2010 Kilomaton - Scotland and England


Is anyone else doing either of the 2010 races? I signed up just after the GSR, and am looking to use it as a stepping stone to doing the marathon. I've signed up for the Scottish one, is anyone else doing either of them?


  • im hoping to enter the nottingham one next weekend, waiting for payday. Im doing it for the same reason as you plus the fact of being part of a new race. It will be fun i hope
  • Hi.  I did the Scottish Half this month and am booked up for the Kilomathon.  Looking forward to the longer distance and the route.  Have done a few marathons, so this is a nice 'in between' and will keep up focused over the summer.

    Love doing races for the first time - a guaranteed PB! LOLimage

    You got a time in mind?

  • i did the england one in 2.55 as i got injured and told off at the finish line for completing it. I was crying in pain when i went over. At least i will do better next time. Good luck with scotland
  • I've entered the scottish kilomathon with OH and running partner. Fancied taking part in history. Did the Loch Ness marathon last year and enjoyed it, but the thought of training for another one was a bit daunting. At least the distance is just over the half marathon and although a challenge, won't take over your like like the marathon training can do. Not sure what the full route is, but running over the Forth Road Bride will be interesting. Hope it isn't blowing a gale. Anyone else out there doing it?

    Going to tweak  a half marathon schedule, as haven't seen one for 16 miles.

  • Good Luck Sheesh

    One in a life Time since I did mine Notts to Derby this Year.It was outrages runners achieve a lot of best PB and One life Kilomation was outstaging.Good luck wih yours

  • Thanks Speedy Brear. It'll be a PB for most of us, I think.
  • Really looking forward to the run and the lighter training schedule.  Off to Paris in 2011 for the marathon, so this'll be our last big race of the year. 

    Hoping for sub 2.15: but will need to see how training goes and what the weather is like on the day - could be VERY blowie going over the bridge.

    Defo a PB for all - as it's the innaugural race.

    Good Luck with your training over the summer.image

  • Carolyn, have you booked Paris yet, as i was told entries open in September?

    Have you run it before, and if you have then how did you find it?

  •  Hi Pau ... haven't booked yet - entries do open in September.

     Paris was a GREAT run and my first marathon.  It was VERY busy in the morning and trying to get to our timed pen on the Champs Elysee was quite frantic.  We'll defo give ourselves and extra 20 minutes next year.

     The atmosphere was really goo and the organisation was excellent.  I'd highly recommend it. My first and I ran it in 3hrs 59mins so was really chuffed with that.  It's a flat course and so fast times are to be expected.

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