Gran Canaria Marathon & Half

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·       Registration has began for January's race

  Barcelona, August 19, 2009; Gran Canaria will hold its first international marathon on January 24 2010, after eight years for having organized the ½ marathon. The marathon is incorporated in the eight years of experience of the ½ marathon in its ninth edition, with a 5 km race for all kind of people to promote this sport among the young. The three tests make up a wide range of opportunities for athletes of all ages and physical condition. The objective is that the participants enjoyed a weekend of athletics in Gran Canaria with the family. Gran Canaria wants to position itself on the international marathon calendar, taking advantage of good weather and the climate that prevails on the island all the year, with an average temperature of 24 degrees and put Palmas de Gran Canaria in an international sporting area.Another objective of the organization is to provide the marathon of measures for to the ecologic conscience, becoming a sustainable sporting event.

Media Contact: Qantara Partners, SLGran de Gràcia, 29, ppal 2-ATel: +34-93 218 71 36Mail: /forum/smilies/tongue_out_smiley.gif[/img]][b][/b]



    See you at the finish line image
  • Olà Jordi,

    I'll be in Tenerife in January for a holiday and here is the first Canarian Marathon!  Do You think it is worth running ? Is there a medal for finishers?

    Gracias, and (maybe) we'll meet at the start.


  • went on holiday to gran canaria when i was young  and it is a lovely place
  • Hi

    I have had no info on this as far as I know (not at work so not checked email for a while), but I don't know where the expo is, or what I need to present to get my number and chip.  Will someone write to me or something?  Panicking now, as its not that long away (not to mention that my training has gone t*ts up thanks to the snow and too much nice food!)image!

  • Hi Redpanda,

    expo and number you get on 23/01 at the Institute of Sport near the start point from 10am to 8pm.You will need passport or dl.Got the mail about slightly change of route due to road works but nothing major.I am of to GC on Saturday week.See you there.

  • Thanksn Tanas.  Did you have a good Christmas?
  • Yes thank you.Too much food on Box. day but done well next day on 20m run.That was good (not) planing sheadule,20m runs bang on Xmas and NewY.How you doing regarding long runs?
  •   Olà todos,

    I wrote to the Organizaciòn just to know some minor things I couldn't find on the site : well, I got two replies in English and Spanish (see below). I was so much impressed that I rushed to sign up online!  We are about 400 runners mainly Spanish, Britons, Scandinavians, Germans and one only Italian (guess who).






    > Buenos dias
    > Todos los corredores que finalicen la Media Maraton y la Maraton tendrán
    > medalla de finisher.
    > Además por el pago de la inscrición los corredores recibirán una bolsa del
    > corredor. Para La Media Maraton es pantalón corto, camiseta y saco. La
    > Maraton , además de lo mismo que la Media, tendrán también gorra y
    > calcetines.
    > Todos los corredores tendrán acceso gratis a la pasta party y una zona
    > boxes a la llegada con avituallamiento y fruta.
    > Saludos
    > Octavio Gómez

  • Hi Tanas

    Much the same, too much food and drink and too little running.  I am not looking for a PB in this one, if I get round I will be happyimage.  I have done my long runs but bu**er all else!  I really had good intentions but it has not happened, and the weather has competely screwed it up.  I can't wait for Summer training!

  • high guys...i,ll see you there running the marathon
  • See you there Colin...I will be the one right at the back, in Union Jack shorts!
  • See you there Colin,RP and all others.Me too will be at the back and stay there till the end.Hope they keep some pasta for me.Fying to GC on Saturday ,well I hope,with this snow in London?!!!
  • Best of luck getting out there!
  • Thank you RP.Will need luck.Doesn't look good at the moment.
  • I am sure you will be able to fly, you just may get delayed, but I know where I would rather be at the minute!
  • I know what you mean,only tomorow have to face the gym and dredmill run.
  • ...So...I got an email in Spanish (or Canarian), which I can not understand, but I translated it (through a website!) and this is what it say's:

    Dear Participantes: We put ourselves in contact with you to inform to them into the impossibility of the shipment, due to problems of logistic for the residents outside the Canary Islands, of the technical t-shirt of gift that announces in the page Web. The same will be given to each participant day 23 of January on the occasion of the collection of ridges and next to stock-market of the runner. Without another individual, we are thankful for its understanding to him and we hoped that their participation in this test is of their affability. The Organization

    What does all this mean?  It is phrased really strangely! Does it mean that I am not getting a t-shirt or something?  It is like reading double dutch.  I hope one of you guy's can helpimage!


  • RP...Its because you have translated word for word from the spanish language.

    Basically its saying its difficult to ship out all t-shirts for foreigners as it said on the website. These will be given out on 23rd jan, for those without one.


  • WOW.....You kept that hidden talent quiet!!  Is there nothing you can't do??image



  • I cant run outside in this weather...amongst other things.image
  • Can you get registered for the Manchester 10k though?!
  • No...ive not. Will email you shortly.
  • oH NO!

    I can't believe it.

  • i got all those spanish emails all about the t shirts..thats ok then....i thought for a mo it might have been something important
  • LOL too!  I assume it means we have to pick our t-shirts up at the expo?  I want a bloody t-shirt!
  • Hey...I am looking forward to escaping this weather!  I can't say I am hopeful for a great race, but hopefully I have done enough to get round, no doubt at the back of the field!

    Can someone please confirm what I need to take to the Expo to get my number?  Is it literally just my passport?  Sorry to appear thick, but I am panicking!


  • Just the passport, and planty of sun cream.It is HOT here!!Sun and not a cloud on the sky,around +26 in the south of island.Done 15k yesterday and wasnt easy See you all in couple weeks

  • I certainly will not be complaining about sunshine and heat, believe meimage.  This weather in the UK is starting to get me down big time, I have forgotten what it is to run on a normal surface, and not get sprayed with slush....totally demoralisingimage.  Did my last torturous long run today of 18 miles, and have never been more pleased to have finished a run.

    I might get to meet you in Gran Canaria...I will be wearing my Union Jack won't miss me!

    Thanks as always for your help...have fun!


  • I think it's very useful for me! Thanks!
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