RW's 10-week 1:50-plus half-marathon schedules



  • I am doing a half marathon in two weeks and have been training regular 18 miles per week of three runs I got an injury four weeks ago and have been unable to run but have been out twice a week on my bike 20 miles per week. I am injury free now can any one recommend a training plan I should adopt for two weeks prior to race I don't want to burn my self out the two weeks prior and over train and I struggle in the run
  • new to all this but here goes

     what does 'slow', easy', timed', 'nothing', 'steady' all mean

     isn't steady the same as easy - any comments would be much appreciated

    from, barefoot mart

  • I think slow and easy are just that (around 11:00 min/mile) and steady is a bit faster (under a 10min/mile). Not sure though. I'm doing the half marathon in under 2:00 Garmin schedule and just rely on my Garmin to beep at me if I'm going too slow/fast. Good luck!
  • I've just done the bath half and have the Chester half in 10 weeks I don't want to start over but don't know what is the best to do to increase speed as I know I can do the distance. 
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