Saturday 2nd June 2007

Tell you what you wanna hear, but that don't make it true


good luck all racers especially those having fun in bala:-)

What: rest day
hy: scheduled one of the week
Last Hard?
Last rest: last saturday

Have fun out there shame I am working all day:-(
Live each day as if it was your last  give it all you have to reap the rewards.


  • Morning,

    What: 16 to 18 miles flat LSR
    Why: tire the legs before tomorrows hilly LSR

    Lasthard: Thursday
    Last rest: 22 days.

    FIN/Dustin, check out the NF course profile I'm turning myself into a hill runner in preperation ;o)

    Good luck to everyone giving it some today.

    Have a good one.
  • Morning All

    Yet another rest day for me, I could almost get to like this non running lark!

    What: Nowt
    Why: Tapering and have donne my miles for the week
    Last Hard: ?
    Last rest: Yesterday

    Peter G: Sorry that it didn't go well. Still you sound positive, ON ON as the Hash say.
  • Hello

    What: 8 easy
    Why: Recovery and long one tomorrow
    Last hard: Wednesday
    Last rest: Thursday

    Its another lovely day out there.

    Good luck with everyone's races.

  • GobiGobi ✭✭✭
    Morning all

    What: racing
    1 x 400 800 1500 possible 5km or 3kmSC oh and the pole vault
    Why: Club racing so whatever we need
    Last hard: Thursday
    Last rest: Sunday
  • morning

    what: 8.5k club run. lots of fun it was too :)
    why: club run day

    also - some news on the weight loss front. today i reached goal number 1 - 65kgs. thats a loss of 4kgs in 6 weeks and is 3 weeks ahead of target!!
  • Morning All.

    NZC.I know i have a tendency to live in the past when i talk about my previous performances and what you say about getting your mind in the present is very true. I did hugely enjoy the experience though and i would hartily recomend it to any of you ultra folk out there who want a challenge.

    Talking about the present. I need to think about qualifying for comrades next year.

    Will do 9 miles this morning, maybe another 7 miles tonight and ive decided to race a yorkshire vets 5 miles at walton near wakefield tomorrow.

    Good Runnings everyone.
  • Pammie*Pammie* ✭✭✭

    Good luck Gobi pole vault eek and any other racers today

    What: Balance exercises/core stuff
    Why: what is needed
    Last Hard: May 25th
    Lyrics: On the tip of my tongue

    Ankle feels the best it has been in just over a week. Still feels a bit tender, but i will be back.

  • WaboWabo ✭✭✭
    pammie good news re ankle, take care
    pete g good plans!
    DD its nice you are enjoying your tapering!!

    good luck all racers

    what: tai chi and no running
    why: leg is just cr*p

    cant be bothered with the rest

    have a godd day all
    possunt quia posse videntur - we can because we know we can 
  • WaboWabo ✭✭✭
    M well done with your weight loss! Must be all those fast times you keep putting in!
    possunt quia posse videntur - we can because we know we can 
  • DustinDustin ✭✭✭
    Cheers Soda - as I think I posted (to FIN) yesterday, it depends upon what you're used to. Most of my runs have rises and falls of 20-30m so slightly less magnitude than NF, but not what I'd call mountainous!
    Have to say your training is more thorough than mine...

    Today : 9-10 easy miles
    Why : South Downs in two weeks...

    Upside is that I've managed 35-40 miles a week for the past two months, whereas a cursory look through the training diary reveals around 30mpw in the run up to last years South Downs. I hope thats a good sign!

    Have a super weekend , looks positively Bahamian out there today!

  • Morning.

    M - well done on the weight loss that is good going. :0)

    Sodahead - I think Hilly has done the New Forest marathon? I've done the half, its more undulating than hilly. Mind you from memory the undulations were sweeping and quite long, so although not steep they did drag on a bit. I had a bad run on the half there. So one day I will go back to put that to bed. Hmm looking at that profile it looks more hilly. Perhaps the marathon is a different route to the half then, or they could have changed it, don't remember it as ''hilly''...

    DD - enjoy your tapering!

    Gobi - best of luck with racing and pole vaulting!

    Pammie - good news with your ankle. Did you get the wobble board in the end? Teenage scoobs had a sleepover last night. They're all still here in their P.J.s as is the wobble board that they had fun on last night!


