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  • All so interesting to read all the blogs, my twin brother was among those that lost out unable to log in to enter,I got entered myself, but he missed out  last year also, and we are now 75, he hopes he gets a second bite at the cherry e-mail, but has heard nothing yet, good luck to you all.
  • Sorry have yet to speak with secretary will let you know asap. Just had a thought though, wonder if they are using the 1000 or so entries that they keep back for those who bequeth so as not to over-load the 125,000 maximum application?
  • Well, after deleting my second chance entry and then deciding I did want to run after all, yesterday I received another e mail from London telling me they had not yet received my entry and were giving me another chance. Bloody hell, they are virtually begging me, maybe I should demand an appearance fee.

    Anyway, I have now entered and we will see what happens from here on in. The irony is I have no intention of running in 2010 but if I get rejected it willcount towards my five in a row and if I get in I will defer.

  • popsiderpopsider ✭✭✭
    They'll probably find the original entries and then chuck us all out of the ballot for entering twice.
  • Received a letter this morning saying they had 'rechecked' my 5 rejections and I am therefore in next year. Hoorah! Hope those of you in the same situation receive yours too image
  • Popsider- LOL by the way!!!!!image
  • It would be interesting if we get 2 rejection magazines or acceptance mags in the post? We might get a lifetime ban for having multiple entries! image

  • popsiderpopsider ✭✭✭
    I ended up phoning them up - they said they are cancelling the second entry because my first was still valid - did think perhaps if I'd left it I'd have had twice the chance in the ballot.  
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