Reading O2O 10K 2007

For first-timers, this is a well-organised race on a fast course. Apart from a few congestion points and the potential for slippery wet cobblestones, it's a really good race.

The variation in the scenery (towpath, shopping centre, woods, road) adds to the fun of it.

Just hope I don't have the flu' again on race day.


  • An early start though!
  • Means we can be in the pub at opening time though ;-)
  • Good point!

    It's very important to replace lost fluids after a race.
  • I did the first of these in 2004 and I've always tried to enter too late since.

    My entry is in the post this year already to avoid disappointment!!

    So what pub is the "official post race watering hole then"? ;-)
  • Good move Andyp - I recall last year's race was full by the end of July or first week of August. My race number arrived a week AFTER the race so I had to turn up extra early to beg for another one.

    Talking about lost fluids, last year I was back under covers by 11am with a Lemsip...

  • What a nightmare SL!!

    Let's hope this year there will be no administrative cock-ups, and we will all be healthy and ready for this run then.
  • Reading O2O10K is filling up fast!
    75% full ... so be sure to get your entries in quickly ... visit the race web site at:

    Look forward to welcoming back last years field and many more new participants ...

    Cliff Hilton
    Race Director
  • I am gutted I've missed out on this as it was going to be my comeback race. Everyone who is in enjoy it is a great race
  • Apologises but on health & safety grounds race is now full ...

    Cliff Hilton
    Race Director
  • I have a question about this - i sent off the entry form and cheque at the beginning of july but it hasn't been cashed. How do i know if it got there and i have a place?

  • Ok, just went on the the site and saw the check you're in link and i have a place so ignore me!

    Looking forward to it. This will only be my second 10k so hoping to get a better time than my first altough training needs to improve!
  • After reading your post DGW I thought I shoudl check just in case too.

    Thankfully I am listed as running number 561.

  • MuttleyMuttley ✭✭✭
    I'll be there too. No 571 if memory serves.

    I've done this one every years since its inception and want to see how long I can keep a 100 per cent attendance record. Although for some reason I always do a really crap time in this event.
  • I did this one last year and am back again, number 484. It was quite fun last year and like SL says the variation in scenery just adds to it.
  • Hey WTS nice to catch up with you again. I'm doing this one too but am recovering from injury after FLM so will have a potter around gently. Glad you're still training hard - look forward to seeing you soon
  • Hi AWTY, sorry to hear about the injury. Whats the problem? Yes still training, as I am doing the Great North Run at the end of Sept, and have also entered the ballot for next years FLM, so we'll see what happens there! See you at this one though
  • Afraid I won't be joining you this year for the first time , been out of action since April and have pretty much written off this year ,particularly frustrating to miss a home town race , but for those trying it for the first time, it deserves its' reputation , faultless organization and has that 'little bit of difference' to most other 10ks,with road , footpath, trail ,grass,town centre rural and riverbank stretchs all rolled into one.
  • WTS - had a nasty bout of IT band syndrome that came on about March time (I'd just got up to about 17 miles in training) - had a load of work done on it and cortisone to get me through FLM but had to have about 8 weeks off afterwards - since then it's been very gentle - though having said that now have a new 5k PB! I'm up to 7 miles in training now and it seems to be OK - no more twinges - but I'm taking it easy - I'm now paranoid about hurting myself!!
    See you soon
  • Poor you AWTY, glad you seem to be recovering. Sensible to take it steady here though. Have you applied for FLM again?
  • Have got the application form which I've picked up and put down about 400 times since it came through the door!!
    I'd love to - it was the most brilliant experience..but I keep thinking about how much it HURT!!!
    Having said that - it was so exhilarating I think I'd have got round with a broken leg!!
    So, the answer is - no, I haven't applied yet, but I probably will have by the time I see you next!

  • Go on!! You know you want to really image

     You probably won't get in on the ballot anyway so whats to loose???  image

  • My race pack came through at the weekend - hurrah!

    2 weeks to go.
  • humph - not had mine yet - hopefully soon......
  • Andyp - my race pack arrived too, setting a new p.b. for me already... two weeks BEFORE the race. Previous record was one week AFTER the race. :-)

  • Hopefully that will set the tone of the race for you then SL!!
  • Got my pack this morning. I always get excited when I get my number for a race (sad isn't it!)
  • WTS

    Yes it is........

    I'm the same though ;-)
  • Getting my number always makes me feel the the event is getting close, and that it is going to happen no matter how much training I have done (or haven't done!)
  • Sadly, I keep all of mine in a folder after the event.
  • There seems to be quite a lot of you who run this race regularly.

    Is it flat enough to test pb's or are there sneaky hills that creep up on you from around the bends?

    I'm just wondering incase I need to have an extra Mars bar or 2!

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