What would you do?

I run at 6 am twice a week, on different days.  A woman has been attacked on a local footpath at 11 oclock at night in my area.  My husband now wants me not to run (understandably). If I dont run then, I dont run, other than a weekend run. I always stick to main roads that are well lit and always see people walking their dogs.  Its possible for me to run afterwork at 6pm in the dark, but it would eat into time that I spend with him and doing dinner etc, so I don't think he would be very happy with that either.

What do I do???????????????



  • If you onyl run twice a week get him to cook on those days and run int he evening?

    Carry on running in the morning....but carry a personal alarm?

    Get him to join you on a pushbike or run too? (Im assuming you dont have kids?)

  • To be honest most of the dodgy people out there are tucked up in bed at 6am. 

    Why not vary your route, times and days for a while?

  • SlugstaSlugsta ✭✭✭

    Don't think you'd neccessarily be any more, or less, safe at 6pm than 6am. 

    I'd go some way to ensuring my safely by carrying an alarm or leaving a note of my route and ETA (if possible) then go out and run. there are nutters and bad peeps around everywhere to some extent, I think it's important that the rest of us don't become prisoners in our homes because of them.

  • I do have kids, but they are 14 and I run before they get up and i have to take them to school.  Hubby goes off to work at 5.30.  I am just very aware of not letting my running interfere with everyone else. I alter my route as much as I can.

    Thanks everyone

  • Find a running partner?  My house mate and fellow runner often goes out early before work but meets up with others to do so. They have quite a good running club at work.  Other than that I agree with Nick, carry a personal alarm if it makes life easier. 

    Run 1 morning and 1 evening vary it each week that way it's a nice compromise on eating into your evening time?

    There are some dodgy people out there but so long as we are aware of the dangers that is no reason to stop doing what we do. 

  • was she attacked on a road where you run?  was she a runner?
  • YEs....good idea of Lynn....join a club, that way you will be guaranteed 1 'safe' group run per week.....and also meet new people which you can find a running partner.

    Surely at 14 your kids and hubby wont mind that? Besides, if it is anything like the club I run for, partners and kids often turn up anyway - especially at the social things.

    .....or get yourself a Tazer!?????!

  • If they are 14 they should be making their own blummin tea!!! Get them something nice out of M&S to go in the micorwave, and go out with the Womens Running Network maybe?

     This time of year we always get loads of new members for much the same reason.  Its not nice running on your own in the dark?

    Or could you run at lunchtime at work one day a week?

    Get a dog?

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  • "I am just very aware of not letting my running interfere with everyone else"

    Why should you have to ensure that your running doesn't interfere with everyone else? You have a right to a life too!

    Your husband and kids are big enough to look out for themselves occasionally, and surely your kids should be learning how to feed themselves?

    Anyway, I would think you'd be as safe at 6.00 am as at 6.00 pm, so you should choose which you prefer.
  • ....Totally agree with Wilkie on this one.

    .....or get some pepper spray as well as the Tazer???

  • Why should you have to ensure that your running doesn't interfere with everyone else? You have a right to a life too!

    Agreed !!

    Farine I'm female ! image

  • I only have my kids every other week so I like to spend as much time with them as poss.  Husband works such long hours that I like to make the most of that to.  The WRN dont run at times that suit me.  Hence the early start.  Its complicated.  Lunch break is only half an hour.
  • Farnie, no she wasn't a runner.
  • Running club. That's why I joined. Also yes get your kids to make their own tea or eat late. I am sure they are capable of concocting a simple supper whilst you are out. They could even make food for you for when you come back. How long is your run? Could you do several lunch break runs instead of two morning runs? But I must echo everyone elses sentiments that you have a right to your runs and if they are important for you, then you should make everything else fit around them not feel that you are doing them at the incovenience of everyone else. Surely if you are happier because you are getting out to run then that impacts ore widely on the family? If the kids really really can't get their own evening meal then get them to eat hot lunch and make up cold plates in advance salads, sandwiches etc (that may prove a motivational factor for cooking themselves!!)
  • I also think that it is good for children to see their parents (esp female) taking time to do something for themselves.  Its not long out of the week if you did one run,

    you are teaching your children a valuable lesson about self worth, self esteem and cookery.

