black toe nails



  • I've got corns instead of lost toenails. They are tough as toetails, they look the same... Actually, I don't care. I think I lost my 4 toenails running in asics 2120, at the same time other asics shoes are fine. But again, I don't care much for the lost ones since the corns are fine image
  • I've tried larger shoes, shorter nails, orthotics, uphill, downhill, slow, fast... I lose at least 5 nails every year, for the last 5 years of marathon running. I lose the nice new ones just as they have settled. 

    Having assisted, yesterday, with the removal of nails from a young lass with ingrowing toenails, I'll happily lose mine to running.  I could be very graphic about how it was done but I kept my eyes well averted.  What I saw made running and black toenails far more prefarable, and yes they grow back, pretty normally.  Sometimes wish they wouldn't - then I'd have nothing to bruise!

  • As I said, comfort of the shoe,laces tied to stop your foot sliding around and enough width in the front for all your toes. no black toes 
  • I had a pair of Brooks size 8 width fitting B.  3 toe nails black and lost.... Next pair, Brooks size 8 width fitting D.  I have a beautiful set of pinkies.
  • Point made
  • I used to have this problem with my Kayanos too and have never really gotten rid of it but it did get a lot better after I started wearing twin skin socks.

    And yes, they grow back just fine.

  • i've gone to the podologist 5 times. first it was a small shoe. then i went up a whole size bigger. cut my toe nails regularly. got rid of the bad toenails (my second and third toes and longer) and still got a black nail and had to get rid of another one. changed the podologist. told that i have a runner, ballet dancer or footballers feet. it happens. friction against the toes. we use our feet. can't prevent some kind of movement in the shoe. some people more prone to others because of how our feet are shaped. she showed me how to wrap them up before i run with gauze or else just stick a silicone cap on them. also wear 100% cotton socks either inside out or seamless, to help with the friction. the only thing which bothers me really is not being able to paint them all nice in the summer image)

  • despite keeping toe nails short, buying 2E wide fit and a size bigger than normal trainers, I still get black toenails, in fact both big toe nails have split exactly the same, but opposing arcs, and the 2nd toenail on right foot is totally black, it can shirley just be the strike and rub or the shoe ... i would go buying double size because you may get too much movement and rubbing and pronation due to poor support, my advice is to simply make sure you put the lost nails in the recycle bin not the ground fill so everybody benefits ..

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