silly question maybe, but was wondering how people generally pronounce the brand name that is Saucony? image


  • Sock Oh Knee
  • Yup smallest has it right.
  • I always pronounce it sore con knee. Perhaps thats why they always give me funny looks in the local running shop.
  • Nope, it's "sock-a-knee".

    They write it on the shoeboxes.
  • Yup "sock-a-knee" it is...  comes from the Saucony River which according to native american indians means "swiftly running water" image
  • I've heard it prounounced "sour coney" before...


  • Don't be too hard on mis-pronouncers.  Unless you've heard it pronounced correctly it's one of those words that isn't obvious (that said I do quite often wince at my husband's mispronunciation of virtually any word of foreign origin, but then he never studied languages and I did linguistics at uni).

    Even though I tester a pair last time I bought some new running shoes I can't even remember how the running shop assistant pronounced it.  Possibly because I instantly realised they weren't quite the right shoes...

    ...I always assumed it was a French company and would have guessed at 'saw-coh-ni' or something similar with a French accent.

    But now I stand corrected.

  • It's spelt "Saucony" but it's pronounced "Throat-Wobbler Mangrove".
  • DustinDustin ✭✭✭
    as swerve says - its written on the box...
  • hmm. I never noticed it on the box. I'll check next time. I also had a look on Wikipedia and according to that, saucony is pronounced saw - co - knee. Apparently It is named after the Saucon River in Pennsylvania and means "swiftly running waters.

    At least I can be confident in what shoes I ask for now! 

  • Wikipedia is sometimes nonsense. Maybe if you speak in a particularly nasal American accent and de-emphasise the 'co', saw-co-knee might sound a bit like sock-a-knee...?
  • I used to think that it was pronounced with a soft 'c' in the middle making it 'saw-so-knee'

    Glad I know the correct pronunciation now.

  • Isn't 'soccer knee' something footballers suffer from...? Just a thought...
  • Swerve - "It's spelt "Saucony" but it's pronounced "Throat-Wobbler Mangrove"."


  • Thank god i saw this thread i was going to the shop to ask for 'suck on knees'

    I'm sticking with Mizuno image

  • Apparently It is named after the Saucon River in Pennsylvania and means "swiftly running waters.

    Is there an echo in here???  image


    Ahhh... yes Ms Uno....

  • Well I always said sore coney  so now I know.

     I tend to buy a brand with a proper name like Brooks image They even spell it right without the e - that is pronounced Broo - kez

  • Adidas is another one...

    Most people can't spell it right never mind pronounce it...  "Addidas" (no!); "Adiddas" (noo!).

    And it’s not actually a-dee-das, its addi-das.

  • while we're on the subject, is it nike, or ny-kee ?
  • And is it Ay-sics or A-sics????
  • A-sics.
  • ASICS is an acronym for Anima Sana In Corpore Sano... as it's an acronym rather than a word as such the pronunciation could be debatable...  but I'd say A-sics unless you're a yank...

  • Can I make a confession?

    When I got back into running, about 5 years ago, I thought they were called..




    That logo for the A confussed me because it looks like a D image

    I never asked for them by that name though image

  • Nike - only the yanks call then Ny-kee.

    Imagine the sentence 

    I ly-kee to wear my ny-kee whether I hy-kee or by-kee to see My-kee to fish for py-kee

  • i'm sure that makes perfect sense to an american... image
  • Well I am never going to open my mouth and ask again.  I think I will just point or order off the internet where no one laughs if you get it wrongimage
  • And it's scon. Not scone.

  • Are those cushioning or support scons?
  • Ny-kee. She's a Greek goddess.
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