Aldi cycling stuff

Just seen this in the local store - should be on the website soon. Usual range of stuff - shorts, tops etc - but with bib shorts and gillets the attraction for me this year. I can't really justify replacing last year's kit because it's still going strong.


  • wooo hooooo have they got any of the things on my huge shopping list from D74?
  • Hmmm.  All the longs that I bought I gave away unused,  The fit was really bizarre, you needed twig legs and a massive beer belly.  If you'd ever cycled in your life then you'd have been too big on the thighs.
  • debbodebbo ✭✭✭
    D74 - sounds like they might have fitted a few pirates...
  • I got some padded winter tights from there last autumn. They fitted but they didn't half chafe, not the padding but the seam up the leg, I've still got the scars.

  • They are funny scars. 

    Sorry to be mean.  But they are.  image

  • I bought the winter ones last timeand took the padding out ......................... it weighed a ton. the crotch was still a good few inches away from little jim and his two mates though
  • I have twig legs and a massive beer belly....

    ....Guess who got the leggings from D74...........

    ..Thanks again Dunc.
    Only worn one pair, the others are still unused if you have got your belly back.image


    Dunno this just doesnt look right somehow..

  • funny scars!  that's a new one.
  • Buney - as in the cycling shorts have been photosopped onto an underwear / swimtrunk model by someone in a GCSE art class?  That sort of thing?

    Or that it is a photo, and the leg seams really are baggy so they hang an inch off the leg.

  • Thwe leg seams really are that baggy
  • Not on my firm muscular thighs of course but on a lardy arse like Dunc they waft in the breeze 
  • Maybe the baggy end is a vent for p*ss?

  • Oi, I'll have you know my thighs are 56cm of solid muscle.
  • and the gut is?
  • Doubles as flotation in the swim and as ballast on the downhills on the bike.  I deliberately keep it there for these reasons.

  • aha

    so that's why i don't go fast on the down hills even when i peddle like mad and then just let the bike go

    not enough ballast

    i can sort that

  • and why i am a rubbish swimmer
  • Doubles as flotation in the swim and as ballast on the downhills on the bike.  I deliberately keep it there for these reasons


  • I've got a pair of the longs, I use them for commuting, they aren't the best fit but nice thick windproof material. Massive padding though like you say.
  • you dont need padding though Mon with an 'arris that size surely


  • Ah, Plum, ever the diplomat ...
  • Could do with some more shorts so will pop to Aldi tomorrow.

    I've never tried bib shorts, but given that my tops tend to be too short and ride up, they might not be a bad idea. 

  • Bib shorts, regular shorts and my first ever cycling top for £15.
  • Tango Orange cycling top, shades and a track pump + change from £13 result!!
  • SVT

    whats the padding like on the bib shorts and how <ahem> tight is the fit overall?

  • Didn't see any track pumps, but I've already got track and mini pumps at home. The sunglasses were tempting, but I'd hate to spend £2 then decide I prefer them to my Oakleys!

    I went for the more subtle blue and white top - I've got enough orange running gear from Aldi.

    The socks looked good, but very similar to the running ones from a couple of weeks ago (and I stocked up then).

  • TT - I'll let you know later. But I promise to not post pictures.
  • No worries SVT I can try them on in a bit. Going to vote in the local elections so kill two birds with one trip
  • Taff - idiots and lunatics are barred from voting, so I wouldn't go to the polls wearing the bib shorts...

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