Unexplained Injuries to Athletes

Have you ever wonder why your recurring injury or chronic pain cannot be diagnosed by physio or sports Dr?

There are dark forces at work in the UK and the rest of the world .

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  • Usually people who become victims are gifted people not loyal to the regime, servicemen from military subdivisions, athletes, those held in prisons and concentration camps, people who make up the ranks of dispensaries, without exception prisoners of psychiatric hospitals, and also the population in free behavior. For the covering up of the crimes and for the shifting of the responsibility to the USA and Mafia organizations, to open psychotronic terror are also subjected portions of the communists and employees of the Secret Service.
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  • for those that are afraid to clickety the linkety ........  some of the contents ..

    Psychotronic Weapons Humanitarian Weapons - A Plague of the 20th Century Scientific Cannibalism, Psychotronic Weapons and Diabolical Technologies Totalitarian Sects - A Range for Testing Psychotronic Weapons Rights-defenders Anticipate - Watching Television is Dangerous! Wizards, Witches and other Evils Under the Roof of the Government Administration Aliens, [***], [Baba-Yaga and Other Devilries Contemporary Exotic Types of Weapons The Computer is Destroying Manking Certainty in Complete Non-punishment or a Bandit's Farce? Vampires in White Dressing Gowns Yellow Gulag and Psychotronic War Towards a Backward Thinking In the Name of Stopping the Bio-robotizational Madness KPSS Central Committee and KGB Plan: "Psychotronic Golgotha" Your Brain, Your Private and Intimate Life are Under the Control of the Secret Service The White House in a Psychotronic Dimension "Ch" Hour * Dispassionate Codes Strike out in Alarm Customers and Manufacturers The Conducting of Political and Governmental Secret Terrorism Crazy "Little Vodka" An Electronic God Blindly Punishes and Pardons Free Will for Citizens, Democratic Elections are Impossible Under Conditions of Psychotronic Applications on the Population On the Quiet to the Authorities: On the Scenario of the Model of the Puppet Theater Murder will Out The Threat to National Security Demands the Urgent Adoption of Laws
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    Psychotronic weapons are a complex of unique electronic-irradiating apparatuses capable, over a large distance, of controlling the psycho-physical activities of a person, purposefully destroying his health.

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  • That stuff is very weird. There's a forum there which is like a meeting place for schizophrenics to indulge their delusions. (And I'm not using the word 'schizophrenic' in its loose sense.)

  • If you were a victim of Psychotronics you would know all about it. To write it off as schizophrenic delusions shows a lack off free thinking.

  • And what does writing off as non-free-thinking those who write off psychotronics as schizophrenic delusions show? I ask because I wouldn't want to write you off as something you shouldn't be written off as in case I myself am written off.
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  • "If you were a victim of Psychotronics you would know all about it."

    But that's entirey the wrong question to ask. The important question is its inverse. Is it possible that a person with schizophrenic delusions might *mistakenly* think they were a victim of Psychotronics?

    If one answers 'yes' to this question - and if you know anything about schizophrenic delusions then you'll know the answer is 'yes' - then it follows that merely believing that one is a victim of psychotronics is not enough to establish the case.

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    I feel safe because it mainly selects gifted or athletic people 

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  • An empty people carrier with a lone driver waiting in it is a dead giveaway. I once heard a man on a phone-in show say he had seen six "beggars" get out of one of these. Naturally he assumed they were "dole scroungers", but I was perped in Soho last year by a well-dressed man in a three peice suit. I saw him twice subsequently "begging" with some other perps in Soho. How foolish of him to think his bald pink pate, straggly blond hair, short-sighted eyes and saggy paunch would not be remembered! I hope you now see the connection between electronic torture and the need to protect the perp's identity

    I used to have a Vauxhall Zafira and (wait for it) drove it alone 

    What can this mean ? 

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