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  • Amen that sister!
  • A men sister? Is that the opposite of a ladies boy?

    Hash/Rio/EP/LB just get out when you can and keep the engine ticking over.  Achieving what you can on the day is all anybody can ask.

    Although toeing the start line, running eyeballs out to your race plan, and finishing absolutely spent with a new PB wouldn't be bad either image.

  • Hey Hashette, I see from your RW profile that you live in Borsetshire. Are you anywhere near Ambridge? If you are, have you gone out running with Usha and that woman who Matt has his eye on?
  • Hash - needing thick skin should have been one of the requirements!  TBH those who were the quickest the criticise we either people who had no exeperience and were therefore talking out of their bottoms or those who hadn't been chosen and were all a bit bitter.  Easy to ignore, really.

    As for the knee, well I used my FLM training to go onto run an ultra with Wickett in June.  Turns out training for a road based 26m race isn't adequate preparation for a 35m off road run. image  Then I didn't quite let it get better before doing Beachy Head in October and after 16m it REALLY hurt.  Physio isn't quite sure what I've done, other than that I pulled ligaments in June which have allowed my knee to move about too much which may/may not have damaged the cartilage in Oct.  Hoping a consultants appt in the New Year will tell me exactly the extent of my stupidity. 

    Tis dangerous, believing too much in your ability. image

    Hope you have a fabulous Christmas, though I suspect your LSS present might be hard to beat?

  • Hashette wrote (see)

     Some of the comments last year on here that were directed towards people who'd given it everything they'd got but didn't make it through sheer rotten luck were really unfair, and I'm not sure my skin is thick enough to deal with that.

    Really?  I am glad I havent seen those comments...ignorance is bliss and all that....hhhmmmm.

    Its absolute madness out there I tell ya...madness...

  • Blimey it's been busy in here!  I'm still stuck at work, flogging on until tomorrow lunchtime. Am I too late for the grope hug?

    Green beans today Pix, absolutely yum, you don't know what you're missing. image

    Hubby's sounding a lot cherpier.  Apparently he's had his Dad and best mate round and has presented them with a list of jobs, although sadly I suspect the list may not have included going to Morrisons for yet another final pre-Christmas shop, or cleaning up two weeks's worth of snowed-on chicken pooh.

    Eva, I've sort of been out running with Usha.  The week after FLM I was out running, listening to the episode where she stopped running to help her mate get to the finish line of the Felpersham marathon, tears pouring down my face! 

    Ouch Wotsit., and hope it goes well in Jan. 

    Right, no more negativity from me, promise promise promise.

    Please can someone send a mince pie and a glass of something festive to make the afternoon go a bit quicker?

  • SezzSezz ✭✭✭

    Just ignore those who gave/give negative comments.  They don't understand the hard work that goes in.

    The support you will get throughout this thread will be everything you need, Hashie. I'm really looking forward to following the schedule again and getting well below 4:30 this time.  

    Do you know if you are following teh Garmin schedule to the letter or if Liz will be tinkering around with it?

    Have a fab Christmas, eat and drink loads because once the hard work starts....... image


  • Pix - I have 3 boxes of pies here that I would love to get rid off image
  • BB ✭✭✭

    Holds out hand for a mince pieimage

    Glad to hear Blouse feels a bit brighter today. I've always thought it odd you taking cold sprouts into work, I didn't realise you took cold veg everydayimage still healthy I guess...but I'd prefer a mince pieimage

    I have not done any exercise for over a week now, the ice has melted here, so as long as it doesn't refreeze I must get back into it - just aiming to tick over till the New year and then kick off serious training!

    Hash, before you mentioned they had done videos of you all - are they up? I haven't seen them, but perhaps I am being dense...

  • BB ✭✭✭
    Thanks EP *trots off to look*
  • Wayhey, the bell's gone on my last full dayimage

    *passes round the brandy cream to go with the mince pies*

    Sezz, Liz will be tinkering, I believe.   My osteo says I really need to follow each run day with a rest day, so she said she'd pick out the most important sessions from the schedule and adapt it to fit that as far as possible, or at least make sure a shortish run follows a long one.

    Hi B, yep the video's up.  I don't sound like Linda Snell, more like Vera Duckworth, and they've managed to show a clip of me screwing up the mincing session like Corporal Jones twice!

  • Two cross posts, some inconsiderate sod rang up insisting on something being done by Christmasimage

    Pix, lunch is on me at the training day in Feb, I'll convert you yet!

  • There won't be any cold sprouts from me at Mudchute Hash.

    Funny thing about that video is that it's so well hidden in the site that people wouldn't know it was there if you didn't mention it. I only looked for it t'other day when I was on a t-con. It's quite x-factorish in places (design that is, not from the SS team)

    Also glad to hear Blouse is a little better. 

