New Forest Run Routes

Going for a little jolly to the new forest with my bf and we would like to do a few 5ks down there coz the location is so nice, but not living in the area I have no idea where would be good to run, So....does anyone know of any sites that might have maps of routes?...

We will be near Brockenhurst/Hordle area

Thank you


  • there are loads of trails in the NF - just pick one and go run on it.....get either an OS map or some of the ones from the local tourist office if you need to know exactly where you are
  • ChloboChlobo ✭✭✭
    well I wanted to map a loop really not just start running as I'm not very good at judging distance or direction!image Are there no sites with suggested routes on them?... bit clueless as I'm fairly new to running. I have a mapmyrun account but obvs don't know the area to map a route so wouldn't know what it was like till I ran it, looking for local knowledge I guess...
  • GertieGertie ✭✭✭

    Have a look at this site:

    The cycle routes around Brockenhurst are in good condition and are good for running.

  • "not very good at judging distance or direction"

    simple solution - run out, turn around after X minutes to fit with your stamina, run back.......and don't take any turns en route so that way you can't get lost
  • ChloboChlobo ✭✭✭
    Thanks Gertie
  • This is weird as I have just spent last Thursday to Sunday down at The New Forest, stayed at Brockenhurst too. Absolutely lovely and beautiful scenery down there as you have said. I mapped my routes on but when I got down there I had to change the route completely as the routes I mapped where very isolated so I had to stick to this long busy stretch of road for 4 miles then turn back.

    There where many routes I drove that looked great to run but personally I felt better sticking to a busy road rather on my lonesome in an unknown terrorityimage

    The road I ran was Lyndhurst road, the other road I took a detour on in my car was the Beauli road which looked amazing to run on, some nice horses and cattle romaing free on the road.image The Lyminton road I ran on to but that's very much the same as the Lyndhurst road.

     Sorry I can't be more helpful as I didn't actually run in the forest, I walked and there where many bikes passing by on the trials which would have been cool to run on, but again I chickend out but for what it's worth hope I helped a bit.

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