1/2 marathon training

I've only been running since June, when a friend asked if I'd do the Amsterdam 1/2 marathon (on Oct 20th) - being up for a challenge I said yes!

I've been training on average 3 times a week, building up the time I run for, varying hard & easy runs, but trying to have 1 goal each week.

On my last run I did 7 1/2 miles over a fairly hilly road route in 1 hour 5 mins - which I was really pleased with. But I suffered from pain in my hip joint.

I have previously had similar knee pains. All of these (including the hip) have gone away after a day or two of rest.

Is it just that my bones aren't used to the impact, or is there something else wrong?

Also, as a beginner, am I pushing too hard?


  • Hi running bare,

    I am running the marathon in Amsterdam and can't wait :o)

    You look to be well on your way to completing the half. You still have just under 6 weeks to go, so try to extend your long run over the next 3 weeks up to a maximum of around 10 miles - but not increasing too much in any one week (eg. 8,9 and 10). If you are running three times a week try and do one session at your target half marathon pace (tempo run) and the other as a speed session.

    You did not say in your post for how long you have been running. You would expect to be a little sore after a long run, and if these go away after an easy day then it is nothing serious.

    Good luck

  • Sorry, I can't read, you said that you started in June! In that case you have made excellent progress. Keep it up!

  • 7 1/2 miles in 1hr 5 mins seems pretty good going to me and if you keep it up and increase your distances gradually over the next few weeks you should be ok.
    There could be a number of reasons for your knee and hip pains including the shoes you are wearing. Ensure you have some running shoes appropriate to your style of running.
    This web site has a wealth of information including half marathon schedules which you can work to and these will give you some indication of whether you are doing it right.
    Do ensure that you allow some rest time to allow your body to adjust and strengthen and also ensure you are well hydrated.
    Good luck
  • Make sure you run a couple of training runs above 13.1 miles at a slower pace. Say 15 miles at 30 secs per mile slower than your 'race pace'.
    That and bags of will-power/determination will see you sail through it !
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