What happened to...

Where did "Feelthepain" go? Or as he was latterly known, Emil Z? (with and intermittent Ron Hill avatarred Prefontaine stage)

 Similarly, where did TNGM go?

 Without these two members making my life more interesting, I feel the forum is somewhat blander.



  • SlugstaSlugsta ✭✭✭
    I'm pretty sure that 'Feelthepain' is now B.Limey. As for TNGM - I'm sure she'll be back, prolly to ask what she should have for breakfast....
  • You can only get bullied if you have no self esteem and aren't a complete tosser.

    She invited everything she got

  • Touch harsh there PO, perhaps?  Yes , she set herself up for it, but I believe she is very young and we have to make allowances for the foolishness of youth IMHO.
  • Bullies always blame the victim.

  • Anyone seen lawncider?

  • TNGM was a tad foolish and attention seeking - but the criticism did go too far. (even for me !)
  • Scotty4Scotty4 ✭✭✭
    TNGM is still a frequent poster.
  • Forum queen bees had a mass sting... just nature
  • oh ffs - bullying?  What are you people on?  She gave as good as she got and kept inviting more of the same.  That isn't bullying.
  • She did give it back quite well, I have to say. A couple of threads where I actually took her side, she turned on me quite viciously.

    Very bizarre.

    I hope FtP comes back, he was my hero.
  • Scotty4Scotty4 ✭✭✭

    Silent Roar....so wise for someone so new to the forums ????image

  • She is only 3 years younger than me so I think I quite honestly say that youth is not a valid excuse  image
  • scotty - my thoughts too image
  • How old are you PO?

    I just oppose moderation on forums, so if either of them have been banned as a result of this, i'm not that impressed.
  • Paul - they definitely won't have been banned.  We have all posted much worse things and are still here.

    Besides, isn't banning TNGM discrimination?

    Am 26

  • TNGM needs to change her name she sounds like a Trade Union.
  • TNGM brought a lot to this forum.

    For instance I would of never found out kittenkat had a army of time travelling smurfs if it wasn't for TNGM.

  • I miss the old characters such as The Count and Magoohan.

    They were very funny.

  • I miss McGooohan... and Gordon R, he was edgy.  Heard he's not with us anymore.. sad if true

    Far better than the 'I slurp on your every word' cliquistas on some threads

  • Funnily, TNGM reminds me a lot of my younger sister who is the same age. She says a lot of daft things that we take the mickey out of her for. She takes it all in good humour tho. Saying that...she doesn't really have much choice. lol.

    As you get older and wiser you learn that certain ways of thinking are generally frowned upon. As with the thread she started on "feeling smug because you're fit and a runner". I can understand how she was feeling, but I think smug was the wrong word to use. Also, as you get older and wiser you start seeing the bigger picture about things. Ie. Not assuming that just because a person is eating a burger means they have them for breakfast lunch and dinner and does no exercise.  

    I think she says things without thinking about the consequences. I suppose wearing her heart on her sleeve. Many of us edit our comments/thoughts and feelings because we fear being ostracised (sp) or upsetting people. Except PloddingOn of course. image We all want to feel part of a group and by saying or doing things that are out of line we risk being "outed" from the group.

    Anyway...must get on and do some work.

  • I do edit my comments

    I would be in a lot of carp a lot more of the time if I didn't  image


  • Scotty4Scotty4 ✭✭✭

    Whatever happened to Shambler ?

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