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  • Happy New Year Hash - have a good one.

    Here's to a successful and enjoyable 'journey' in 2010.image

  • And to all of you.  Had we really  not met a month ago?  I feel like I've known you all for ages!  May 2010 bring all of us all we could wish for, and especially see us all storming over that finish line
  • Happy New Year all,

    I hope you don't mind if I join this thread, while prepare to run VLM in April.  I can't believe the training plans start in a couple of days.

    I agree the with the thread above that the nutrician is going to be the hardest part to stick to.

    Good luck in the training!

  • Hi and welcome PP, good luck with your training too and keep us posted on how you get on.

    Let's just say it's a good job we have three days before it all starts.  That's about how long it's likely to take to recover from last night's, er, 'nutrition strategy'.

    I may be a little quiet today

  • Hello everyone and Happy New Year. I'm another one who's going to join in with this thread as I've been told to aim for a sub 4:30 VLM. It'll be my first marathon, but I've ran a couple of HM's with my last time being 1:54 (over the moon with that!!).

    Firstly, well done on getting a place in the super 6 Hashette. From what I've read (sat and read the whole thread this morn), it was thoroughly well deserved image

    I will be really interested to see your plan, because it looks like you're already on a decent distance already and all the plans I've seen have LSR's starting from 3-4 miles in the first few weeks. It just seems like going backwards a bit if you know what I mean? I'd prefer something with a longer LSR and a slower build up to the BIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIG mileages. I've had a look at the Garmin Ready sub 4:30, but again you're starting off with a LSR of 3-4 miles, which seems counter productive when my 'tempo' runs are 6 miles.I've written myself a training plan which starts today (didn't want to waste the weekend), but will modify it if needed.

    Anyway, will stop waffling now. Looking forward to 4th Jan when you all officially start your 4 months slog to VLM image

  • Lostkat what an absolutely lovely thing to say, thank you.

    Liz has e-mailed a draft of what she has in mind for the first couple of weeks, slightly adapted from the original RW plans.  She said the same as you about the lack of early miles in the official shedule, much to my relief as I didn't want to start training by going backwards.  She said she would keep the mileage up by hiding it in my warm up and cool downs, so that I can have a rest day following the runs.  Well, mostly anyway.  The whole "warm up and cool down" concept isn't something I normally bother with, so that's the first thing that will be different about following a proper schedule

    It equated to four runs per week rather than the 5 in the official schedule, but the total mileage was roughly the same.  I'll post the whole plan up as soon as I get it, and post up each week's training every Sunday.

  • Brilliant, thank you image I do some warm up exercises before my long runs and walk for maybe 100 yards for warm up/cool down then do some stretches afterwards, but I appreciate that's not enough. I'll be making sure I'm doing a lot more of that once training gets into full swing.

    I'm planning on 4 runs per week too (1 of which is hill or speedwork), 1 day cross training & then 2 rest days. I felt that I was setting myself up for failure with 5, because I do long hours at work. I have my plan on the fridge along with tick boxes so I can check them off and feel good about myself (or bad, if I've not done them image).

    Out of interest, how do you plan to carry your water/sports drinks with you? I fully admit that I'm quite bad at that and have never taken anything with me on a training run. I drink at waterstations during a race, but end up thirsty if I'm out of my own. I can't carry a bottle as it makes me tense my arms up too much, so was thinking about a rucksack type thing or one of those belts. Any recommendations? (that goes for anyone reading this, not just Hashette image )

  • Me too.  Running five days a week is impossible with a full time job, a temporarily disabled husband, a house that's in the middle of being renovated and five demanding little chooks!

    I tend to wear a bum bag and stuff a bottle in that, then plan a route around places where I can fill it up.  There's a really handy tap behind a church gate in a village 6 miles away which comes in handy for refills, the running club's another four miles from that, so I just plan a route around both of those, with more and more loops as the mileage gets longer.

