Ipswich Sweatshop

Just noticed that Sweatshop have opened up a shop in Ipswich at a Gym in Ransomes Euro Park. Has anyone been and if so is it any good? I was planning a trip into London to get some new trainers but if the one in Ipswich is any good Ill go there (I work in Ipswich).


  • Not in Ipswich I know but, Sweatshop have also opened a branch in a gym in Chorley, Lancashire. It has long opening hours (till 7pm on a Sunday). The staff are very knowledgeable and helpful (I tried on virtually every pair of XC spikes in the shop!!). If the Ipswich branch is the same it should be well worth a visit.
  • ....and they give 10% to running club members (but you have to ask for it).
  • Bought my last pair of Asics in Ipswich Sweatshop on my way to the Norwich Half in June.
    Very helpful lady didn't mind me trying on loads of different models, sizes and taking about half a dozen for a trip around the car park. Also helped that she was "mature" with lots of running experience and advice and not some 18-y-o Saturday lad.
    I don't have much experience with many other running shops, and I know others have poo-pooed chains such as Sweatshop on this forum before, but I'd say it's certainly worth a look especially if you work in Ipswich.
  • I use the Woking Sweatshop - the staff there, too, really are great. And as long as it's dry outside, you can test run trainers round the block as well as being able to take them back if they really don't work for you. So far, however, every pair they've sold me have been fab!

    Happy Shambling!
  • Just thought I would let you know that I decided to throw caution to the wind (kinda) and went and bought some trainers from there on Saturday.
    Both me and my boyfriend went for a pair and they were very helpful, I think we were served by the same lady as Little Feat, knew what she was talking about and provided us with pretty much every pair of trainers in the shop to try on. My previous trainers were Asics GT 2060's, I had a foot scan and she reliably informed me that I would probably end up in the newer GT 2070's, after trying on about 6 pairs of other types guess what I bought? Would recommend the shop - even got my 10% club discount!
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