Ear Worms?

when you are plodding.  I did a thread 3 years ago and my ear worms tended to give a rendition of "The battle of New Orleans by Lonnie Donnegan. Last week 3 years later I get it again.

what tunes do your own built in  MP3s play for you?



  • Usually whatever I heard on the radio that morning.

    I did a 2 hour run last year and my ipod packed up at the beginning. The only song I could think of was Keane's Somewhere Only We Know. They would have made a fortune in royalties if they were inside my head!
  • hoose - very bizarre - I had Lonnie Donnegan singing "Cumberland Gap" as a earworm last week.........

    I'm still trying to work out if that was worse than Frank Ifield bleeding yodelling away which I woke up to a couple of years ago.....
  • My latest earworm is that bleeding Lilly Allen Song The Fear.

    Arrrrrggghhh I am really getting to the point of listening to agadoo to try to get rid of it.

  • lol FB - must be some telepathy on the psychophone or summat.

    did lonnie D run?

    I got Woody Guthrie This Land is My Land  -can drive you nts.

  • I get my cubs' times tables CD playing over and over again, it's a 'mare!
  • Today I had that 'Deja Vu' song.  Not sure who it's by?  Inane but tolerable.

    Few weeks ago it was 'Turtle Heads' by the Mac Lads.  And yes, I did find myself singing it under my breath at one point... I don't think anyone heard!  LOL

  • lol

    mine seem to be rehearsing "let it snow" this evening. Hop i get summat different

  • I've had that one.  Stupid words.
  • my recent playlist include - mr tumbles "Hello hello how are you?..hello hello...and so on and so on and omg "

    And a more tolerable one yet still makes me question my sanity is the off my favourite simpsons episode. The planet of the apes musical one image

     "  I hate every ape I see
      From chimpan-a to chimpan-zee
      No you'll never make a monkey out of me

      Oh my God, I was wrong
      It was Earth all along
      You've finally made a monkey
     Yes we've finally made a monkey, Yes you've finally made a monkey out of me"

    Yes i have watched these programmes far too many times!!

  • RIng of Fire - Dun da dun da dun dah dah dah! try getting that out of your head now!image
  • you had a curry?
  • dyell i got "let it snow" today-aarrrgghh
  • After seeing Terry Gilliam on the news, I've got the Philosopher's Drinking Song by Monty Python now. Garrgh!
  • currently it's baby cakes
  • lol

    you poor sods

  • Dont joke about Agadoo- since listening to it on my daughters mp3 whilst out running the other week its all ive had in my head... at first it was funny, now its getting v annoying, and i think im going to have to commit myself.........

    "I met a hula miss......."


  • that is a nightmare hummo

    mine quiet so far

  • Today's worm was Sad Sweet Dreamer but because I was thinking "ear worm" I kept returning to yesterday's Babycakes.
  • odd that Marsh -tother 1/2 said one of band died recently
  • Leroy Smith, keyboards (born 3 September 1952, Kingston, Jamaica - died 15 January 2009)

    I hadn't heard anything about his passing.

    It is odd because I've been listening to that track for about 2 weeks now.

  • dont think peops come back as earworms?
  • "Ghost Riders in the sky"-yippee yi yoooo yippeee yi yaaayyy
  • the pushbike song by mungo jerry
  • Camp Granada today

    hello mudder- hello farder -aaarrrgghhh!!!

  • Sadly its any tune off CBeebies at about 3 in the morning and I'd like to know how to turn dem ear worms off!
  • like to know myself cin. They dont do requests neither.
  • Wish they did, I'd like something better!!!!
  • Spongebob Squarepants.......Arrrrggggghhhhhh
  • I'm obsessed with MGMT at the moment.  Time To Pretend is going on in my head on an endless loop, occasionally interruped by Electric Feel.
  • lol

    it seems that ear worms grow  old with us -the younger you are the more contempory they are.

    "One in Ten" -UB40  -anther one on the list i guess

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