Evening Run problem

When I run in the evening, I can be running alright for 2-3 miles then I suddenly feel clammy and have no energy at all - this never happens if I run in the morning and club nights can be a total washout. Has anyone any experience of this or similar problems.


  • not experienced this , but do you eat beforehand? thinking fuelling probs maybe?
  • JFRMJFRM ✭✭✭
    I have tried eating at various times - lunch time up to 5pm - but the problem seems to occcur randomly
  • Do you spend a long time in a car/train on your way home from work? Or have a stressful job?

    Perhaps you need to unwind and warm up before starting your run - have you tried doing some gentle stretches before you run, or perhaps running the first mile at a very slow pace?

    Also, are you hydrating properly during the day? If you're not, try drinking a pint of water or squash an hour before you run - it can really belp. Too much coffee (and/or sweets)during the day can also make you feel lethargic in the evening. So cut down! (easier said than done I know)

  • JFRMJFRM ✭✭✭
    Thanks for your comments. I will definitely try to drink more water and less tea/coffee as I drink 10 cups+ a day at the moment. As for relaxing/stress reduction, I take your point but old habits die hard.
  • 10+ cups!!!

    The recommendation is no more than a couple and have 2-3 litres of water. I'm surprised you don't explode!

    Good luck on the runs.
  • I find evening runs tough too. For the first couple of miles I feel like my calves are lead. I eat a carb lunch and drink lots of water on club days, but sometimes you're just worn out. What's bad for me is that as I'm slowest everyone has to muster back for me all the time, and I already feel guilty enough without holding them back by having a bad energy day as well!
  • I have the opposite problem. I can run much better in the evenings than the mornings. Even though I work all day.

    In the morning I get much shorter breath than evenings. If I run, or do an aerobics class, before about 11am I feel like a lead weight.
  • I find it difficult to run hard in the mornings. Its great for long slow runs because its usually a beautiful time of the day to run.

    But I find I just don't have the energy or motivation or 'looseness' to run fast. Mornings are they only time that I can gaurantee to get a run, so make up most of my training. I fall out of bed at 6am put my clothes on and set off. Maybe I'll get a bit faster when it warms up later in the year, but I reckon over my usual 5 mile route I'm probably 4 minutes slower in the morning than later in the day.
  • Always found it difficult to run evenings, much prefer to go early moring especially recently with the good weather we've been having. In fact I think I've only got wet once since the new year, running on average 3-4 times a week.

    I found unless I'm very careful I always feel too full to run evenings.. No More Pies for me then!

    Makes me wonder why I'm doing an evening 10k in abou t three weeks??

  • Do You still have this issue? I have had the same problem for a few years
  • Hi I used to have this experience with afternoon/evening running - everything felt really heavy and sluggish, not enough puff, and my brain telling me strongly to stop. I don't know why, and never found the cause because I just decided to stop trying to run in the afternoon/evening!
  • It sounds like you might be experiencing issues with evening runs affecting your energy levels. Hydration and meal timing could be factors. Experimenting with pre-run hydration and nutrition might help.
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