Anyone want a free Graze box?



  • We are supposed to okay down here Cathy but it depends whether your stuff gets held up in places that does have strikes.

    The post is here now

  • Think it's coming from Milton Keynes, that's where the head office is, anyway.
  • Fingers crossed it will miss the strike bits
  • And fingers crossed so does your Graze box.
  • Got mine this morning. Sweet li'l box. I shall try it for a while - grapes were fine, I've left the fiery nuts for hubby, but the bananana coins - sundried banananana - are just vile. So "bin" for that particular item. ;o)
  • I've booked one for Saturdayimage
  • I've already binned the banananananas as I know I dont like them bleargh
  • Nothing here yet and the meeja says there is a backlog of 1 million items of post in Bristol.

    Moudly pineapple.


  • shimmy shimmy - didn't you tick "bin" when you ordered your box? Then they wouldn't have sent them. image (Supposedly, anyway)
  • Oh noooo I forgot about the postal strikes this week! I hope mine turns up tomorrow!

    LOL Mouse - I love the word "nommage" image


  • I liked the dried banana.  Didn't think I would though as I'm not usually a fan of dried fruit.
  • Apparently if there are postal strikes then the boxes are packed with non perishables.

    I still want's me noms tomorrow though *sulk*

  • I have a postbox with a 'security' cover that means the box probably wouldn't get through (meant to stop people looking through...).  And I work 7 days a week.

    However I emailed them and they said they'd let me 'bin' all the fruit and get one without, so may still try!  I am hoping it gets through the box or I happen to be in when it arrives: I will definitely not be going to the sorting office every week!  LOL

  • Rowan Green Faster at Forty wrote (see

    I will definitely not be going to the sorting office every week!  LOL

    Don't blame you.  Especially if your sorting office is like the one in Walthamstow where the parcel's not even there for days after they said it'd be there.  Where I live now, the parcel's at the local post office (five minutes' walk away) in two hours from them leaving the card (that's if they don't leave the parcel by the back door).
  • Could you have it delivered to work, Rowan?
  • I'm getting mine delivered to work
  • I just had the dried apple, dried apricots and dried cranberries that they sent me this week.  I think I've decided that I really don't like dried fruit.
  • lol! I'm hoping to get some raisins soaked in orange juice next week. image
  • Mine comes to work too! Due tomorrow, and I haven't looked at the email to see what I've got. I like surprises, me image
    I binned all the dried apricots and the like - blurghh..too squishy...
  • I've not looked either. I like suprises image
  • Mine didn't come yesterday.

    boo hoo!

    *sits under letterbox again*

  • oh no, damn those striking posties.

    *sits under letter box with mouse in anticipation of a nom box*

  • Got mine! Thanks!
  • I have my box, yey

    My gosh, those grapes are nice

  • I had post this morning and so hope to get mine tomorrow
  • I binned the grapes as I'm too lazy to take the stalks off.  I like low maintenance food.
  • Just ordered mine image How exciting!!

    Have said no to any type of nuts image yuck!

  • lol cathyw
  • Cathy, norty

    You must eat your fresh fruit.  they are really sweet grapes, very nice.  Send them this way if you dont want them.

  • I do eat fruit, I love the pineapple.  It's all peeled and chopped and they even give you a fork to eat it with.  That's my kind of fruit.
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