Socks or no socks?

Do you wear socks on a run or not?

I dont coz I feel better in bare feet  and like to feel the sweat in em.

what about you? What are your reasons?




  • Pammie*Pammie* ✭✭✭
    I wear socks, but out of habit really

    Do you wear shoes?
  • yes Pammie coz pavements are often gritty and full of stuff I would not like to tread in. Would love to do barefoot though. Dont wear socks much in summer when not running-lol
  • I don't where socks.

    I do wear 'em, though, cos else all that sweat washing around has potential for bad blisters. And can create horrendous shoes smell. image

  • lol Basil -sometimes my English , like my brain reverts to 7 years old.
  • Can never not wear socks. Can't bare the sweatiness, stickiness and blisters.
  • mm- never ever had a blister yet -maybe you get used to it somehow 
  • It's a bit off subject but I'm a regular at Glastonbury and in 1997 the mud was so bad that most peoples footwear disintegrated.

    Lot's of people resorted to taping bin bags around there feet but I just went bare foot all weekend and found it a very liberating experience.

    It's a massive site and I probably did at least 20 miles over the weekend in bare feet.image

  • well Hoose I'm in my 49th year of running and racing and I always get blisters without socks, or wearing shoes I've not walked around in for several days before running in them. My feet have never ever got hardened.
  • I've never tried without socks.  Will give it a go.
  • oooh wolfy -you poor sod. You must have delicate feet.
  • of course I do, I'm a  delicate female!

    many many years ago I left a pair of orienteering shoes at a control point on the course and finished the rest of it in my socks, having tried for weeks to soften up those shoes without any luck. They had blistered my heels so badly that every morning when I got out of bed the cuts split open again and started bleeding! After the event the organisers tried to return those shoes to me - I told them to bin them.

  • Definitely couldn't run without socks - my sweaty little feet would most certainly get blisters!
  • Can't do without socks in trainers but I used to run bare feet when I still lived in Finland (only in the summer of course image).

    No broken glass or anything over there, just miles and miles of clean pine forests.

  • blimey can i be the only one?

    my feet swead like an old pig like the rest of me. I must be thick skinned-lol

  • Socks for me too.  Shoes would rub without and I think my shoes would be a breeding ground for athletes foot
  • Socks reduce friction and absorb sweat. Without socks the sweat goes into the shoe and they'll stink in no time. Vinegar shoes image

    some shoes designed for barefoot running like the vibram five fingers can be worn without socks but they're a form fit and you can wash them.

  • MrGFB runs sockless in his Zoot but they are designed to run in without doesn't take long for them to be relegated to garage between runs though!! 
  • Always with socks - you trainers must STINK!! and you must go through serious amounts off trainers - mine stink and i wear socks! yuk!
  • well i automatically went without socks when i first had a running spell. Tried socks once but felt so uncomfortable , had to sling em.

    all trainers stink. Go through 2 pairs a year when training properlyimage

    coz working towards as mara it may be 3 pairs.

  • Some runners just have one bare foot to provide more feel for the surface thet are running on. An example being Emma Pallant who ran the xc National 2009 on Parliament Hill with one bare foot.

    See picture of Emma with a shoe on her right foot and the left foot bare and muddy!

  • As for stinking trainers I put mine in the washing machine, inside a pillow case. Not recommended by manufacturers but they come out clean and smell fresh.
  • i do same with mine Robert-aint done much harmimage
  • Erm, socks every time.

    Surely you get terrible sores without? Unless you have skin like leather?

  • no sores at all Mark - my hooves are fineimage
  • good evening Yifter me old fruitimage


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