I know we have a medals thread going but this is more a specific discussion, Do you value medals? does it have to be Half Marathons and above that matter more to you?



  • I love my medals - even my very first fun run 5k medals made out of tin.

    The medals dont represent finishing a race, but all the hard work, training and dedicaton in the build up. They also serve as a very solid reminder of the day itself... and my kids think they are on a par with Olympic golds too!

    10k medals mean just as much as longer distance medals - particularly the ones which represent a PB

  • I love my medals - from the one for 14½km to my marathon medals. Love them love them love them. It doesn't matter what the distance is.
  • not that bothered about them..........not even sure where most of them are..........not organised to put them all in one place..
  • Mine are all hung up on a key rack and sound like a wind chime when I brush past them   image
  • MuttleyMuttley ✭✭✭

    Yes, I value medals ... but you'd expect me to say that!

    Same reasons as Kicked-It - each one represents the miles in training, not just the day itself. It's good to have some kind of memento from an event and I suppose a medal is as good as anything else. They're also practical. I've done over 100 races in the past 10 years and if they'd all handed out a mug or horse brass or T-shirt or mantelpiece ornament I wouldn't have room for them all in the house.

    Some I value more than others - the first (Reading Half Marathon 2000), the biggest and heaviest (Indian Queens Half Marathon 2008), and also the full marathons gongs because they stand for the most hard work. But I like them all!

    Also, when I was a kid I hated PE and was useless at everything. On sports day I was the one cringeing in the corner of the field. I can't say I've been left psychologically scarred by that, but to be able to turn up to a race, trundle round and finish usually about half or a third of the way down the field makes me feel good. The gong is a small reminder of a morning well spent, usually in a nice place and in good company.

  • Seren, wyt'in dyn haearn nawr? da iawn i ti image

    Most of mine are in a box. I value them, they all mean something but so do the t shirts and coffee mugs. I did a race for many years that gave out an engraved wine glass, bastards stopped and started giving out a silly shot glass before I could get a set of 6 .

    I have been "allowed" 1 shelf to put some of my athletics memorabilia on. I came home once with a huge trophy, a team cup for a half marathon and was told ...." if you think that's going in our lounge ............. "


  • Oh yes, i value my medals.   I only started running last October so my medals are all going on the Christmas tree this year.  My marathon medal will be going at the top with the Angel.
  • Mine are lined up in race order , hanging from hooks along the shelf above my PC - so as I sit here I can see them all!

    My youngest wore them all on the walk to school one day, (I took them back off her at the school gates!), and I was proud as punch that she wanted to show them off.

    The Lollipop lady asked her what they were for:

    "They're my Dads" she said

    "Oooh lovely, and what did you win them for Dad?"

    "Valour in battle" I replied ...

    I've been regretting that smartarse reply ever since as the poor old dear now thinks I'm an Iraq war hero

  • MuttleyMuttley ✭✭✭

    Muttley Jnr feigns lack of interest. Being a teenager he has of course been everywhere, done everything and seen everything, so what's a medal for just taking part, huh?

    But I did once overhear him boasting about his Dad being a marathon runner to a mate. Unfortunately his mate's Dad is a professional triathlete so he lost that "my old man's fitter than yours" argument!

  • Some are hung on the wall. marathons and notable halfs.

    The rest are worn by the dogs for a few days (Spice really likes bling) until Mrs.MF gets fed up with the clanking then they get consigned to the dustbin.

  • Love 'em.  image  For all the reasons above especially as, like Muttley, I was not the sporty type at school- last one chosen etc etc.

    My minigoons are really proud of them.

    Had a visiting friend over from abroad recently who I hadn't seen since I started running and minigoon 1 went and got them all and showed them to her and knew what each one was for.

    Unlike Muttley, I don't think I'll get 100 before I'm 50, even with MANY years to goimage.

    Not sure about the Christmas tree though, mine all hang off the bed postimage.

  • My jewellery goes to my daughter. I'm taking my medals with me....image
  • I wasn't that bothered about mine but I hung onto them and now my 18 month old daughter is very attached to them and runs around the house with a selection on so actually I probably value them more now!

    PS - my gran is liking Seren as a name if my next baby is a girl (due Oct).
  • I value them......worked hard to get them,nice memento of the races I took part in
  • Love them! Much prefer a medal to a t-shirt. My Edinburgh marathon one is my favourite, but I value them all.
  • Mr KMr K ✭✭✭

    I keep all of mine..some real nice ones. Some good memories.. image 

    Have also got T-shirts, mugs, glass paperweights, Brass horseshoes..

  • I love to get, wear and keep my medals.  Doesn't matter what the distance, as soon as I get the goody bag the medal goes round my neck.
  • I value mine and my ex does to cos she took my 2007 London, Belfast, Edinburgh, Anglesey and Dublin marathon medals when she came back on one of her raids. I now have a good excuse to run them again, I'm now looking forward to Anglesey 2009 which will hopefully be the first to be replaced.
  • T shirts are more useful, especially technical ones but medals are great.
  • Woody, your ex nicked your medals?  Blimey.

    I agree Dustboy, I like a Tech T but cotton T's I can live without unless it's one of the GNR's as they are normally decent enough to wear everyday.
  • Mick - yep I don't know why she took them, be interesting if anyone has any theories. It doesn't and didn't bother me at the time, maybe I'll get them back someday?
  • Maybe you'll get them back hanging around a horses head in your bed?

    I'm basing this on some of my mates' ex's.  I'm not suggesting that your ex is of a similarly crazy nature, but you never know!!

  • Mick 'Stringy' wrote (see)

    Maybe you'll get them back hanging around a horses head in your bed?

    I'm basing this on some of my mates' ex's.  I'm not suggesting that your ex is of a similarly crazy nature, but you never know!!

    hmm all things are possible I'm sure crazier things have happened!!! suppose I should think myself lucky.
  • Have you ever got a medal you WEREN'T expecting?

    I got a medal for doing the 5K Swimathon which was totally unexpected

  • Love them all! Most are hung up around my bar, some are more special than others, No one is ever taking my Comrades Bill Rowan Medal away from me. In view of what woody said above maybe I better move it to a safe deposit box just in case!

    Was very pissed off a few years ago when i ran a marathon and only got a T shirt! I also have most of my race numbers laminated and up behind the bar!

  • I love my medals image

    Got all but one running medal hanging in a picture frame with the dates and distances on the veterans athletics ones I've won (as opposed to my north run medals).  

    One medal has a special frame just for itself: image

  • I value my medals highly, when i stop racing i'll do something with them.

    I'll have no chance of being the family smart arse though as my uncle's just come back from the World vets in Finland and is off to Oxford next month for the British masters combined events......he's quick and I have absolutely no chance of acheiving those heights.

    Vicki, i'd look after that medal too, nice.

  • Nice medal Vicki.

    I keep all of my numbers as well and put the date and finishing time on the back.
    Unfortunatly the only I don't have is my very first GNR which is a shame. image
  • I gave most of my early tri' medals to the kids......they either lost them or swapped them for sweets.


  • I don't value them much. I once gave a london marathon one to a bloke in the pub after the race for a laugh, because he said he wanted one.

    He obviously saw it as more important than me, because he returned it a few hours later and said he didn't feel right having the medal for a race he hadn't done. And then I got hammered and left it in the pub anyway. Should have saved it and Ebayed it.
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