Celeb Spotting

Last time I did the FLM I saw lots of celebs, this time I didn't see any, or at least not any I recognised.

Who did you see?


  • I saw Mark Hughes (ex-footballer) being interviewed at about Mile 13.

    Was looking out for the Eastenders Lass Lucie.... but didn't see her.
  • Only saw Lisa from Eastenders at the finish being interviewed. She was very emotional and said it was hard....

    PS saw it on the telly.

    PPS I have to say when I say the highlights, I wondered if Paula ran the same route as me (parts of the course) as I didn't recognise alot of the places HOWEVER it is quite probable I was oblivious to surroundings at points mainly because of the crowds and also because I was in a world of my own trying to get around :))

    It's a shame Paula didn't get the crowds all the way around that the rest of us experienced. Alot of her run was very much alone with few spectators...

  • I guess that's partly to do with the time she starts, and the speed she goes at!

    I saw Lisa off EastEnders on telly!

    My nephew got spoken to by Roger Black.

    They interviewed Dermot O'Leary too, who visited here a few weeks back. If you read this Dermot - well done mate!
  • Paula got a SERIOUS cheer at 18 miles. We made sure of that :-)
  • I thought I passed Gordon Ramsay, but my husband tells me I couldn't've.
  • I saw Sharon Davies - not running but supporting a charity at about 13m.
  • Gordon Ramsay has done under 3:30 from memory, so unless he was having a bad day he'd be in front of you Vrap (and me for that matter!)
  • I had a quick chat with Chris Chittell who plays Eric Pollard in Emmerdale. He was very friendly, and wished me well.
  • Miss Mophead spotted the lass that won the SAS Jungle thingy on the box. Think her name is Jill.
  • I saw Sidney off Cbeebies being interviewed at Green Start - he's a children's TV presenter for the under 5s. I think I was the only one around who recognised him.
  • I saw Simon Hughes & shook his hand at about mile 12. He wasn't running though, just being a politician.

    Saw sally Gunnell on Tower Bridge, She wasn't running either, she was interviewing.

    Sooooo Gutted I missed Sharon davies though, I've had a thing for her since I was a lad !!
  • Saw Paula warming up doing strides. As cool as a cucumber!
  • I saw Steve Perryman at the Expo!
  • I saw Eric from Emmerdale, sad thing was I think he passed me!

    Not sure but I also think I saw Elvis !
  • did not see anyone- would loved to off seen Lucy from eastenders- How you doin Lucy?
  • Celebs?? I saw 33,000 of em.Everyone who took part is famous.You dont have to be in some crap show on the telly to be famous.Putting your life on hold whilst training for a marathon,is a bigger achievement than putting a script down for a couple of minutes.We dont get pampered like they do,but we put the same effort in,maybe more.Well done to all the "not famous runners".
  • Nice one pinto wannabe !!!

    Still wearing my medal in work this evening, one of my staff asked me why .
    A knowledgable customer responded by pointing out that in being in FLM 2003 we were part of an event that raised around £10,000,000 and was with Paulas world record, history in the making !!!!

    And anyway, aren't Jon and Caz famous ??????
  • So very true George,wear it proudly,you have earned it,and like you say,the money we raise for the less fortunate amongst us,some of whom would just love to be able to live a normal life,let alone run 26.2,makes it all worthwhile.
  • I saw Jane tomlinson being interviewed at the back of pen 9 in the blue start when the hooter went - respect due
    More of a heroe than me and most of the 32,000 others, puts it all in perspective
  • saw Shelley from Coronation St at the end(see was just spectating)
  • saw Paula at the expo and Floella Benjamin at the cheering point ( does she count?)
  • Although I didn't see any celebs, paula did get asked one of my questions at the expo :-)

    Were they using real names or forum names?
  • Well I finished my first marathon in 5hrs 50 (walking all the way as I was injured 3 weeks ago) and arranged to meet my family under Q/R tree. However when my 2 girls 17 years and 14 years turned up it was a quick peck on the cheek and then pleading for a photo to be taken with some unhealthily young and cool guy who apparently used to be in neighbours, then they were texting their friends saying who they had seen - put my whole race in perspective ! Before you ask, I've no idea what his name was. Ho hum. Nevertheless, I'm still walking around with a huge grin.
  • I passed Lucy/Lisa? off Eastenders near the 13 mile mark, then about 1/2 a mile down the road I could swear I saw Phil Mitchell himself waiting for her with their(?) kid sitting on the barrier.
    Also saw Sharon Davies just after Tower Bridge (a sight that definitely helped to keep me running) and then also saw Ken Bates and David Mellor spectating just before the Tower of London (definitely not a sight to help you keep running!!!!)
  • I saw Phil Mitchell waiting at 17 miles
  • Saw Sally Gunnel and Roger Black interviewing and saw that scouse bird off the Bill at the end. Someone went to her "I know your voice" and she was like ...."yeah yeah like" and he was like..."I'm sure I do" .... then her mate said she's wasshername (whatever it was) off the Bill. and the bloke was like "oh yeah... blah blah blah" and she was like "its alright yeah like.. like.. like"

    and I was thinking like " shut the feck up and let me past you no marks".

    If I see a doctor, nurse or teacher I'll shake their hand. Anyone else doesn't get a look in.
  • Horray Pinto!
    I think the reason I didn't recognise anyone is because I don't watch soaps - the reason I took up running in the 1st place, to avoid 'em!! I've only been running for about a year and spectatting this year has really made me want to do the FLM! Was SO jealous of the runners even though some were in major pain - these are the stars!
  • The Slovakian PM...

    He finished just before me and was on the way to be interviewed.
  • Jimmy Nail,

    His band were playing at the side of the road about 8 miles I think, Top man.
  • Hi Tracie,it seems you and I think alike,soaps also help me to get out of the house.These "celebs" get cossetted at the start,whilst us mere mortals just get on with it,hope you get in next year,it really is a wonderful feeling.All the best with your running.
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