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I just noticed a thread on the London Marathon forum where a runner is planning raising money for the ANT this year. A very worthwhile cause (I know 3 people who have had marrow transplants), but fundraising is only half of the battle. They need as many people as possible to register their blood type to enable a match to be found for those waiting for transplants.

So, just to use the forum for good purpose, if anyone out there has considered registering but not got round to it, or has never considered it but might be prepared to do it, why not do it now?

All it takes initially is a blood sample. The Blood Transfusion Service in Scotland can take this when you give blood - I assume it is the same in England.


  • Good point Nessie. Not sure if the Blood Transfusion do do it here, I had to go to my Doctor to have it taken out.

    The register desparately needs more donors, and preferably healthy males are the best - as they have more body mass. (i think)

    If you can possibly save a life just by registering, and then some time in the future donating bone marrow....

    Your chance to be a hero.
  • You can find out more about it and receive details on how to register on

    It's something I conveniently keep forgetting to inquire about when I give blood. Next time I promise.
  • Agree completly, my sister is currently waiting for a transplant.
    Last time I gave blood they were really pushing the bone marrow donor register so it's really straight forward. for more details
  • Damn beaten to it !!!
  • It's a shame, I'm not allowed to give blood as I have rare antibodies in my system (due to having had children) , so I guess this would also be out of the question too.
  • Boing.

    Just in case I can encourage anyone else.
  • Anyone else get emotional in FLM 2002 ? Running from the back I passed sooo many tee shirts emblazoned with 'Running for my Dad' etc and even a couple with pictures of children on. I really had to bite my lip not to blub at these (and I'm a bloke).

    Joining the register is such a good thing to do, and costs you nothing other than effort.

  • Cougie, felt the same way at FLM and I'm a bloke too.

    Been thinking about doing this since I last gave blood.
  • Boing, this thread needs to be bounced back to the top - I'm on the Anthony Nolan Trust Register and think that every healthy person should be - matches are so rare that the more people on the resgister bring the odds down (or up whichever way you look at it!)

    Sign up today.
  • Guys, just to bring it home more, bone marrow transplantation is my only shot at cure, should my current blood counts deteriorate further. It's still a long shot, but at least it's something...

    Bone marrow donation is a very noble cause, and has the added benefit that you do not permanently lose what you give. Your marrow regenerates quickly, and the soreness from donation passes quickly too.

    Please register if you can. It's important for leukaemic kids, because their lives can often be saved and a cure gained even with an incomplete match. And for adult onset leukaemia and haemapoetic disorders, it's even more important, because the tissue matching has to be exact in most cases - a very tough call, particularly for ethnic minority groups, but really for everybody.

    Please go for it, if you can.

  • I registered via a blood-donor session some years ago (before it was privatised) - but in those days you had to be under 40 to be on the register.
    On a broader note, I would like to encourage people to contact their MP's to push for 'presumed consent' in this country. At the moment you have to opt in to the system and after your death your relatives can veto organ donation. Presumed consent would greatly increase the number of organs (and other body tissues) available fot transplantation.
    Almost everybody agrees with transplantation, but in recent years the number of transplants has declined - this year it is down by 15% on last year already.
  • Boing..........again.
  • If anyone would like information on becoming a potential blood stem cell donor please send an e-mail to or call 01865 875757.

    I would be delighted to send you information on The Anthony Nolan Trust and becoming a potential life saving donor.

  • Already om the register
    Well done for you all giving blood!
  • BOING, also signed up. Can't think why anybody wouldn't do it.
  • You should hear the excuses for not giving blood
    Bone marrow donation might be a bit sore after I expect
    And the anaesthetic scsares me, but Id still do it
  • You can definitely register to being a bone marrow donor when you next give blood. This is how I did it.. a few years ago now. I think they just take some extra blood or something - whatever it was, it was absolutely simple as could be. So, next time you give blood - enquire about the bone marrow donor thing too.. just think, you could save someone's life - now that is an achievement!
    Michelle x
  • Boing

    I did try registering when I was 32 - but cos I kept getting anaemic after giving blood they told me not to give blood and not to register. Sorry - can't help but feel guilty - but its not an excuse - its genuine
  • Dalya
    I've clearly missed something, but even a twit such as I can surmise you aren't well.
    Look, I think this is a good idea.
    In a nutshell, for those of us hard of thinking, how do we register?
    Keep it simple I'm a bloke.
    Websites and gadgets a re OK, otherwise short words appreciated.
  • I just logged onto the blood website. It gives dates and venues for giving blood and from what I read you can register on the bone marrow register when you give blood. Now for years I thought I couldn't give blood as I am asthmatic but it seems I may well have been wrong. Am going along on Monday 23rd to see if I am of any use. I do hope so.
  • Just remember to tell them you want to register as a bone marrow donor also BEFORE you give blood - as they have to take an extra tube.

    Blokes should definately be signing up as they say they are always short of male donors.

    Also, don't forget to keep your details up to date with them as it can be years before you get asked (if ever). Not much use if you are a match but they can't contact you any more!
  • Is the age limit 40?
  • In some cases we will accept male donors and those from ethnic groups up to the age of 43 and at the lower weight of 7st 7lb -please ask for details.

    From their website :
  • Does ethnic groups include Goerdies?

    I'm 40, and considerably over 7st. Actually each leg is over 7 st.
    Does this exclude me?
    If so, how else to help? Would free advertising to my staff of 72 help?
  • I think I have a genuine (double) excuse - I take medication which reduces my immune system and I also have crohn's disease. I think excuse is actually the wrong word as I can honestly say that if I could register I would - the same goes for giving blood.
  • Every year, 1,000s of people with bone marrow diseases such as leukaemia, aplastic anaemia and inborn metabolic and immune deficiency disorders, reach a stage where only a bone marrow transplant can possibly save them.

    Family members, particularly brothers and sisters, can make the best matches. However, this is not always possible and patients must hope that an unrelated volunteer donor will be found.

    There are now some 319,000 people registered but we need more. Requirements to join the Register include:

    Aged 18 - 40
    In general good health - SEE HEALTH CRITERIA

    Weigh over eight stone. Although in the case of donors from some ethnic groups this is lowered to 7.5st.
    Women must not be pregnant
    Women with children under the age of 12 months cannot join or donate marrow during that time
    Health and circumstances permitting you stay on the Register until your 60th birthday, so don't be put off joining if you are close to 40, particularly if you are male.
    We urge all eligible volunteers to come forward, but we have a specific clinical need to recruit more male, ethnic minority and mixed race volunteers.
    In some cases we will accept male donors and those from ethnic groups up to the age of 43 and at the lower weight of 7st 7lb -please ask for details.

  • I'm a blood donor, but for some reason they won't accept me for bone marrow donation. Something about having bad jaundice as a child and recurrent anemia nowadays.
    Next blood donor session on 26th October - i'll check again to see if they will take me, although i'm now over 40.
  • I got sent the Marrow Donor Register information booklet at the weekend from those nice people at . It includes a form to be completed and taken to my next donor session which will be in November in my case.
  • GlennGlenn ✭✭✭
    Read this thread this morning, rang my local blood donor centre, arrived 10 minutes later and had donated blood and registered as a bone marrow donor within another 40 minutes.

    The National Blood Service accepts people for the bone marrow register up till their 45th birthday. After that you can stay on until you're 57.

    Go on, go on. It was really easy.
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