When will I speed up?

I do not know why but I am stuck at between 10 and 11 minute miling. Been running for about 4 weeks since stopping smoking (20-30 a day). I feel and look old as I trundle the streets. When will I start looking like a proper runner?


  • 4 weeks - good lord give yourself a chance.

    Months not weeks.
  • said with a smile cos I know how you feel :)
  • thanks Gym Addict - I am frustrated -I feel so heavy(15.5 stone of heavy). Used to be so light on my feet.
  • Hardly soon enough to see the benefits yet, eggy.
    Over time you will improve, as GymAddict says.
    Oxygen starved muscles need a lot of time to recover.
    See how it goes over the next two or three months.
    Even then you'll have ups and downs, but keep going.
  • thanks for the encouragement Skinny:O)

    by sounds of it- you don't have 15 stone plus to hurtle around (unless you are 10 ft tall)
  • Nope :)
  • jammy sod:O)
  • Speed will come naturally. I'm 5'9" and 14 stone, and while I'm not fast I've constantly improved.
  • been running for many years and i still don't look like a "real runner" ;0)
  • hope yet then MoS?

    quite an attractive one -going by your pic,though, jammie:O))
  • got 15 minutes tomorrow- I hope it is dry.
  • i was told by an observant runner that I run like a fairy. wot she was getting at is that my stride is very short. apparently is I lenthen my stride I will be a minute mile faster.

    I am also very large so know how u feel when running with skinny jims!
  • yes- if I spread 'em any further I will sound like Tiny Tim.
  • oh understand!
  • mm -no tip toeing through the tulips then?
  • Apparently, a shorter stride is actually more efficient.
  • does that mean I could be slower DD?
  • It's taken me over a year to get much faster, but some of that was to do with confidence. For a while I was so concerned that I wouldn't be able to get to the end of whatever distance I was running that I made sure to take it easy, whether in training or when racing. It's only over the past couple of months that I've realised that I can up the pace a bit and still get to the end - and that's really made me feel good! If I'm training it's usually with others and we always run at chatting pace, but now I know that in a race (up to 5 miles, anyway) I can grit my teeth and go faster. (Not a lot faster, mind, I'm only talking 9/9.5min miles - Paula Radcliffe I ain't!)

    Good luck, it will come in time. I think running consistently 3 or 4 times a week has been the key for me, it's helped me become strong enough to give it a bit more welly.
  • Thanks Mrs R:O)

    I am on around 5 times a week , so if I just focus on distance first. Maybe in a year do speedwork.

    Well done on your progress too:O)
  • Hard 15 minutes this morning. A 20 minuter tomorrow -Hope I can do it.
  • Speed is nice, but not everything. After all, you're out there running, keeping fit, unlike millions of others, and hopefully it'll start flushing out the gunk from your lungs.

    Keep at it mate :-)
  • well said LL
    keep at it hoosey
  • HBE, I've got some low dose nicotine patches cos I'm due to sit my class 1 HGV in a couple of weeks time and someone said they're good for nerves! Obviously I'm going to do a test run with one first just incase it makes me feel odd, being a non-smoker.

    Once that's done and dusted, I'll post the rest of them on to you! :-)
  • 'eggerty Don't worry about the speed. Get fit and build your endurance first.

    If you run too fast and push your HR to high youe training will become anaerobic rather than aerobic.

    Aerobic = energy comes from fat stores

    Anerobic = Energy used from muscle

    Aerobic exercise will burn your fat, increase your fitness and help get rid of that extra weight thats driving you mad.

    The result will not only be a lighter'eggerty but a leaner one.

    P.S. 'eggerty- counting helps weight loss too- Haha
  • why on Earth would I want patches LL?
    -I stopped a month ago. They are as good for your nerves as smoking itself -lol
  • Just thought I'd offer rather than throw them out :-)
  • let you off. Some peple would take them I am sure. I feel great being without cigs for over a month.

  • I was rather slow though:O(
  • I am a slow runner, very slow. I have been running a year and still run at 11:30 - 12:00 miles. It gets me down, but at the end of the day, I get out there and have a go.

    Speed will come, it takes time. Oh and more commitment than me.
  • thanks for that sf. Still I'm up at a rediculous hour and this is my !rest" day.
    I guess that shows commitment.
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