Warwickshire Runner

I'm entered for this year's GNR but as yet don't have anywhere to stay or anyone to travel with/support me :-( Does anyone have any suggestions about accommodation or find themselves in a similar situation?

Also on the look out for a local training partner. I average 10 min miles, but am hoping to improve this with training and motivation!



  • hi liz...
    i was in a similar situation when i did it a couple of years ago.

    i stayed in one of the university halls in durham.

    i'd heard there were free buses to the start from durham so we milled about the bus station where there weren't any.. a nice taxi driver told us they were picking up from the council house (i think).

    work quite well in the end.. basic but cheap, would want to research the buses better next time though!


    ps i'm fairly local to you.. are you in a club ?

  • Hi Ed,

    No not in a club yet, but have thought about it. Only problem is that most have their training nights on Tuesdays and Thursdays and I can't make either of those nights. I'm also not sure if I'm THAT serious!

    I live in Leamington and work near Coleshill. Whereabouts are you?

    Thanks for the tips for the GNR I'll look into it.

  • Liz

    You might find that a lot of accomodation is booked up already.

    I've just checked the Holiday Inn Express website. They still have rooms available at their hotel near the MetroCentre. You'd have to get a taxi to the start but that shouldn't cost more than £5 at the most. The rooms start at £65 per night including breakfast.

    There might be some hotels still available in Newcastle but I seem to remember they get booked up in advance by Nirvana (sports tours co.)

  • you're on here ? then it's serious.. could be fatal.

    i'm coventry, working in solihull.
  • I think ive got a roofed bus shelter reserved on the Scotswood road.

    If its gone Im homeless.
  • Try again

    Holiday Inn Express website here, they still have rooms available. Search for Gateshead, it brings up the MetroCentre hotel.

    Cost you about £5 at the most to get a taxi to the start on the morning and about the same back from Newcastle Central Metro after the race.

  • bus shelter IS homeless in my book!
    shame you can't get the foil sheet for the night before!
  • I've got a sleeping bag - will that do?!

    Ed, are you doing the Stratford triathlon?

  • yes! i entered it painlessly online last night!
    i'll be wearing the uniquely spotty kit of coventry tri club.

    (right i'm going to log post this, log off and go to bed before i get another email telling me a thread's been posted to.. it;s a vicious circle i tell you!)
  • I know what you mean!

    I may be marshalling at Stratford as I've chickened out of competing!
  • marshalling sounds like the better option.. two t-shirts and £35 sunglasses ?!
  • Thats not the reason I'm doing it! Honest! I would like to compete but the bike ride is a bit off putting and I don't have the time at the moment to dedicate to training for three disciplines.

    I entered the Kingsbury 10k today but am expecting to come last judging by last years results. I'm hoping that if nothing else that thought will inspire me to run faster!
  • SmitchSmitch ✭✭✭
    Liz, at the moment I am also homeless and supporterless for the GNR. I am going to try to book up through Nirvana today....
  • oh.. you mean you're supposed to train for swimming and cycling as well ? !
  • I'm in Leamington and so is Fat Rascal who runs around 10 minute mile pace. We're not training for GNR but happy to provide company.

    I have been thinking about joining a club but not sure which one - C and AC seems pretty serious and rather expensive, Spa Striders seems friendly but doesn't train till 7.30 in the evenings. What have been your thoughts?

    Have you entered the Two Castles 10k in June - could be a good race practice (point to point, uphill most of the way but lovely run).
  • when in june ? (so lazy of me i know)
  • H'mm - can't remember off the top of my head but I expect it will be in the Events section.
  • aww.. but thats at least 3 clicks away
  • Found it - 8th June (you really are lazy....)
  • Liz,

    As the Bean said, I'm also a plodding Leamingtonian. Currently do most of my running at lunchtimes from work (in Cov) and need to run more at weekends, so if you fancy some company, give me shout. I already run with someone I met through badlytrainedmonkey. We do a steady lap round Newbold Comyn either Sat or Sun morning in about 25 mins and are both entered for the Knowle Fun Run next Sunday.
    Let me know if you fancy it!