    Picking up club biscuit wrappers, wrapping paper, sweet wrappers, bedding, odd socks - ewww, pillows, cushions, endless cups, glasses and cereal bowls and unsticking popcorn and mushed in crisps from the carpet....

    Sorry not that

    What: cycle this afternoon
    Why: Practice of pedals
    Last Hard; Last night
    Last rest: Wednesday

  • Morning all,

    Wot no Sgt Peppers lyrics? I heard the album was celebrating it's 40th anniversary (or was that yesterday?).

    What: Easy 6 miles
    Why: I haven't done my miles for the week yet!
    Last Hard: Saturday

    Have fun in Bala and good luck to any other racers.

    Have a great day

  • Just spotted the words 'pole vault' in Gobis post. Multi tallented indeed!
  • Morning

    What: 8 steady
    Why: Recovery from fartlek and last run of week
    Last hard: Friday
    Last rest: Sunday

    Lucky for all those who have sun, its cloudy down here in West Wales now...anyway, all the more excuse to watch the rugby...c'mon Wales

    Good luck with everyone's races.
  • Pammie*Pammie* ✭✭✭

    Scooby. Wobble board arrived on Thursday been haveing a few little goes on it through the day, as i have to gradually build the time up. Holding onto the windowsill for support at the moment. The hardest bit is getting off. sounds like teenage scoobs and friend(s) had a good time.
    Took a walk down to the shops did hurt a bit, just gotta be patient

    Wabo thanks look after your leg too.
  • Morning.

    Had a sleepover at your place Scoobs ??
    Wabo...sorry to hear your leg is not good, take care.

    What : very easy
    Why: should have a rest day but dont want to
    Last hard : wed
    Last rest : 8 days

    May race Exmouth 10k tomorrow...nice flat course , but can be a bit on the brezzy side as its run along the seafront, and its a club championship race and I NEED some points !!!
  • Brezzy ??? = breezy !!
  • hello all

    good news on woofie scoobs, you must be very relieved. happy birthday to teen scoobs.

    great 10k scobos - 33s improvement on the course is very impressive especially at that level

    sorry you had a bad one peterG but if you felt awful with still almost a marathon to run then it has to be the right decision

    NN - enjoy your hols! are you going away or using it to do loads of training and catch up on sleep?

    sodahead - looks positively mountainous to me

    M - watch you don't fade away, need those muscles for going faster you know

    hang in there pammie and wabo, you'll both be back soon

    hi to sam - how are you doing? i remember you from a while back

    good luck all racing and gobi pole vaulting
    hope everyone enjoys bala. i only knew where it was because i once tried to go windsurfing there but it was too windy so we walked round instead

    what - hollins green 5k
    why - 2nd in cheshire grand prix series
    last hard - 2 days
    last rest - 3 days
    lyrics - no, do we know yesterday's yet?
  • Clink...actually I am painting !!have to strip and varnish the windows, back door and paint the OUTSIDE of the back of the house ! hope it doesnt rain !

    Good luck with the 5k !
  • Good luck Clink!

    Hope you heal soon Pammie and wabo.

    Good luck everyone else racing today (Gobi, can you pole vault? I cant imagine being able to do that!)

    of course good luck to the pirates.

    M, good going on the weight loss :-)

    What: just cycled almost 32 miles
    Why: I wanted to see if I was able to cycle to where swim training is held. I can (well I just did) but I must leave more time so that I can have a little rest before I swim!and take a big bar of chocolate to have before I cycle back :-D
  • popsiderpopsider ✭✭✭
    What - went out on chain gang, we ended up doing 70 miles up into the Derbyshire hills and back - not been doing much recently so spent much of it hanging off the back and chasing back. Still 70 miles in 3 and a half hours has to be good for me.
  • Hello,

    First off, good luck to the Pirates at Bala! Hope the weather stays nice for them.

    10k race at Keevil Airfield
    I hadn't raced a 10k before, so I wasnt very sure what sort of pace I needed to do. It was also very hot, and there isnt a right lot of shade on an airfield!! (funny, that!). Anyway, I actually pretty much raced at my HM speed i think, so I should have gone a bit faster, but I will know that for next time. Its a tough distance, isnt it, cos you have to go fast, but its a fairly long way...
    Anyway, it was two laps, managed a 27/23 negative split, but that showed I should have gone a lot quicker. Never mind though. Bang on 50mins, and I guess thats a PB since its my first!!
    I have another one in 3 weeks, so will so more speed work and see if I can pace the next one a bit better. :)

    Oh, and hubby thinks I was top 15 women, so might MAYBE have been top 5 in my age group. He says the mens winner was 33:35 which seems slow for men, so maybe the heat affected everyone!!

