Unhappy with NB shoes

Possibly a really daft question this, so bear with me, but I went to a specialist running shop to get some trainers (New Balance 768, since you ask).  I'm no great shakes on the running machine, so I tried them on and ran up and down the pavement a few times and all seemed fine. The shoes seemed comfortable in the short time I had to try them out, and I left the shop happy, if a little poorer.

So I went for my first run in the trainers, just a 5k to try them out, and I got a blister on the inside of my right heel.  I suppose what I should have done is taken them straight back to the shop and complained, but I thought they'd settle down.  The problem is, they haven't.  I've probably done about 80k in the shoes now and instead of a blister, I'm getting a very nice callus, unless I run over 10k, in which case it's another blister.

The simple, daft question is: what would you do? I'd feel really stupid taking them back to the shop - they're dirty and clearly worn, but at the same time I feel really unhappy with the shoes - one foot is perfect, but the other is a nightmare.




  • Any idea whats causing this ? Have you compared the two shoes ? Why would one blister and the other not ? If the shoes feel and look the same, then maybe its down to you and your running style possibly ?

  • No idea at all. They look and feel the same inside. I've had Saucony and Asics before and never got a blister in that spot. image
  • I'd take them back to the shop then - they probably wont give you a full refund - but they may do you a good deal on a replacement pair - they want repeat business.
  • That's what I shall probably try, then. Cheers.
  • The same happened to me with the same shoes!!! - at the time i thought the insole was rubbing on my heels - it took about 100 miles to break them in properly!
  • Was it worth it in the end? I actually took the insole and and had a good prod around to see if I could find anything wrong with them, but couldn't really find anything.  Then went out for a 7k at lunchtime and they seemed a bit better. Hmm. It's a shame, because I really want to like them, but I can't see myself getting another pair if it takes 100 miles to break 'em in.

  • I think I was determined not to waste my money!!! The blisters got slowly better and then I forgot about them so suppose was worth it - they are very comfortable now but they've done 500 miles now and its time to get a new pair!
  • I brought a pair of 768 before xmas, like yourself they felt fine on the treadmill in the shop but after a couple of 6-9 mile runs in them i started to develop a bad pain in my right calf halfway between my ankles and the middle of my shin. Persevered with them as i'd layed out 70 quid on them which only made it worse, felt like i was running with lumps of concrete on my feet aswell. To cut a long story short i got rid of them for some Nike zoom air triax which are brilliant. Sometimes you just don't get on with a trainer and it's better to just get rid of them.
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