Are you a Waver



  • On the subject of whether the article was good or not, I thought the idea was an ok one, but to stretch it to two pages did make me think it might be perhaps be silly season in RW towers now...

     Still on the mag - is it just me or are the recipes awful?

  • Staying on the subject of the latest issue of RW...

    Have a look at the photo on page 69, top right. Now look at the guy on the right of the photo, with the baseball cap on. Do you think he knows his leg is f***ed?

  • Are they real people on the cover? They always look like they're computer generated, then stuck on a suitable backdrop. Don't know why they didn't touch up that belly button though...
  • Her belly looks better than my dead-jellyfish tummy, I'd swap it any day, even with an unusual belly button
  • lol...

    I'm a bit of a waver, or just a nod, depending on how knackered I am!!

    Must be male/female models or cyborgs....RUN AWAY!

  • It's almost as if the belly button has been air brushed out....
  • StrayceltStraycelt ✭✭✭
    Hmm, maybe she carried the flag/standard in the guides. ack at waving, do you acknowledge marshalls on any of your races? If I can summon the energy and am not completeely focussed on running I think it's nice to say thanks, especially on carp days.
  • It's a well known fact that the world only has about 500 REAL people living on it

    It's why they keep bumping into each other
  • stray celt... I do, generally a "cheers", esp to those at water stations, or those clapping to give support..

    I've marshalled in the past with my club and if it wasn't for all those souls doing it, we'd have a lot fewer races to run! 

    Reminds me- better do it again.

  • StrayceltStraycelt ✭✭✭
    With you fella, help where I can, on either side
  • I did some running at a different location this last weekend... about 20 miles away, around a reservoir.

    I usually run in a local country park, plenty of other walkers, runners, cyclists, dawdlers, dog walkers etc., Some respond to you, some don't and I've noticed some runners just keep their heads down.

    I'm usually friendly and often the first to say hi, but the change of venue prompted lots of hellos and general greetings, coming first from the people we met along the route. So maybe it's a regional thing?

    BTW Devoted2Distance.... I noticed that weird looking belly button too. It was so odd that I wondered if it was due to tinkering with the photo rather than real? Mind you, who am I to talk, I have a nice laparotmy scar that skirts around mine and disappears ever downward, just as well my public bikini and crop tops days are over!!

  • I agree that it's a regional thing. I live in Denmark and here on the west coast everyone (nearly) waves and usually smiles. Often they say things like "looking good" or other such motivation boosters which are not patronisingly meant. This is great when you are 23km into a 30 run and wish you had brought bus money with you. The further to the east you venture, the fewer the returned waves.

    I am an unashamed waver and enjoy sharing smiles and comments, but will have to accept that some people just don't wave. So if you see me - wave and I will wave back.

  • Curly45Curly45 ✭✭✭

    I live in central London and I do try to nod and/or smile but I would be pretty busy to be honest - on an average 13 miler in Hyde Park/St James I see about 200 other runners image

    I keep the hellos for the ones who look like they are struggling or who move out of the way (even walkers get 'thanks' for that).

    I always say thanks to marshalls though and have been known to make a few other running friends during races too - does that mean I'm not running hard enough? image

    The worst race so far for that was london - nobody wanted to chat and 26 miles on your own is lonely - wont be doing that again. Eccup a few weeks ago - had a long chat about sunday papers and massage and then one later on about Swiss Alpine marathon this guy was doing - it really helped me through a rough patch...

    Most runners are friendly but there's always one who's a miserable sod image

  • I tend to aknowledge all sorts of people with a wave of the hand:

    • dog walkers hanging onto the mutt
    • car drivers who move well out the lane when on a road with no pavement
    • other runners

    Mostly that's as I have no breath left to more than gasp "..'ello.."

  • ExhaustedExhausted ✭✭✭

    One of the problems of running in St James' Park. Do you individually acknowledge a whole battalion of the Welsh Guards or Household Cavalry out on a training run carrying full pack?

    They look murderously at you if you even give them a bright smile, so I've decided not to engage them in a cheery hello. - and just look respectful and sympathetic.

  • Curly45Curly45 ✭✭✭

    HAHAHA Exhausted - the riders from Buck House Mews are even more somber (and I know one of them).

    I tend to run away from the HC - especially when they do full outings in kit - those hats with the pointy sticks on are scary! 

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