Running and Cellulite?

Does running help reduce cellulite?? I guess you dont really see a lot of runners with cellulite right?


  • ive often wondered that- although I have more than enough for several people.
  • Seen lots of runners with cellulite image
  • RaksRaks ✭✭✭
    imagedamn....was kind of hoping running would get rid of my cellulite as boyfriend not happy about it!!!
  • sounds like a sensitive chap
  • RaksRaks ✭✭✭
    LOL he has a point and knows I know I need to lose weight too!!
  • NamNam ✭✭✭

    If my boyfriend told me he was unhappy with my cellutite he'd get a smack in the mouth (and then tell him "I'm unhappy with your teeth!")

    But seriously, I think running with some people helps the appearance of cellulite (due to the development of the underlying muscle underneath and the tone that brings).  Otherwise one thing that I think does help with cellulite is sports massage.  I had a lot of deep tissue massage during an injury and it was a welcome side effect.

  • Nam, you beat me to it!  Hope he's 100% perfect .. but then, who wants someone perfect image

    It never fails to surprise all the shapes and sizes runners come in.

  • Cellulite is meaningless in my eyes... can be a by-product of a million things... from genetics to vitamin intake to water consumption to exercise types and levels to blah blah blah

    It's not like a beer-belly or a double chin.
  • Get a new boyfriend!!!  Cheeky swine!

    I personally don't think there is that much that can be done about cellulite.  If you lose weight and tone up, it will certainly improve the appearance, BUT...don't you read Heat magazine?!!!  ........Even skinny supermodel types like Kate Moss and Liz Hurley suffer from the dreaded orange peel thighs, and you can bet your bottom dollar they will have had the money and means to try every possible treatment going, so I would assume if they can't shift it, there is no hope for the rest of us!  Every week they have "ring of shame" photo's of beautiful celebs, looking not so great, and not quite as smooth skinned.  It makes me feel slightly better when I see itimage

    Don't waste sleep over it...most women have got it, and who is 100% happy with their bodies these days?image

  • i run ,try to keep slim cut down on alchohol and tried dry brushing an lotions an potions an still have really bad orange peel legs an bum, read somewhere? blokes dont care or even notice it!!  find that hard to believe as its all i see when i look in mirror!

    think a tan helps with general appearance of cellulite tho

  • i have cellulite and i run quite a lot
  • NamNam ✭✭✭
    "quite a lot" being the understatement of the month! image
  • 40mpw, not that much

    but, i am glad that a young chap like paul says he doesnt care about  cellulite

    maybe us laydeez fret too much

  • Cheeky beggar!  If my boyfriend told me he wasn't happy about my cellulite I'd tell him I wasn't happy with his attitude!

    I have very bad cellulite and I've tried everything to get rid of it: wraps, massage, squats, lunges, brushing lotions, potions and, yes, running. Nothing has made much difference. In fact loosing weight has made it appear worse!

    Luckily my boyfriend doesn't mind image

  • yay Lisa, way to go girl!
  • What a rodent. I can't believe anyone would be that insensitive. What annoys me is that all the pics in the magazines are airbrushed beyond belief. Have you ever seen the pics on the internet of celebs without make up on?

    Oooo...comments like that make me mad! he should love you just the way you are (did you not watch Brigette Jones Diary? lol).

  • LOL

    "what a rodent"


    hee hee

  • Good innit? It's one of my favourites. I use numpty too (when someone has done something really daft) it just seems much nicer than saying "you idiot" image

  • i will rememeber that one


  • ClagClag ✭✭✭
    Well done Paul - you've earned yourself brownie points with all the girls, I'm sure. image
  • Yeah Paul, show us your celluliteimageimageimage
  • SianceSiance ✭✭✭
    I've seen cellulite on some of the elite women image Yay! there is a god.
  • Me too - saw it with my own eyes when watching FLM (like I was actually there not watching on the tellybox). Wasn't sure whether to be chuffed or alarmed.  Reckon a lot is down to genetics - yeah, deffo. That's my excuse and I'm sticking to it image
  • What a git!!

  • Who cares if a woman has cellulite?  I certainly don't... 
  • Great chat up line, Colonel Blimp. Works on me everytime.  Much better than the line one ex spun me which was "I didn't know what cellulite was until I met you".   I hear he's still cradling his crollocks several years later. tut tut, some men never learn.
  • SianceSiance ✭✭✭

    Zactly image

    Shallow or what?

    My friend's hubby commented to me about his wife's cellulite (she's fit and slim) image so I asked him what she thought about his teddy bear tummy and male pattern baldness...

  • OMG What a horrid little man to say he doesnt like your cellulite.  Unfortunately I think once you've got it, you're kinda stuck with it.  I know mine appeared worse, or I thought it did when my legs/bum toned up with kickboxing & I was about a stone lighter.  Fortunately all that toning has fallen by the wayside as I haven't been for years and the running hasnt worked its magic on my thighs YET.

    Luckily I have one of those wonderful men that dont see the flaws, or at least dont point it out to you. Big whoop for all those love is blind men out there.

  • MadameOMadameO ✭✭✭

    "what a rodent"

    OI!!!! As the forum hamster I take exception to that remark *scurries off to hide in a toilet roll*

    Seriously, I'd rethink my relationship with any man who was that shallow - and more to the point, has so little consideration for your feelings.

    I was getting ready for bed one night and my bf made a remark about me not having cellulite. There are definite advantages to going out with someone who can't see further than a foot in front of them without their contacts in image  

  • Nick LNick L ✭✭✭

    Jeez....nice guy 'boyfriend not happy about it'.....tell him to fck off if I were you! Also the weight comment is bang out of order.

    He should accept you for who you are. If YOU want to lose weight he should be supportive and encourage give the impression that he is pressurising you to lose weight etc.

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