    Right, I'm off to do the family thing with Blouse's parents.  I'm driving, but after last night it's academic, I never want to see another wine glass again.  Ever!

  • Clubs runs are in the program Pix, don't worry image League races will suffer though because any falling on a Sunday will get replaced by my LSR unless it's a long race that I've planned. I'll probably cut down to 1 club run per week though unless something changes with the speed of the groups (I'm in between groups image ) and do the other on my tod as a tempo run. Going to run my prog past PG and see what he thinks. Got lots of advice down the pub t'other week though.

    Just been out for a chilly 6. As soon as I stepped out of the door it started snowing. Very light though, so no problems. The pavements round us are suprisingly grippy, even where they're white image

    Oh and I like the idea of a RW and a Fetch support station image Think I might just be needing it!! lol

  • Happy New Year to all of you, and may the plans all come to fruition!

    Quiet night in yesterday with OH and daughter #2 - very pleasant though.

    Lostkat, I've heard of people hiding drinks along their route, but it would mean you'd have to drive round earlier dropping them off! My OH sometimes kindly cycles with me and carries my drink.

    Managed a lovely 8 miles across the forest this morning in cold, crisp & sunny conditions. Relatively steady 10:34 pace.

    I'll also be interested to see the adapted plan, as I'm another one who has managed to get the week-end run up to about 10 miles, and would like to maintain/build on it. I do have a 10k next Sunday (10th) so that will be a bit shorter, and hopefully faster!

  • Lostcat, on the bottle belt thingie, the best advice I can offer is to get yourself to a running shop, and try a few on. And then to a different running shop, to try on a few more. I've got a Deuter Nordic bottle belt, and it fits/feels like a dream, doesn't bump around on my back, Mr Thistle has a Ironman belt which looks very similar, but feels very different if I wear it, not nearly so comfy. So get thee to a shop, with a filled water bottle, put it on and jump around a bit. It's the best you can do.

    The other thing I've found invaluable for the actual marathon, on Rio's recommendation I've used a SIS marathon belt ..
    fab for energy gels, jelly beans, tissues, blister plasters etc etc on the day.
    HTH, and happy new year!
  • SezzSezz ✭✭✭

    Happy New Year y'all.

    Hash, I never used to do the warm up and cool down thing but had to do it in my schedule and found it invaluable.  I'm quite certain it was training properly like this that prevented me from getting any injuries and helped me do my training far more effectively.

    I'm quite glad our schedule starts with just 2 miles!  I should have been up to about 12 miles on a LSR run by now but  life and swine flu got in the way.  It's as much as I can do to walk 2 miles at the moment let alone run it, so I'll see how I go.

  • Just take it gently Sezz, the important thing is to get over the virus properly and not let it knock you out with post viral zonk.  You've got the base fitness there already so if you can (and I know it's not easy) try not the fret about it and just be good to yourself.

    There's a Facebook thing called I (heart symbol) to run which I've just round and is inspirational.  BTW how to you do the heart thing?  Anyway, I've just read this, so had to share it:

    2010... YOUR. BEST. YEAR. EVER! There are no standards and no possible victories except the joy you are living while DANCING YOUR RUN. In any life joy is only known in this moment--now! - Fred Rohe (The Zen of Running) May the New Year bring only happiness and joy to you and your loved ones!

    Other good stuff, the RW runners and supporters' thread is up.  The RW support stand at mile 17 (and Fetchpoint at mile 22) are the two goals I aimed for running FLM last year, and both gave me such a huge boost, not to mention loads of hugs and jelly babies to fuel me on my way.  If you're running VLM, I can't recommend getting onto this thread enough.  The pre-race nattering and silliness is one of the best bits of the pre-marathon build up.

  • SezzSezz ✭✭✭

    Will do.  I think my back is just about to go any moment now so I may as well just defer now!  LOL.

    Loving that Facebook thing, Hash.

