The Soup Kitchen - it's hot!

Soup - my favourite winter warmer. 

Which one's are your favourites?  Post a link/recipe if you can...



  • I had seafood chowder last night and it was scrum!
  • Hailes - leek and potato soup, best served with granary bread out the back of his car after your first ultra. mmmmmmmmmmmmmm
  • KK, we live on Heinz tomato here too, so looking for a bit of variety.

    M.eldy - Which seafood chowder do you recommend?  

  • Covent Garden Soup co do a nice carrot and coriander.But I've always fancied the soup featured in most hip-hop videos.  Take a good handful of bikini clad beauties, put in jacuzzi, switch on and hey presto - Lady Soup!
  • This is uncanny - no pun intended - I am just about to make some tomato and orange soup!

    Home grown toms that have just finished ripening on the kitchen window sill, onion and potato and half pint of orange juice - yum!

  • KK - this was magical. it was the best soup i have ever tasted and served by haile and lurker in bikini's while TMW and I sat with our feet in warm ass milk and had shoulder rubs from them.

    i think thats how it happened?

  • BDB, my absolute favourite soup is....carrot and corriander.  Tescos do a nice home label version of it, but yours sounds much more up market!  Sainsbury's do a nice 'home-made' version in a plastic yoghurt-looking pot.  [had to get the word yoghurt in there didn't I?]  

    I have a recipe for BtB - take one Watford supporter...and blend.  Add garam masala... shall I go on?

  • do you peel the toms first S.O.?
  • lol kk, I've made a couple of cock ups too!
  • No M1. Just cut into quarters then blitz with a blender.
  • The Tescos one is probably the same.  I like bacon and lentil too - pretty filling.  Heinz Vegetable is good too.

    Actually, soup in general is pretty darn good.  I now have The mighty Boosch soup song going round and round in my head!

  • Blondie I cant remember what make it was now....

    anyway,  quick snack :  One bowl soup + a portion of pasta = Perfick!
  • SO would never have imagined combining tomatoes with orange...  intriguing.
  • For me its a scotch broth, home made, when me or Mrs E11 make it its more like Stew, What a winter warmer
  • M.Eldy - it's just that I had a can of Baxters Luxury Seafood Chowder the other day and it tasted too much like the sea and nearly made a revisit... 
  • I love seafood, that's why I was so disappointed.

    So your Heinz tomato has a makeover when it comes to your house kk.  That sounds really tasty. 

  • Tomatoes and oranges go very well together, as does tomato soup and mars bars!
  • KK,

    Thats a different storyimageimage

  • Tomato soup and mars bars? image
  • Tomato soup and mars bars????

    [is there an echo in here?]

  • I am a Clanger, I love all soup.

  • Hello dragon, I'm enjoying your den each week on the telly... Why are you called Magenta Monkey when you are a dragon?  And.... which is your favourite soup?
  • Your are The Soup Dragan MM image

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