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  • Could cry, mine will only issue a letter saying 'based on my medical records, WITHOUT examining me'  insist on including they  have not examined me unless I have full medical (£130.00)
    and still charge £70.00  for that! image 

  • Anyone know a doctor in Birmingham / Solihull, wow had no idea it was going to be this hard.... image

  • forge it like most others
  • Hmmmm visited VISTA website..... very very very tempted, tried to play with rules as usual it doesn't work!

    guessing organisers would cancel your entry though if checked address and it wasn't 'real' ?

  • Oh been impulsive and posted......... fingers toes crossed........

    Like Dr Pepper advert, whats the worst that can happen....... no I don't need serious replies......

  • Make sure it is signed by a six-year old to get that all important authentic doctor's signature
  • smiffie, can you imagine the effort and cost in checking all the foreign runners' medical forms? Never mind that doctor-patient confidentiality would preclude anyone from revealing anything anyway.

    Just wait til you do marathon du medoc. You've got to find a doctor who's willing to certify that you can drink for 26 miles.
  • Oh LOL porl thats funny image more wine please hic ...................

    Vista Website in 'free stuff' link............ for stamps...........

    Of course its not really, you pay the postage..........

  • I saw a different GP in my surgery today. She showed her the standard form that you print of the official website, and she filled it in and signed it for £20. I guess it just depends on how you say it! For those who have been to their GPs and been told they have to have a full medical, go back and try again. And keep pestering! Good luck.
  • For goodness sake..  some of you are making your own problems....   just print the form off the web site or make up your own and ask a GP to sign it..   DON'T even mention the words 'medical certficate'.  There is no kudos to be gained and s/he is not somehow 'permitting' you to run.

    All you are after is a signature..   I'm sure there are many people who fake them...  

    Its not rocket science, so you can make life easy for yourselves by not complicating it any further...

  • We're always being told its old hide-bound Britain that has all the ElfnSafety bureaucrats crawling over every vaguely "risky" activity, so its interesting (well, slightly) that so-called "relaxed" european nations like France ask for med certs.

    Yet in Britain you can pitch up for a marathon 20 stone, no training, with 2 packs of Capstan for fag breaks, and a family size pork pie for re-fuelling, and no-one would bat an eyelid.

  • Like Simon Pegg in Run Fat Boy Run, being the quintissential lager boy who decides to run a marathon with no training.  And oh we love him so for being so British about it.

    It's called personal responsibility and if we all had a bit more of it the world would be a better place, imho. If you decide to run a marathon then you accept the risks of what is a tough race. It's one's personal choice. Medical certificates - such tosh!

  • It mentions certificate in download, thats the blooming problem................
  • OO54OO54 ✭✭✭

    In France you can't join any club or enter most sporting events without the certificate which has to be renewed annually- e.g. you can't join a running club without one. Most French people have some form of private medical cover, usually through their employer- and get the medical each year as part of that. Any sporting organiser has to ask for the certificate to get insurance for their event. It might be daft but it's part of a wider French system.

    For those planning a forgery of course the organisers are not inclined to check closely. By giving any document you tick their box, and in so doing you are taking responsibilty. In the unlikely event of a problem you would lose any right s in case of accident or injury if your certificate came under scrutiny following a claim.

  • Thanks OlneyOne........ see you there?

  • Oh stress, Paris website not updated for wether my 'Certificate' has been accepted.............  Has yours Daisydebs?
  • Haven't checked, but give it time Smiffle. They may just be busy. More concerned about the Sterling exchange rate right now..... woe.
  • Woe indeed image We'll be eating every day at the expo if it carries on like this!
  • Hi I am hoping someone can help me! I downloaded the medical certificate for the Paris Marathon 2010 and took it to my doctor who said I just had to leave it and they would sign it and charge me £25 for the pleasure.  Anyway I now have it back but they have inserted wording to say on "examination of my medical records they found no contraindications".  Will this be acceptable to the organisers? My doctor said they don't do exams just sign the certificates but I am worried because they have made it clear they have only based it on my medical records and not examined me that this will be rejected when I turn up at the Expo with it.  Any advice would be much appreciated as I have never had to produce a certificate before. Thanks in advance!

  • Porl took the words right out of my mouth! We pay our taxes for smokers, alcoholics and the like and when you want to exercise you get charged! I am tempted to do my own  certificate but the only issue is it asks for doctors stamp. Has anyone got around this? is it an issue? 


  • Sara-jane - You've just replied to a post from 2010. There's plenty of info on this in the Pars Marathon thread at

    You could fake a stamp if you want. It's a lottery as to getting the form signed. Some places do it no hassle for free, some charge, some refuse to sign it without carrying out a full medical at an extortionate cost. It appears to be luck based on what your local GP is like.

  • Seems there is no consistency. My GP rang me, asked if I was in good health. Got me to drop the form in at the surgery, He signed it and I paid £15 when I picked it up.

    Good to know the NHS has a common policy for promoting a healthy lifestyle

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