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  • I have loads of Karrimor kit - baselayers, tshirts, long sleeve tops, gilets, jackets - and I think it's all pretty well made and fantastic value for money. I don't wear their shorts, leggings or shoes but for up top I have no complaints about the stuff I've got.

    Don't like the tactic of putting labels saying £38 on a gilet and pretending it's reduced to a tenner, when its actual price is just a tenner, but that's a gripe about marketing not about the actual product...

  • JT141JT141 ✭✭✭
    I was wondering why Firetrap clothes had appeared in Sports Direct. Bought out of administration 10 months ago. Shame, I used to like Firetrap stuff. Will turn into cheap pikey shit now.
  • Be very wary of Sports Direct "bargains". 

    If Sports Direct market a product as being reduced from £40 to £8, then it only ever cost £8 in the first place. 

    Basically they will increase the price of a product top an unrealistically high level in one store in Shirebrook, then they can legally claim that the product is reduced from that price over the rest of the country. 

    There is no such thing as discounted Karrimor gear.  It is dirt cheap kit, that is sold at a standard price across the country. 

  • Ben Davies 15 wrote (see)

    Be very wary of Sports Direct "bargains". 

    If Sports Direct market a product as being reduced from £40 to £8, then it only ever cost £8 in the first place. . 

    hmm, perhaps on their own brands, but the £18 adidas track bottoms i bought last week are still £40 in every shop thats sells them besides SD. they are most likely seconds (could also be the stock they bought cheap from JJB going out of business) but still, the same pair is more than double the price esewhere, same goes for a lot of their puma and nike stuff. 

  • Just to clarify Mark. 

    Companies like Adidas and Nike won't let you pull those kind of stunts with their products.  If you did they would review your contract. 

    Sports Direct lost their Asics contract because Asics go fed up of them selling their products well under the RRP, and cheapening the brand.  

    If on the other hand Sports Direct own the contract, then it is virtually a foregone conclusion that the discount is bogus. 

  • they do sell seconds though, as well as the huge range from JJB's liquidation, they can sell that stuff at whatever price they want, 


    I'm not doubting you on most of their stock, but there are a lot of decent bargains in there, look at the England shirts, £10 when JD sports 2 doors away are selling the same shirts for £29. also a lot of their premium brand stuff is last years range, end of line, 

  • 'Cheapening the brand'? You mean refusing to participate in artificial price-hiking? Giving consumers better value? Not ripping us off to such a ridiculous degree? image
  • runs with dogs

    I think you will find that Sports Direct's "better vale" is bought at a significant price in terms of their treatment of their staff and customers. 

  • Can't comment on how they treat their staff, but I'm happy to put up with crap service from surly assistants if I'm getting my favourite trainers half price! I do know a young lad who worked in SD for a year and he seemed happy enough there...
  • When I worked for them I was given the following instructions by an area manager:

    1. To refuse to give refunds for faulty merchandise unless the customer found out that it was illegal to do this. 

    2. To beat up anybody I caught shoplifting, and deny having seen them if the police came round asking about it. 

    If we caught a member of staff stealing, we took their photograph and put it in an album called the GIT file, with a description of how they were punished.  This album was then circulated round the company to humiliate them.   

    Now in fairness this was a few years ago, and there have been changes within the company since then, but make no mistake it is a pretty ruthless organisation. 

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