  • Hello Hash - good luck with  your training - glad you had a good time at Bedford, I enjoyed it too - worth the 2hr+ drive for me to get thereimage.  Shame I didn't get a chance to say "hello", but hope you have a good Christmas and hope training goes well for you over the next few months.

  • BB ✭✭✭
    Great video, didn't notice you messing up the marching at all Hash *whistles innocently* Still you don;t have to run in synchronisation do you? or do you ....?image
  • Thankfully no, B.  My little worry is that we've got a lunchtime Christmas do tomorrow, and there's usually videos of thing that have gone on during the year.   The IT department know where the video is, and this is costing me serious amounts of chocolate to buy their silence.

    Hi Carol, thanks and great to see you on here.  Are you doing any other races around the same sort of area?  I'll be burning off some of the roasties with the Buntingford Year End 10 on Monday

  • Did you spot Alan Sugar doing a Hitchcock-style cameo LNN?image

    Right, I'm off home.  I seem to have earned a lot of brownie points for sitting here apparently working after everyone else has left.

    Tap tap tappety tap.............

  • Buntingford eh? ( I used to live in Cambridge so I know your part of the world) That will be pretty.

    There's no way you're going to get away without that vid going public.... I thought you looked great though. My husband said that considering what a wally I am, I got away with it. Silver tongued devil that he is.

    I like cold veg too. And lentils, chick peas, quinoa etc. It's just that I eat them alongside chocolate, cake, crisps and coke.

  • Hashette wrote (see)

    Hi Carol, thanks and great to see you on here.  Are you doing any other races around the same sort of area?  I'll be burning off some of the roasties with the Buntingford Year End 10 on Monday

    No, I'm not from that area, I'm near Winchester - it's just that I wanted to do a half that weekend and Bedford was the only one that I could find that was on - must admit, did wonder what the hell I was doing as I left around 6amimageimage.

  • Blimey, really?  That's one hell of a hike.  Christina (just back from a run, the super speedy girl) is from round your way.

    Lucy, that just confirms my separated at birth theory.......

  • Three degrees and rain.  I never thought that would make me go imageimageimage but it is!

    A mate from work is giving me a lift in, so a dutiful morning at the coal face listening to the public's festive cheer image, then the work Christmas do from 12 to 2 and then at long, long last a decent run.

    I don't care if it rains, blows a howling hoolie, or for that matter if we have a plague of frogs, just so long as I get my traditional Christmas Eve run away from work!

  • I've been trying to find that video for ages - they've hidden it very well!  You don't sound at all like Lynda Snell - not a trace of a Borsetshire accent at all. image

    Pity the other 5 were out of synch with you on that marching bit ..... image

  • *scratches head* I don't get that AS joke Hash. What did I miss?
  • I love you TPimage

    LN watching it reminded me so much of The Apprentice. Mind you, that could be because it felt like we were in a scene from it form the word go.  We all met up at the tube station, and even armed with printed maps and GPS phones the combiined brains of the lot of us couldn't find the place!

  • Oh got it. Shame they didn't show the getting lost bits then.

    If it was The Apprentice, you'd have had to have cocky arrogant runners talking about how they were going to blitz their targets or stupid things like running being better than sex.
  • Hello one and all, yes I am watching you!! lol.

    Vicky, I hope you have stopped your mincing on the ice now, and that the warmer weather has meant you are able to get out! It will not have mattered too much over the festive period if you had to miss a few runs as it is from mid Jan that you will need to really turn your focus to the marathon, now is just about chilling and building to that make the most of it!

    Hope your Hubby is feeling a little better now, poor Martin slipped over too, bad hip...he says that is the reason he can't keep up with me on our runs now! lol

    I have just sent you a proposed plan- amended from the MG RW generic plans, so let me know if this works for you!

    Have a great new year everyone,

  • Hi Liz

    Sorry to hear about Martin, although I did grin about that being the reason he can't keep up.  Before he got injured I used to have to loop back for my 16 stone,. 6 ft 4 hubby when we went out to run together, but  let's face it. my weight lifting isn't up to muchimage

    Thanks to hubby's injury, by this time tomorrow night I'll have run 28 miles in since Christmas Eve.  I had my traditional run-away-from-work run home after the Christmas party, then yesterday I had to run back into work (9 miles) to rescue his abandoned car from before his accident.  Thankfully I got it home (veeerrrryyyy slloooowwwlyyyyy) in one piece.

    Tomorrow is the Buntingford End of Year 10 and for the first time in years I can run it rather than marshall it, as I didn't renew the club membership this year.  Mick and Phil are running it too so it will be fab to see them again, along with several forumites I know, so it should be a good do. 

    I've got a shitty cold (sod's law, I've only had 2 days off sick since 2005, but somebody told my body it could have a break so it decided to be ill) so I'll be wearing a few layers and treating it as a training run, rather than going for a time.

    But I get to put one of the Royston Runners' fab momentos on my desk as motivation for the next four months, so that alone has got to be worth running for!

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