you have to do is look at the job description and think of how your skills and experience match it. Think of specific times when you have performed similar tasks.

    Make sure you know all the technical elements of the role.

    The more you prepare, the less you worry.
  • fat buddhafat buddha ✭✭✭
    ooo eck - where to start.....

    lune - there's no such thing as a fab answer to a tricky question........each will give an answer to the best of their ability but you never ever know what the interviewers want to hear........

    the best advice I offer anyone going for an interview is to

    be yourself
    be honest
    try and enjoy it
    do your best

    you can't ask any more!

    every interview situation is different so offering general advice over that above is hard for me without knowing more

    mail me if you want via my profile
  • What would you bring to the company in your new role, were you to be offered the job, that would benefit us (the company) more than the other candidates?

    I think that the company is currently in a very exciting phase David. I believe that your new appointments and the changes in the governance structure that you have made since you took over as President afford us an excellent opportunity to make real changes to the way the business operates in this region. My passion for people and demonstrated skills in change management and facilitation of delivery in complex environments fit perfectly with those opportunities.

    I have already worked at close quarters with many of the Regional managind Directors so would be able to be 'up and running' in terms of managing the interfaces between the corporate office and the operations units rapidly.

    Additionally my flexibility, as shown in the 4D and BSG roles, mean that as the changes come to fruition and the support that you and the executive need changes, I will be able to adapt to those requirements easily.
  • Sage advice Scotty.
  • Try and imagine the interview panel naked. You will be either super confident or aroused. Either should give you the edge.

    Be yourself.

    Best of blinkin luck.
  • I'm sure you'll do fine, Lunacy!
    You have the advantage that the job is within the same company, so you already know how everything is structured. Plus obviously knowing the people who work there already and that you have fit in for quite a few years now!
  • Thanks FB - sound advice and much appreciated.

    This is an engineering company - with more than 150 yrs of history, but now diversifying into broader industries outside our traditional core areas.

    Question - is it OK to laugh and make jokes (not about ANAL - but thanks Scotty!) for high level interviews?

    I laugh a lot at work (laugh or cry is often the choice) and want that to be clear in my interview. I kind of know some of the interviewers and know a couple quite well.

    I need to know that I am not getting the job pretending to be something I'm not. Any thoughts...
  • I think a bit of humour can be very effective...
  • Exactly, Barkles. It means that you are at ease with the people you are speaking to.
  • Yes, but don't overdo it or use it in a negative way, particularly about your current job. If in doubt, don't make the joke.

    And don't go dressed as a clown!
  • Scotty4Scotty4 ✭✭✭
    Just don't start pointing at them when the laughter gets unbearable and you have to hold your sides. It doesn't come across to I found out recently.
  • perhaps avoid Coop's jokes?
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