5K Cardiff St Davids Day



  • We started right at the back of the pack and I was running behind the girl in the dragon outfit most of the time, as the swing of the dragon's tail was a nice mesmerising pace! imageimage
  • well done!!!  think i was just over 25 mins... are they putting the results up on the website at all?
  • They did last year. image

    Great time.

    Anyone doing the Barry Waterfront (Ty Hafan) 5k in May?

    Event Details

    I just started a thread if anyone is interested

  • Hi All

    Just finished this race, I am some what suprised by my time. If my stopwatch is correct I finished in about 19' 12. My pb was set last week during the blackfriers 5k time trail which was 20' 06. It says on the runners world website that the course was measured and certified. Did anyone check the distance using thier garmin or any other type of course distance measuring watch. If anyone can help it would be most  appreciated.


  • image

    Thanks Nam image

    I havent stopped smiling yet

  • image well done everyone - sounds like you all had a good one image
  • Robert - you've got me thinking now, i got my 1st 5k time of 25.36 at the time trial last saturday... today i got 25.05 according to my hrm but it felt like i was running slower today than last week

    perhaps the distance wasnt right if i can easily knock 30 seconds off my time in a week??

  • Knocked over a minute off my p b and did'nt feel i was running noticibly faster so you might be right Southwales22, the results can be found here when its next updated probably in a day or so.             http://www.lescroupiersrunningclub.org.uk/results/
  • thats great - thanks image
  • It appears our fears have been confirmed.                                                http://www.pontypriddroadentsac.org.uk/st-davids-day-5k-2nd-march-2008-results/road-running-club/2008/03/02/
  • There seems to be a general concensus that the course was about 3m not 3.1m

    Bad form, considering this was a welsh championship event and an U23 international !

    Pity really, as it was a well organized event apart from this...mmm, it's gonna tough to beat this PB ! 

  • awww thats pretty disappointing really.... ah well, will have to see what my next time trial result brings image
  • Really well done Barky image
  • Aww - I was so proud of mesself...... image

    Never mind - tis still beatable .......

    Im talking like a runner now - tisnt good, is it.....!! image

  • I thought the course was the same as last year wasn't it? 

     If it was, I still shaved two minutes off my time - v pleased! 

    Enjoyed the race.

  • it was the same as last year I thought... so maybe last year was short too? image
  • Apparently it was 220m too short.

    The lead car took a wrong turn at about 3k, and cut out 220m, so last year was correct.

     I think it's fair to extrapolate your time  based on the 4780m to make it 5k.

    For me I added 48 secs to my 17:31 to make 18:19. so a new PB woo hoo !

  • Ah well

    Cancer run in Bute Park next weekend, anyone?


  • Thought my time was too good to be true! image
  • Also some pictures and official results on http://www.bmftraining.com/

    How not to be in any photos - follow the dragon all the way around image (probably just as well, I'm not good in photos normally and I doubt would be any better by the end of that.....)

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