Lumphanan Detox 10K

Anyone else taking on the hills? Hopefully it'll go better than the disaster of the Beach 10k on the 20th....


  • I've signed up. I'm a bit worried about that big hill at the start, though.
  • Woo Sheri! image

    Yeah, the hill at the start is pretty tough, but it serves as a good warmup image But once you're at the top it's much much easier the rest of the course. The offroad (well, it's more of a track) section can be tricky if it's icy, as it was last year, but aside from that it's a pretty good course image

  • It's postponed to the 16th Jan due to the weather.

    Probably just as well...

  • Yeah, just got the e-mail through. The new date means I can't run it, I have exams image
  • Oh, that's a shame, Duck. image

    Conditions would've been awful, though.

  • Postponed again!!

    Now on 31 Jan!

  • Don't suppose anyone knows anything about this - supposed to be tomorrow but looks like it might have to be postponed again after more heavy snowfall, but nothing "official" as yet.

    The organisers must feel this year's race is cursed, it's already been postponed twice due to the weather!

  • Hi folks,

    I live in Lumphanan and have ran this race in the past.

    I've just ran the route for you this afternoon (Sat 30th Jan).  There's lots of snow and slush.  Only about 10% of the route is visible tarmac.  Quite a lot of ice too.  It's slow going.  Best use trail shoes if you have them.


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