Vitamins and Supplements?

Do you take any vitamins or supplements, either specifically to help your running, or just for your general health? It is hard to know what to take, if anything, as I hear mixed reports, including that you shouldn't need to take anything if you eat correctly?

So, what do you take? Have you noticed any benefits? What can you recommend?



  • Don't take anything. Every now and again I buy some multi vits, take them for a couple of days then forget and throw them out 3 years later
  • Glucosamine with chondroitin and MSM, I def notice when i dont take it (when on holiday).  This time of the year I take echinecea 3 weeks on 1 week off and I have to take calcium and vitamin D for my bone density (or rather lack of it)
  • Fish oils
    Multi-mineral (I have problems with absorbtion)

    I only take the glucosamine for running - the others are for my general health

  • Just a healthy diet.
  • Fish oil and glucosamine, calcium and vit D.

    Bone density and joint probs run in the family.

  • I'd be interested to know why you take what you take though. What benefits you get from it?

    glucosamine is for joints? Is it better than cod liver oil?
  • William Ward 2 wrote (see)
     you shouldn't need to take anything if you eat correctly
    I couldn't put it better myself. What is known is that nobody knows whether supplements work or not. Other than anecdotal evidence, there is no consistent scientific evidence that proves it one way or another.
  • Calcium and Vit D suggested by GP - as a 'can't do any harm'. 

    Fish oil and glucosamine cos my Dad took them and reckoned they kept his joints arthrits free - he was the only one of 11 siblings who did not suffer from arthritis type problems.  Also give them to my arthritic spaniel - they seem to do him more good than the anti-inflamatories than we got from the vet and are a heck of a lot cheaper.

  • hmmm, but in this day and age, is it practically possible to eat exactly everything your body needs? Is it better to take them and not need them, than need them and not take them?? It's all so confusing!! lol.
  •  I recommend you read this excellent book: Sports nutrition

  • lol, thanks for the book recommendation! I actually saw it mentions on another thread this morning, so was already thinking of getting it! I think I deffinately will now, thanks!

    I keep hearing good things about glucosamine though, so I may get some of that though...
  • Have just reserved it at the library, looks good.
  • I believe there's a small amount of evidence that glucosamine is beneficial for joints but you need to take it consistently over a prolonged period.  So don't just take it now and again as you won't get any benefit.

  • I actually take something called Juice Plus that has masses or vitamins and minerals. There are a range of products but I go for the power form in Vanilla which I mix with Rice milk. Can be taken before and after racing and my nutritionalist recommended it to me. I think some chappy that does extreme sports developed it.
  • Fish Oil (Omega etc), Glucosamine, Multi vit and mineral -Supplement and Magnesium (used to get terrible muscle cramps).

    Not sure they work and expect to be told they all cause cancer within a decade!

  • Do NOT do anything as stupid as I did last week.

    Felt that I was coming down with a cold (about 6 days before the Amsterdam marathon). Decided to blitz my system with Vit C.

    Took way too many, and while the cold didn't come to anything my stomach was (how shall I out this?) "upset" to say the very least.image

    Not nice.

  • I have been taking for the past couple of months Omega 3 1000mg twice a day, 500mg of L-Glutamine once a day, MSM 750mg twice a day and Glucosamine Chondroitin 750mg twice a day all are to maintain health bones, muscles and ligaments. I started taking them because I got an injury " Patella Tendentious " which has help a lot
  • Thanks everyone!

    I think I will try Glutamine and possibly Omega 3, it can't hurt, right?!
  • good choice William Ward 2 give it time it will take about 3 to 4 weeks to get into your system so be patient with them
  • Yes, I take vitamin supplements which I buy from Online UK. Vitamins help to boost your immunity & strength. It is necessary for people who are running or doing other workouts. Especially buy nutritional supplements which should be 100% vegetarian. Try to buy online I brought from the given link
  • > @Jekyll said:
    > Do you take any vitamins or supplements, either specifically to help your running, or just for your general health? It is hard to know what to take, if anything, as I hear mixed reports, including that you shouldn't need to take anything if you eat correctly?
    > So, what do you take? Have you noticed any benefits? What can you recommend?
    > Thanks!

    If we do not get enough vitamins and minerals from our diet, we should take multi-vitamin capsules. If our diet gives us all this in a decent quantity, we don't need to eat or tablets with several vitamin capsules. But everybody in today's life is so busy. Many people may not have much time to listen properly. All these necessary items seem difficult to obtain from our everyday food. So most people are taking several pills, serups or tablets of vitamins. Hope it helps you..!!
  • Vitamin/mineral supplements aren't likely to be of any benefit unless your diet is devoid of those vitamins/minerals. Perhaps consider meeting with a dietitian or nutritionist to have your diet evaluated.
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  • Vitamins yes and veggie food...I did not take anything
  • When I first started recovery from illness the people treating me suggested certain supplements, not just the types but the brands. They told me that with many brands the chance of them just passing through doing nothing was greater.

    with most vits and minerals (I am pretty sceptical BTW) I feel no change in ''myself'' whatsoever. with two supplements in two different makes I really do notice a difference. I also am advised to take a daily complete tablet by my doctors (as I have a very restricted calorie intake usually) and while I don't feel any difference considering my particular lifestyle I think its a risk worth taking. When I remember....which is a couple of times a week. :) . If I were not restricted in the ways I am then I would MUCH rather hit all nutritional targets by eating a good and varied diet. Just seems more enjoyable and natural to me!
  • Lots of veggies, fruits, fish oil, calcium, Vit B.. The first two is still the best bet.
  • Food and nutrition is a very important thing. Therefore, to stay healthy, many questions like what to eat, how much to eat, when to eat, how much to eat. Food is a very powerful weapon given to us by nature. This is used to nurture and protect our bodies, as well as to destroy the organisms that invade the body. That is, the immune system stays active. Food makes life possible, while nutritious food makes human life better and healthier. Your personality changes as you eat. What you don't eat is more important than what you eat.
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