Just wanted to check if all of us forumites had registered on the URWFRC site yet, if not then why not do it now!


Just go to the above link, and go to Logon, then Creat Logon, use the same nickname as you have on these RW forums for ease for the rest of us.

Its a good place for listing what races you intend to run, entering your results, seeing who else is running your races, and lots more......

Speak soon.


  • The T-shirts should be pretty quick as they are printed, but they have to go in batches of 12, I have 2 on order myself at the moment, not sure how many others have. It also makes it a lot easier to spot each other at races, as not all of us will be wearing the vests.
  • Thanks for the plug NN, I have also added a Training Log function, which is very embryonic.

    I think DW our kit sec was planning to have set dates when he was going to send kit orders off.

    I can say that the T-shirts are great and mine is worn to the gym with pride and will be on display at the Great Scottish Run Pasta Party.
  • Whens your next Southern race SB
  • Hi Tim, I am not too certain why in 12's maybe the company that does the printing decided that? Alix used to be the kit secretary, but has just moved and it has passed over to DW, so Alix's details need replacing, did that make sense?
  • OK, done it at last, registered and ordered a vest and a T-shirt. I was going to ask Tim's question about payment, but it's answered - thanks, Nattynoodle. I presume it's cheques in advance?
  • Just another small note from the WM of the URWFRC site, if you have any comments, suggestions etc, please don't hesitate to get in touch. It may take me some time to act but generally I eventually get round to it.

    Can I have some race reports from the summer please.
  • Tim,

    I know but as the club has only been going for 4 months. I think we are already setting a cracking pace. It is hoped that when we have some money in the coffers, a firm membership and have proven that we are here to stay, this will all be addressed.
  • PS DW is aka Phil Arnold
  • Payable to "URWFRC"
  • SwissBobby do you have any idea why everytime I log onto the URWFRC site my computer crashes when I finish and I go to close? It happens every time.
  • Sorry Hilly I have no Idea on that one. But what platform are you using? (Windows or Mac etc) and what browser? (IE or Netscape) and what versions?

    Then I can have a little think.
  • I'm using Windows 98 & AOL 7. I tried again today and it happened again. I don't know what to do to solve the problem. HELP! someone.
  • OK - I'm a dork - I've lost my logon and password SB how do I get it back? E-mail me please.
  • Registered!

  • I'm on!

  • Great SY3, another member :)

    Mij, what are you like! There is a mij000 registered on the URWFRC site, that must be you? If so you probably have an idea what the password is? If not then just re-register as mij, (as that is available) and get SB to delete mij000.

    Hope that helps.
  • Hi Johnny, and welcome to you too.
  • The website now has 280 users!!!!
  • Excellent, thats great SB
  • Thank for the marketing NN.
  • Anytime SB, we are a dedicated and ever increasing team of runners, long may it continue.
  • Did you ever bother going to bed NN or are you still up.

    SB there are a few duplicates in there I think. Problem also is a lot of old members have changed their names for example

    Jinny39 I believe became gnasher
    Andrea.B became Fraggle
    JeanLaurie became Nessie.

    Any ideas on this
  • I am going to put an edit username feature in there today. And try to have a clear up of the database, next week.

    No-one other than me has been using the Training Log :-(

    Going for coffee. Back in 30 mins
  • BK, didnt mikealex change his name also........

    Try not to sleep too much.
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