  • Hi Liz
    I found that Kenilworth runners are a friendly bunch, somewhere between Spa Striders and Leam C&AC in their seriousness.
    Have a look at www.kenilworthrunners.co.uk for more info.
    There's a 10K race this sunday on Abbey fields organised by them and I expect there'll be a fair few of them running the Two castles 10K.
    Unfortunately I'm injured at the moment but the group I normally run with do 9-10 min miles.

  • Thanks for the tips people!

    I've thought about Kenilworth Runners as I did the Kenilworth 1/2 marathon last year but am unable to make either of their weekly training nights. Any more suggestions?!!

    As for running round Newbold Comyn - I haven't run round there for years so doing so with some company would be good. I'm busy this weekend with paintballing and the Stratford Race for Life but generally weekends are a good time to go running for me. At least I always plan to go over the weekend but lack of motivation or something more important always seems to get in the way!!

    I'm doing the Kingsbury 10k on Wednesday and since I'm likely to come last, I want to concentrate on some speed and hill work in time for the 2 Castles, so Newbold Comyn sounds just right. Do you go at any other times round Leam?

  • Liz,

    Huge apologies for not replying before now, think I must have been posting elsewhere and forgotten this one, so sorry.

    As we have now completed a 5 miler a couple of weeks ago without the need for an oxygen tent, we're probably going to increase the mileage, but maybe run somewhere a bit flatter i.e. canal.

    I've got quite a flexibe routine at the moment so if you fancy another time then let me know. Thinking of entering Kenilworth Half so will have to get serious if I go through with that.

  • Olive OylOlive Oyl ✭✭✭
    HI Liz I run at about your pace.I am also doing the GNR and marshalling Stratford tri this weekend.I live between Coventry and Solihull.
  • don't forget to cheer on the blue spots of cov tri club :-)
  • Hi people!

    Long time no speak (and no run for that matter!)

    Ed - Well done for today, you looked a bit knackered as you crossed the line, but thats not really surprising! What time did you get?

    Patty - where were you marshalling? I was on timing on the end of the run all day. Do you like your sunglasses?!

    Rascal - I'm doing the 2 Castles on Sunday and haven't done much by way of training. How is your training plan looking for this week? I'd be up for a run round Newbold Comyn or similar if you've got time. I'm in need of some encouragement to get back into it!

    Think that covers everything!!

  • Olive OylOlive Oyl ✭✭✭
    Hi Liz I was in the transition area.I was at the entrance ,as competitors were bringing in their bikes I was numbering them,and checking them as they left at the end of the race.The weather was typically English wasn't it? I was cold ,hot .rained on etc at least it was cooler for the racers.The sunglasses are fine I haven't run in them yet .Not sure about the bright yellow t shirt tho'.I thought we were meant to get a race t shirt as well.Anyway it was a good day ,you can't have been far away from me.
  • Liz

    I'm running with FR and training partner (no stupid nick-name)at the moment (injury taking a LONG TIME to mend).

    How about a couple laps of the golf course on Wednesday evening? Can't run till about 7.30 as two of us working late but if that suits you we could meet you at the car-park at the far end of the drive.

    We will be the motley crue hanging around with Stone Cold Steve Austin (yes, he really does look like that only slightly luke warm we think).
  • well done you marshalls... they certainly made it worth your while for a change.

    i stuck a little report under the events section... had a great day. not sure of the time as i always forget to start my watch so i'm waiting for the results.

    glad i wasn't starting much later as it was starting to warm up a bit.. and yes.. i thoughth i detected some rain whilst on the bike.. but only about 3 drops.

    2 castles is this weekend ? sounds like fun but two weekends running could be a divorceable offence ;-)
  • Any chance of making it 8pm? And do you mean the car park near the toys?

    It just that I've arranged to some some practising with some people from college, prior to our aerobics instructor exams. Its a long story and just one of the many things I'm doing!

    Ed - your report reads really well and sounds like it was a good event to compete in. Not sure about your comment about the marshals though!!

    Anyway I can't spend all night on here - I've got Thermodynamics revision to do!

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