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  • Vicky an example would be when the torso is arched forwards and the stomach pushing forwards the diaphragm is typicaly flattened concurrently thereby increasing inhalation. Therefore internal bodily function and state of breath can be insinuated from observation of body posture.

  • Tom.Tom. ✭✭✭
    Ricky will you pleeeeeeze stop talking bollocks.

    In distance running, oxygen supply is not necessary a limiting factor, have you heard of the lactic threshold, you buffoon.

    Your really starting to get on my tits, you know.
  • NamNam ✭✭✭

    state of breath can be insinuated from observation of body posture

    You know in my job I hear people talk a lot of shit but this really tops it.

  • Ricky, as you're trying to convince us that you're such an expert, why did you refuse to put anything in your profile?

  • Ricky again you avoid the questions we are asking

    Please show us some proof that your method of running is valid

    Showing us a bit of Greek pottery with some naked blokes with little willies and pointy beards running around on it and your word that its the best, is not good enough

    Then for you to say " Just try it " well thats not good enough either, thats like saying "drink this it will make you faster"  "whats in it?" "Not telling you just drink it"

    Its proof we need evidence that you method of running is valid


  • Front foot & toes is a superior running technique to heel running. What front foot & toes running technique is is clearly stated. Indeed its implicit in the name. I recommend people try it. 
  • Ricky Bennison wrote (see)
    Front foot & toes is a superior running technique to heel running. What front foot & toes running technique is is clearly stated. Indeed its implicit in the name. I recommend people try it. 

    Why is it superior where is your proof?

    What data do you have to back this claim up?

  • You wont answer direct questions

    Why is that Ricky?

  • so Ricky has no proof that he can run using this technique as he has not done a single race.................

    but he did state that he uses the technique for walking..................

    so my mind has a few disturbing pictures in it................either Ricky is walking around in a pair of 6 inch heels................or he must have the best mincing walk around...................

    have any of you tried walking on your have to wiggle your hips to make it workimage

    i'm sure that Ricky will clarify this point by repeating the same couple of sentences again and again.#

    thank God that he is not trying to convince us about something important such as religion..........I can only imagine that with his power of persuasion and indepth knolwedge and deep discussion that the world would be converted....................or more likely become atheist overnightimage

  • Nick LNick L ✭✭✭

    ive only just found this thread...its fucking hilarious!

    What a complete cnut this 'Ricky' is!

  • Nick LNick L ✭✭✭
    I reckon he might be a vase salesman but struggling in the current economic climate
  • PhilPubPhilPub ✭✭✭
    Nick, if you've only just discovered the thread might I recommend some further reading from our very own thread author.  And can you get back to me when you've worked out WTF it all means.  I'd try and engage Ricky directly but his uni-directional mode of communication appears to be concurrent with a parallel universe.
  • Ricky Bennison wrote (see)

    The torso is arched forward and the stomach is pushing forward both of which are concurrent with an increase of  inhalation.

    He's a troll having a laugh, look at the above picture, his torso is arched backwards not forwards!

    But because he has no conviction in what he's saying he's happy to turn it to more evidence when it's clearly the opposite. That's why he's not getting narked by people's comments, no one could take this much abuse over something they believe in, and not even post one slightly angry reply, so the conclusion is he doesn't care and he's sitting there having a good chuckle to himself.

    Keep it up Ricky i'd like you to expand your theories to some other stuff.

  • Nick LNick L ✭✭✭

    Phil, I had a very quick look at the link someone put on the first page.

    I would read it, but I have several more important things to do. These include:

    Ironing my paper bag collection,
    Alphabetising my hotel soap collection
    ..adn rewinding a couple of tapes with a pencil.

  • Have you tried gluing pencil shavings back on to get a brand new pencil without having to spend a single penny?
  • Well, I tried it out today - in the snow - firstly walking forefoot, then running (using the term loosely) going forefoot, bent at the middle, chest expanded exactly as per the vases.

    <a href="http://null/imgres?imgurl=;imgrefurl=;usg=__CFiSgryaZ0xVBP7naw8vFL_s-H4=&amp;h=2282&amp;w=3115&amp;sz=1663&amp;hl=en&amp;start=3&amp;tbnid=EFY4USAMLm4nZM:&amp;tbnh=110&amp;tbnw=150&amp;prev=/images?q=greek+vases+with+men+running&hl=en&rlz=1T4RNWN_enGB323GB323">


    Slid all the way down the hill (well, certainly faster than running, so in that respect, he's right).   Carried on in this fashion (ignoring all the admiring looks I was drawing from passersby) 'til I got to the bottom, then carried on, as above illustration.  Suddenly an ambulance drew up beside me and a paramedic leaned out and asked me if I needed medical attention as his colleague started to get the stretcher out.  Luckily they were very understanding while I explained what I was doing and why.  Then they helped me into the strait jacket.


  • Ricky, you are the worst troll ever.  You just repeat the same thing over and over again.  Come on man, give us something more to work with.  Hit us with some abuse or tell us something new.
  • Facebook link is hilarious! Loves running up and down hotel hallways.   This is too much! image
  • PhilPubPhilPub ✭✭✭


    "i love running up and down hotel hallways"I might start a Ricky Bennison appreciation group on facebook.  Who's with me?  Then again I might hang some teabags on a washing line and throw paperclips at them.
  • Soup Dragon wrote (see)
    Facebook link is hilarious! Loves running up and down hotel hallways.   This is too much! image
    that explains a lot..................that has made my dayimage
  • Is it National Freaks week?
  • McBoodMcBood ✭✭✭

    Maybe it's Challis...?

  • Now then, now then - what could be a better idea in this weather than running up and down a hallway.  Forget going to a hotel, what about in the comfort of your own home?

    I'm supposed to be doing a 10k on Sunday, but my race seems to be cancelled.  I've just measured the free space in my hallway - it's around 5m, so now all I have to do is run up and down my hallway 2000 times - and job doneimage.


    Edited for PS, mmmmm thinking about it, I could even make a vid and post it on @rsebook.

  • Well I tried walking like that and can confirm that it makes your head bob back and forth like a pigeon!
  • PhilPubPhilPub ✭✭✭
    *lol* CJBA - great minds think alike.  I was thinking about the practicalities of using the stairs for an insane hill session while the weather's bad.  (500 reps??)  Would pi$$ the neighbours off royally, since it's a shared hallway!  Bit of advice on your hallway session - turn 1,000 each way so as not to favour one side.  Less injury risk.  image
  • Ah, good advice there PhilPub, hadn't thought of that. 

    Had another thought, if I wrap my feet in dusters (one on each foot of course) then I could polish the floor while I'm at itimage.

    I'm sure the neighbours wouldn't mind if you picked a time when they would be unlikely to be using the stairs, so that you wouldn't inconvenience them - I'd suggest around 2 or 3 am - it's always quiet then.image.

  • Heres another pic. Appears to be a modern copy.  


  • Tom.Tom. ✭✭✭

    Edited for spelling
  • hmmmm more tiny genitals

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