Sunday Ploding



  • EP, we'll have to see!! I am still fighting you for it, I have a 10 mile race but not til July..... oh no, just checked & it's June! perhaps we'll see at Windsor....

    Welsh Poppy, wow that was fast! also Twist, Fiona and Lynne, well done.

    3TL hope you enjoyed your day off or did you get to the gym? I have no room to talk, great BBQ etc

    Smitch, are you ok? Hope you are sitting on a cushion....

  • Evening everyone, well done to all you racers.. I did my R4l today in Harlow and the weather was a bit poor, rain during race. the worst part was all the hills and my legs just didnt seem to have any go in them. I also got a stitch and felt sick...I think its because i ate croissants before running, will stick to porridge for next weeks 10k. I took 33 mins which i was a bit disapointed in as I took 35 last year and had hardly run then.

    Im blaming the moonwalk last weekend and the fact that Ive not really run much for a while.

    But at least i beat nearly all the teachers at my sons school...oh dear thats not the point is it?
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