London Marathon Tshirts?



  • 6ft 1' 14st , perfect fit and great shirt............
  • I am 5'4 and size 10 and mine fits me fine.

    Better than last years and it is great that they are finally doing them on wicking material rather than on the cotton that they used to use!

  • M..o.useM..o.use ✭✭✭

    I liked mine.  I like the fabric and it fits.

    5ft 2 and fat as a house. image

  • Mouse you are not the size of a house!
  • ...i loved the t-shirt!! If ya don't like it - i'll have it or sell it on ebay and give the cash to charity- everyone's happy!!
  • Blimey - we all ran 26.2 miles - are you seriously worried about the fitting of a t-shirt?!

    Mine is fine and I am 5ft 6 and built like a whale - but I wouldn't care if it was dayglo pink with green spots and a size zero I would be chuffed with it.  I earnt it and will wear it with pride image

    Plus - you cannot please everyone - obviously!! 

  • Guys - I phoned the marathon office 02079020200 as I didn't get one in my goody bag and they've promised to send me one. Buggered if I'm going to pay 16 pounds for one on ebay!
  • I think its a bit dissapointing to be honest. The t-shirt works both ways - for us to wear them and be proud of our achievement, and to also publicise the event when we are roaming our loaclities. No-one wins by them just handing out ill-fitting one-size t-shirts that only a small fraction of people can wear. Mine comes down to my knees and wont be worn which is a bit of a shame and a waste really.

     As Leeds the small but perfectly organised Liversedge Half (c. 200 runners) can get it right - why cant the massive giant that is FLM?

  • Precisely because of the numbers involved Mary.
  • ...well, some of us like them (i love em), some hate them - to the ones that hate them...tough...that's life! LOL
  • I love mine and wore it with pride to work today!
  • Anything's better than your avatar, Martin!image

    (Which reminds me - must get loo roll...) !image

  • 50,000 people accepted to run (I think) do you ask them all for their T-shirt size and then order accordingly?

     But wait only 34,000 people run...theres a problem. If you have ordered 50,000 correctly sized shirts you have 16,000 left over.

    Alternatively do you order 11,000 small, 11,000 medium , 11,000 large 1,000 extra large and its first come first served? Some would be happy but towards end bet probelms would be even worst. Not to mention the logistics of handing them out at end (look back to Bath half to see how easily best intentions go wrong)

    Or do you have a reasonable go at a reasonable sized shirt (guess its kinda medium to small large) and hope it fits most people? Knowing that it wont work for everyone - but given the ranges of sizes of people on here who say it fits that it will work for most?

    Anyway nothing can take away pride i feel at running on Sunday and sense of achievement. Have a draw full of shirts image

  • As the cost of the t-shirt is included in the price of entry, I don't think it's unreasonable for everybody to request a particular size. Particularly as entry is all online now and they ask you to choose the size of your fleece if you bequeath.
  • well the sizes of the fleeces/rainjackets you get are odd anyway.......
  • But Nuclear Chicken thats different. The race shirt is for finishers so only those who cross the line get them. Therefore knowing the sizes of 15,000 odd people accepted is irrelevant. Its the 34-35,000 who finish thats the key and they wont know that till very near the race as people pull out.

    With the fleece /jacket etc they can order too many (hence selling at expo) or order more as they go along as you dont need to have only roughly the number of finishers items. And anyway seem to recall huge complaints about sizes of jackets this year?

    Anyone at Bath half will know that it doesnt take much for T shirts to cause a huge issue at end of arce and p*** everyone off.

  • hiya all, i'm a 5'5 man, 8 stone 10 wet through, my 't'shirt looks like i've got a ladie's dress on!! i was hoping that i could swan around the gym in it looking the bee's knees!! i won't though now, 'coz everyone would think i was a cross dresser!!

    it is a shame

  • i pass all my race t shirts on to oh or 19 yr old son.

    that's why i like medals, one size fits all image

    personally i'd prefer it if they just gave the money to charity - whichever race it is.

    or buy cotton reusable bags for the goody bag - all those plastic bags drive me to dispair. i'd take my onya bag and transfer all the stuff when i collect it if i didn't feel it'd be so mean on the poor volunteers handing them out! 

  • I don't understand this whole 'It looks like a dress' thing. As I've mentioned, I'm just over 5'5" and it's fine. I wouldn't wear a dress anywhere near that short! I love mine, much better than last year's shirt, and I've pretty much worn it constantly (apart from at work - it wouldn't look good with a suit!), and it's already been washed twice.
  • Anyone want my t-shirt or medal?

    Don't tend to keep medals (my nephews are bored of getting race medals for being good) and the t-shirt looks ok but doesn't fit.

    Would consider swapping it for something useful... 

  • You need to have a word with Basil Brush, Rug. He got Noel Edmonds's old job......image
  • Yeah-i don't know why i felt compelled to write that-i'll send my medal and t-shirt to anyone who didn't get one for whatever reason...
  • I think the t-shirt is just fine. Ok it is huge, but at least it is technical, so you can train in it. I shall tuck it into my running shorts anyway - sorted. :0))

  • 50000 people accepted, 35000 run it, so there are quiet a lot of waisted t-shirts anyway. So why not ask people to give their Tshirt size (S, M, L) when they apply and they could estimate the need for different sizes. Personally I would like to wear mine proudly but as I am a slim female it's way too large on me.

  • Am I missing something here? If 50,000 people are accepted they have paid their money. Therefore if they don't run they don't get their T shirt. It means that they will have 15,000 T shirts left over. so what? Give them to charity / burn them. At least the people who do run will get the size they asked for. No-one loses out.
  • FLM branded stuff winds up in the Adidas Outlet Store. I don't know about the finisher's t-shirts though. I would feel like a complete fraud if I bought something that made me look like I'd run the race and I hadn't, but hey, whatever floats your boat!image
  • Liverbird. Yes I agree I wouldn't like them in general use as I had to run 26 miles for mine. However, as you say if someone is willing to buy a shirt for a race that they didn't run then that is up to them.
  • I would have no respect for someone who was prepared to pretend they'd ran a race. For goodness sake, earn your own, you complete loser! image
  • OK calm down. I earned mine.

  • Tshirt arrived from marathon office yesterday after I phoned saying I hadn't had one. Am happy to have it given that I earned it - it is huge but I don't care!
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