Skiing with a Garmin



  • under 9s free, thats excellent.

     we do take them out of school but that may have to stop soon image. we got an excellent deal for going in jan though, free ski passes and ski hire for us all, that was worth having with the euro price image

  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭

    Meglet the maps look very good .As I am a technophobe how did you do them? Whats the best way of getting the most out of the Garmin when skiing-Apart from remembering to wear it. I went to Morzine and only used it one day but didnt always switch it on or off at the right times. The max recorded speed was 53kmph. I am going again soon so your input would be useful.

    By the way I had good use for my ski helmet-Iwas walking through a car park when a barrier pole which was raised came down as I walked through and hit me hard on the head.I was fine apart from my mates having a good laugh at my expense! Without  the helmet I would have been hospitalised

  • 2old, (ow for your head! but they also work to stop lift bashes too)

    first day i just wore it and pressed start! i did enable the autopause though so it didnt count standing around waiting for friends. 

    second day i pressed lap at bottom and top of lifts, just to separate out skiing time from lift time.

    amazed how far we travelled. in just one easy morning we went 20 miles!!

    to get the maps sign up to RunSaturday (.com?) and upload your runs from the garmin. its the only place i've seen so far to colour it prettily like that. they have logs/message boards and stuff like Fetch but so far have only had a little look.

    *goes off for a sulk as everyone going off skiing now*

  • Just had a week XC skiing and the 305 was fine at about -20C. I usually buckle it right over the top of an anorak. I charge it most evenings just to keep it topped up but it lasted the length of the trips up to 5 hours. Interesting to get the HR in comparison with running.
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