Best sports bra?



  • Enell every time keeps the breasticles in place and doesn't rub, they do look awful though but I'm all about the comfort. I am a 28FF and wear size 0 Enell. Shock absorbers only work for low impact stuff for me.

  • I had high hopes for the enell, but unfortunately it doesn't seem to suit my shape and there's no way to adjust it! I ordered a bunch of different brands so I could compare, but some are still delayed so I'm a bit annoyed. the freya active one isn't bad, but may need something over the top too.

  • Does anyone know if there is anywhere in Central/South London area that stocks the Elnell where I could go and try one on? I've only managed to find online stockists so far. 

    I'm a 38FF and I don't really understand the Elnell sizing guides I've seen online. My other concern is that I read somewhere that the Elnell's aren't made of wicking material - does this cause a problem? I'm currently using just a cotton lyra type thing and I find it rubs my ribcage as it soaks up sweat so much, so it couldn't be any worse! But given the price tag, I'd rather invest in something that will last and do the job properly (even if it does give me the 'giant uni-boob' effect).

  • I have a panache Sports bra, it's underwired and padded and doesn't rub and no movement
  • Thanks for the link - how do you find the underwire? Can you feel it when you are running?

  • Amakash wrote (see)

    Thanks for the link - how do you find the underwire? Can you feel it when you are running?

    not at all i hadn't even noticed it was there until I looked at it to write this post! image It's much better than the shock absorbers I find! I really like the fact that it is slightly padded too!
  • Hiya,

    Completely new to running, the advice in this thread has been helpful, but when looking up the Enell on a webpage it says suitable for C-E, i'm a 34G is there something that would be more suitable?

  • I'm a 28G and wear an Enell size 0 no problem
  • Hope you've found a bra that fits by now LAJ.  I'm a 28FF and as you can guess the whole sports bra thing is a problem for me too.  If you haven't had a proper bra fitting in the past year I really would reccomend Bravissimo - they sell shock absorber and Freya, both of which I use and have no problems with.  Sprts bras often fit differetnoy to normal bra's so you need to be sure what your normal size is first , you often need a slightly wider band width with a sprts bra.
  • I'd just like to comment on the number of people (men!) who have viewed this thread in comparison to the number of people who have posted a comment!

    Shame on you, you lurkers!!

    (I use Sportjock bras and they are superb - and I am 32DD)

  • I was wondering about Sportjock ST I might give one a try.

    God knows what the lurkers think they will see (pictures?) sports bras are so deeply unsexy (or do we have lurking sports bras fetishists). Perhaps it's just discussion of the size of our boobies that titillates.

  • MuttleyMuttley ✭✭✭

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  • Muttley are you sure that's a cloak of invisibility and not just a massive sports bra?
  • It's just the average man's eternal quest to be sensitive to women's issues - honest. So many things we don't understand - like a sentence in the "How to chose a sports bra" link. It mentions "anoying big breasts". I guess I'm just not sensitive enough yet <sighs, returns to start of thread and tries again>.
  • Hello, I hope you found one that fits by now too.

    I always recommend Yes, you have to go through ordering and returning if the size isn't right, but they're really good at giving advice by email. So if you've tried a couple and found the fit or support isn't right, they'll be well placed to advise.

    Personally (32D) I like Champion Action Shape but find it a little hot in summer (it's a double layered, thick stretch cotton) and am going to try the shock absorber level 4 crop top with the racerback as an alternative.

    The other advice I would give is to look out for vests with the "built in shelf", e.g.

    In conjunction with a good bra, they do help to keep everything still.

  • I am a very odd size, (42A) as I have very broad shoulders and have struggled to find something the right size. I have to say Less Bounce were very helpful and I am extremely happy with my Enell bra. Nothing moves, and don't think that because I have an A cup that I am flat - an A cup in relation to a 42in back is not flat!
  • I too must sing the praises of the enell,., I have been an avid fan of the shock absorber level 4 bra for many years (and in that time I have veered from a 34f to a 32dd and back again) and I do remain a fan of the shock absorber..however after having my first baby this year and breast feeding I needed something more robust when I put my trainers back on but was still feeding,.. and the enell is it.  It is a little restrictive round the ribs but i can live with that if it means no bounceslapbounce (ouch and cue running all hunched over and miserable)  and it doesnt leave 'dig in' marks like I found the shock absorber to.  Very soft material and a bit odd to put on the first time but i am delighted with it!
  • I think all the larger ladies on RW should have a "bounce off" to see who's the erm, mammy.

    I can lay my hands on a camcorder to record the event for posterity.

  • wouldn't a mamcorder be better JB? image
  • I'm another fan of the doubling up method - best I've ever found is the Sportjock D3 (the one with a zip) which is as supportive as the Enell (and as unflattering lol) but much less sweaty to wear.  I also like the Freya Active underwired bra which I wear for gym sessions.

    Best option is to buy from Boobydoo or Less Bounce, both of whom provide great customer service and try on in front of a mirror (including jumping up and down) and send back anything which doesn't fell or look right.

  • Hi ladies

    If you pop into any Sweatshop store we have dedicated 'bra' staff to help you find the best sports bra for you. Our staff are now working with Dr joanna Scurr from Portsmouth University, also if you go in this weekend and buy shoes you can 15% off any non-sale sports bra.


  • I would recommend Boobydoo an online sports retailer specializing in sports bras!

    They have fantastic range and advice and free returns!

    The Panache range are gorgeous! 

  • Hi, I'm new to running. I've never worn a sports bra as I'm very small chested - I normally wear a 34AAA. Do I need to wear a sports bra, and if so, does anyone know where I can buy one in my size; on most websites I've looked at, sizing starts from an A cup image
  • Important factor behind wearing sports bra is comfort while running. You should feel comfort and relax while running.

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