    I had fun anyway and I got a medal which I didnt know we were going to get, so a fun morning.

    What: 10k race. Will either bike or swim later on.
    Why: I'm supposed to be a triafferlete in a week!
    Last hard: Hmm, maybe today?
    Last rest: Thursday

    I dont know the lyrics.
  • What: 9.3 miles easy/steady (6:45 avg)
    Why: Not a long run, but longer than yesterday (legs still ached a little)
    Last hard: Thursday
    Last rest: a few weeks

    Legs are generally feeling nice now.
  • well done Flyaway.

    The first 10k I did was 50 mins. me and Hilly came in together. Some time ago now!!!

    Good luck with the next one. I am sure you will do well.

  • Great race Flyaway..50 mins is a very good time for a first 10k, not an easy distance is it ? it seems like a spprint fromthe start..which I suppose it is
  • Afternoon,

    Well run, flyaway - 10ks are tough, I agree.

    What: 5.5 miles this morning
    Why: getting back into it after a heavy cold
    Last hard: this morning
    Last rest: yesterday

    It was hot this morning in Wiltshire and I'm still not back to normal running speed after the cold I had. But I wasn't expecting to end up walking up the last hill today. Of course, that had to be the point where two friends drove past me! Why does it always happen like that?

    Anyway, onward and upward - first two runs back after the cold were pretty good, but today was a disappointment. Let's see what tomorrow brings...
  • Good race Flyaway; if you want to do another one then it must be right for you! Keep working at the training and you will be finishing in the top5 women soon!

    Thought it was time to report in as I've been doing other things this week. Went down to Deal for a couple of days to sample the transport systems of the country and see the sights. Not been there for 15 years (since I tried out for the Marines in 1992) and it seems a lot quieter now than it was. Didn't run though, so rested nicely.

    What: Thursday evening after 6 hrs on trains. Felt knackered but managed a steady 6M in 49mins.

    Friday: 20M bike ride in 90mins; 1.4M trot then hour of pilates

    Today: my leg of the Barnsley Boundary there (5M or so, 'cos I went wrong several times)in 47mins then all the way back (4.2M it says for the route) in 39mins.
    Pleased now as that's my longest run since December in time and distance!
    Why: to try to get back my mojo
    Last hard: yesterday's bike ride
    Last rest: Tues and Weds

    Just looked back in my records and my first 10k was the Barnsley 10k in 1999 and I did 42:47. Hmmm, those were the days!
  • Evening All.

    flyaway. Im glad you enjoyed your 1st 10k race, and well done on your medal.

    another 7 miles this evening done and dusted.

    Good Runnings everyone.
  • RFJRFJ ✭✭✭
    Greetings all,

    Well done Flyaway.

    What - 65 mins in the gym (40m on elliptical and 25 on the bike)

    Why - not allowed to run still.....

    Last Hard - not being able to run for 16 days now and counting....

    Last rest - from running 16 days.

    Take care, off to Anglesey tomorrow for a week.
  • stick in there RFJ, hopefully things will settle for you

    great 10k flyaway - it is a difficult distance to pace and in such heat with no shelter, you'll be lopping lumps off that time on a better day

    nice to see FL racing again and sounding upbeat about it, hope you get some more races lined up now

    quick report from hollins green 5k -

    very hot indeed. a combination of the heat and the 100m sprints i did on thursday meant i was almost half a minute slower than last week's race and this is an easier course. though it's a measured course i think the individual markers were a bit dodgy - even i can't run this unevenly. a lady called mary (i kept hearing shouts of come on mary!) passed me just after 1k with a couple of men. they gained about 20-30 metres and held it but didn't gain any more. i picked off 4 individual runners in the remainder of the race and got passed by 2 so i don't think i faded too badly but it was hard work -
    4.07 see what i mean about the markers

    feel as if there aren't enough days in the week to fit in all the sessions at the moment and next 5k is thursday so need to carefully think this week's schedule.
    if legs ok will have to try a longish run in the morning and then the 800's maybe tuesday and hopefully recover by thursday
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