  • Snap, Pix. Once the boring stuff in Saaf London was out of the way and I was on Tower Bridge, it was one big party.  I remeber getting a huge lift from hearing the cheer from Fetchpoint across the road at mile 13, being on cloud 9 at Mudchute, a bit spaced byFetchpoint, in the underpass I ran past someone dressed at a red blood cell who turned out to be someone I knew (can't remember who, I was that spaced).  Once I was on the Embankment I knew all those months of slog had been worth it.

    Really sorry to hear about your back Sezz.  Can you get it looked before you make a decision?  

  • SezzSezz ✭✭✭

    I shall get one of my fellow Bowen Technique practitioners to do some magic on it over the next month.

    I remember thinking that if I stopped at Mudchute I wouldn't get going again, so I didnt stop and noone spotted me as I ran past, but just a few metres on I then heard someone shout Sezz and it was some person I'd never met before but was behind me and had been following the schedule.  For me, getting past the 20 mile point each time makes me cry coz I know that someway, somehow I can do that last 6 miles and then it's all over.

  • Hashette/Pixie - All your talk of crowds cheering and lifting you up has got me all excited. I cannot WAIT for this April to come around image image image

     ... yours too Sezz - didn't see the post until I'd posted image

  • Honestly Lostkat, it's the best feeling on earth and makes every second of the training worthwhile.  Put your name on the front of your vest and for the last few miles you'll have a wall of people four deep on either side of the road yelling and cheering and whooping just for you.  Try not to cry as you go over the finish line, you can't tell from the photo that they're happy tears!

    This year will be my third attempt at not blubbingimage

  • A belated Happy New Year Hash! I just signed up for supporting at Mudshute. I hope Blouse will be better soon! The time will pass very quickly until the big day, so fingers crossed everything will continue to go well!image
  • Righto, name on top it is then. That means I can't wear my club top though (don't want to damage the preciooooous), so I'll have to find something else very comfy to wear for the big day. 

    I've been out today and bought myself a bottle on a belt. Tried on all the ones they had in the shop several times, jumped up and down and finally decided on one. Going to test it tomorrow hopefully. image 

  • when I did the marathon in 2006 I had jelly babies and a Powerade waiting for me at Mudchute.......
    it was amazing to be greeted by so many nice people..... And gets you through the boring Docklands bit…..
    Im sure evil pixie was involved than as I recognize your name and I haven't been on this forum for a year or so......
    I will defiantly be putting my name on the Mudchute list again this year
    Can't wait for the Marathon Training and the DIET to start from Monday…… I need a 16 week eating plan as well lol (any ideas)
    'and yes I had to fight back the tears at 26.2 with Mpeople playing on the Tanoy to bring me across the line...... best felling in the world'

  • Hi Vicky - Happy New Year!  Great to see your thread up and running.  I'm just catching up after being away visiting family over Christmas.  Come back to lots of snow - not so good for running but I will give it my best shot.  Hopefully won't have to resort to the treadmill.  image

    Hope the knee is okay.  I will be following your progress and banter over the next 16 weeks!  Good luck!

  • Heya Vicky and a Happy New Year from me too!

    I'm back from Malta and looking forward to following your progress image

  • Hi Vicki, welcome back, how was Malta?  Probably a damn sight warmer than snowy, slushy, freezing Cambridge I should imagine!

    Moomooimage  *waves madly*

    Cheers Lou and hope you had a good Christmas.  No snow here, thank goodness. 

    Mark I know just how you feel.  I'm a mess from not running for a week, having been a good girl and resting it until Monday. 

    Liz, if you're around, can I bring Monday's run forward to tomorrow?  I really can't stand this, I haven't run for a week on physio's orders but let's face it one day isn't going to make much difference.   I feel like everything's locking up, I can't shift this cold unless I get some air in my lungs.  I need need NEED to go and run, even if it's only two poxy miles like it says on the official schedule.  More would be better.

  • 24 degrees, back here to a chilly -4 image  Mind you it's warmed up now to above freezing so I guess thats something lol

    It was a great break away, sommit different from the usual Chrimbo malarky image

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