    And I should have guessed PQ is that a glitterball?

  • Could you run TO work? Or is it too far?

    Anyhoo...hopefully all the suggestions have given you some ideas? Failing that check out the soon to be live www.superhotmalerunningescorts.co.uk

  • I would continue running at 6 am as

    1. the attack happened at prime pub chucking out time whereas the attacker would not be around or looking for victims at 6 am
    2. you're not dressed in a way likely to inflame nutters at 6 am
    3. you can escape quicker, and are likely more wary, than the victim
    4. the long-term risks of your husband losing you are higher with not running than running (quite possibly)
    5. having taken into account his opinion you are quite capable of deciding for yourself image
  • someone wrote something on here ages ago, which made me feel alot better about running on my own in the dark.

    They basically said that most women who are attacked are either for their possessions (handbags etc) which most runners don't have with them, are an easy target, well if you are running you are not an easy target, or for more sinister sexual reasons, which to be honest, I don't know what you look like when you run, but I am pretty sure any sex pest who saw me out running, would wait for the next 'victim' to come along.  uuggghhh.

  • There was a woman attacked near me recently, albeit at 3am on a Saturday night.

    6am seems like a pretty safe time to me as is 7pm when I run as long as you choose a busy well-lit route. 

    I'm not letting the attack stop me running, I'm just a bit more wary, and have decided to start back up with my running club. 

    I actually went out the next day, but did avoid that particular part of the seafront, and didn't wear my iPod, I felt pretty safe.

    You can't let one unfortunate incident stop you living your life. Just be sensible.

  • Thanks everyone, will be checking the new escort site out.  LOL
  • DustinDustin ✭✭✭

    I can understand you (and hubbys) concerns, but personally I believe that 6am or 6pm are relatively 'safe' times. You write tht someone was attacked at 11pm intuatively this is the time when the lowlifes are usually more prevalent on the streets.

    6am is usually people either going to work, at work or, quite often, runners. 6pm is usually people coming home from work, or kids hanging about (whom, in my experience are usually well behaved, if not occasionally 'lippy')

    Perhaps its easier for me to say (as a bloke) but think the risks earlier in the day are minimal, and besides I hate to let these people win by keeping us off the streets.


  • Ok,

    tazars and pepper spray it is

    Run in the morning on weeks you have the  kids; do one morning one evening other times

    Or get them out on Bikes with you? 

    Find a running partner at work, not necassarily through a club. I'm not sure how (short of taking Nick up on his offerimage but I'm sure it's possible.)

    At the end of the day it sounds like you have developed a routine that works for you, not running in the week isn't an option or you wouldn't have started the post, the suggestions are obviously problematic as you've thought tham through before.

    The advice stands however you are entittled to your own life and running is that; so sod it! strap on the tazar and pepper spray and continue with your normal weekly routine. Don't let the (swear words) win - yes, if your route goes past where the woman was attatcked change your route, otherwise you are obviuously a sensible person and stick to well lit streets.  However, I understand the you don't want to interfere with other but agree with the consensus of entiltlement to life, so whilst you understand your husband's desire to protect he has to appreciate you need to run.  So offfer him the alternatives i.e. and let him feel/see the choice of continuing to run in the mornings is the lesser of two evils. That way you get what you need but it seems like a compromise, let him tell you all those reasons why it won't work that you have come up with!  If that fails dig your feet in and just do it.  Nutters are everywhere my theory is hope the worst never happens, save the worrying for when it's necessary, be safe be sensible but do not stop living your life because of fear of what if's worry about what is.

    Rant over...sorry..!

  • .....im all fairness, i'd say that would be the least desirable option for Runnersbean anyway!!!
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