Foot numbness during cycling



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    Both my feet go totally numb, have done for years, changed shoes, cleats forward, back all shapes and still they go numb. Doctor has given me some drugs to try (Adalat) but not tried them yet (scared). She thinks it could be circulation problems. Its really painful and takes a few miles of running before any feeling comes back.
  • [quietly vows to stick to li'l pink plimsolls and ordinary pedal-type pedals...]
  • Gosh- I thought it was just me!! Toes going numb really soon after starting a ride & lasting for a good 10-15 mins after. I don't have bike shoes/ cleats etc just regular trainers but have cage thingies on the pedals. Last week I removed the strap that tightens the cage thing as I felt my trainers were too wide to fit properly & low & behold with my foot going right to the front of this cage thing the numbness has stopped.

    Certainly would fit with all your advice to try using the mid foot rather than the ball to push down on. 

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